Incubus Concert Malaysia 2011

I’ve never been to a concert in my life, believe it or not.

posing with banting

The closest I’ve ever been in one is a music festival, but then again that was more like an open air rave party with funky bands playing on stage rather than a fans-to -band/singer concert.

Rainforest Music Festival 2007 in Kuching

It’s not that I’m not a big on concerts, you could say I’ve never been bothered enough to bother myself to get myself any ticket to any concert.

If say many years ago when I was still in college and someone I really liked were to invite me to a concert on a first date, I would have been crazy about concerts. But alas, no one’s ever popped my cherry, and over the years, the priority to actually go to one dwindled; yes, even if the singer/band was my idol.

But then recently I got two Rockstar Tickets to Incubus Concert!

lining to enter incubus concert in the rain
Hiding from the rain with my Rockstar tickets!

Woo hoo!

Basically with Rockstar ticket, I was chauffeured to the Stadium Negara and was able to attend the pre-cocktail event (serving Carlsberg, not so cocktail afterall) before the concert starts. Just like a VVIP.

Feeling very atas. :p

coating from rain
Not so atas situation, waiting outside to enter under the drizzles.

Oh, I even get to meet and greet the band!!!

nicolekiss meet and greet incubus

meet and greet incubus
Random person on the left being mosaic out. Hehe

The lead singer is the one with the green shirt. SUPER cute! He has such eccentricity in person that would throw girls off their panties. Just saying.

Wished I bought a T-shirt to let them sign, they were selling a lot of designs right outside the stadium. :(

nicolekiss in yellow
Inside! Finding a seat



la la
Camwhoring while waiting for concert to start

I have to admit, I didn’t know much about the band before this. But after the concert, I could get why people love going to concerts. They’re so fun!

colorful concert

The energy, the vibe; rocking awesome (though I was a bit ill and couldn’t do any of the exciting movements most fans were doing).

Rosevelt the Malaysian band won the battle of the bands contest and became the opening act for Incubus.

rosevelt band
Rosevelt band

Go Malaysia!

But the moment Incubus finally came on stage around 8:30pm. Poowah!! The difference between an indie band and an international super band was APPARENT!

They totally knew how to take off a performance.

Here I composed a video for the opening song of Incubus Concert Malaysia 2011.
See how they rocked!

incubus concert

incubus malaysia concert 2011

brandon on screen

awesome crowd at incubus malaysia concert

brandon and mike rocking on stage
Brandon and Mike

angelic brandon boyd
angelic effect of Brandon (lead singer)

incubus performing

incubus performing brandon on screen

After the party, the VVIPs were adjourned to the after party where we had some supper and get to meet the band one last time.

I took a photo with the DJ Chris Kilmore!

nicolekiss and daphnekiss with Chris Kilmore
Nicolekiss (Me), Chris Kilmore & Daphnekisses

Such a SAD SAD thing Brandon didn’t show up at the after party (just right after I fell in love with him).



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