Coway in Sunway

pink heart shape balloon

Quite catchy for a title eh?

48 units of Coway Spa Water Softener was set up all around South East Asia’s best theme park – Sunway Lagoon last Saturday, for three months, for all to enjoy the wonder of soft water as glorious naked girls showered down in public.


Just kidding.

And you wish.

It was the launch of the Coway Spa Water Softener in Malaysia and where else to carry out than in the biggest hard water man made beach here.

sunway lagoon

Oh yea, all the pee in those water, you definitely need Coway to shower it off at the end of the wet wet dirty day at the lagoon.

coway shower
I can be so dramatic

It was quite nice to see Malaysia starting to take concern in achieving a healthier lifestyle. Not only we’re opting for clean water, we’re focusing on the many importance of what would otherwise be substantial objective in all third-world and most developing countries; like having cleaner purer air, focus on better body hygiene, or…. like showering in soft water.

Are we finally moving toward becoming first-world. *gasp*

*what?! stop interrupting my dream*

Anyway back to Sunway Lagoon,

blue duck

There was a showcase of all the products available by Coway that promotes healthier and cleaner lifestyle at our homes.

coway water filter
Cleaner drinking water

coway spa water softener
Cleaner and softer shower water

coway toilet bowl
Cleaner… er… butt?

Hey don’t laugh, the Coway Bidet System is their best selling product k? Especially in Korea.

Since launching in Korea in 2000, it’s expanding its market to make Malaysia a better place, all at the cost of RM70 per month (rental unit) or RM1900 (retail unit) for the Coway Spa Water Softener.

Also! Ning Baizura was there!

ning baizura

coway presentation
Very hot day at the launch

So what are you waiting for, log on to to find out more about this awesome product.

coway photo

As for the rest of the post, you may now bask in my craziness.

heart shape baloon

poodle balloon and pink balloon

moo cap

yellow poodle and i

yellow poodle

sweaty me

Omg it’s ze yellow poodle!


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