Softening My Shower Water

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The water at my apartment is extremely sulphurous.

How do I know this?
Well whenever I left my washed plate on the side of the sink to air dry, after a day, you will see white coagulate stains around the plate.

It’s really annoying. Sometimes it stains back my plate and I have to wash it again before using it.

sulfur stains

But since I drink purchased bottled water, it doesn’t really bother me consumption wise.

But imagine this is the water I use to shower, to wash my delicate face, hair, scalp and skin. God knows that else they put in my water, chlorine perhaps?

I learnt about hard water the first time I travelled to the UK for study.

The British had so much stuff in their water (limestone, chalk), most kettles or boilers in any normal household has this tough, stony, off-white crust left at the bottom; it’s called limescale. Sometimes, when pouring direct from the kettle, you will end up drinking of those crusts. YUCK!

The metal rod was not meant to be white. -.-

When I was offered to tryout Coway Spa Water Softener, I jumped at the opportunity.

Yes, yes and yes please.

I didn’t need them to tell me the goodness of having soft water.
Supple skin after shower, no more dry outs, no more skin surface cracks.

Oh the torture I went through during student days, despite the amount of lotion I splatter on myself, it was never enough.


Basically, the Coway Spa Water Softener does two things:
1. Remove harmful and floating substances in tap water to minimize irritation to skin
2. Cation ion exchange resin – to rid of water hardness (i.e. to soften water la)

So not only it filters, you add these special “salt” to the tank when it’s finished to soften your showering tap water.


And it comes in a modern slim tank.

coway spa
Nice design right?

All for RM70 monthly for a rental unit (with free product maintenance every 2 months up to 5 years).
Or buy it back home, all yours for RM1,900 (free 1 year maintenance, every 2 months).

And if you’re sceptical, try this:
14 days free trial (first 1000 units), no hidden charges, just call up 1800-888-111 or visit .

It’s totally easy. The installation guy came and went in 15 minutes flat. I hardly notice his existence.

Technically, it’s only been less than a week that I’ve started using Coway “soft water”, but as a result:
1. more bubble when applying shower gel
2. easier to wash hair
3. hair become less dry after shampooing
4. skin feels softer

You might think it’s too soon to tell, but if you’re the type of person that pays A LOT of attention to your skin like I do, you will notice the difference just after one wash.

Like I always notice the difference taking a shower in Malaysia right after a week long London trip.

True story.


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