Palau Nacional & El Poble Espanyol

A long missed me in winter clothing.

my hat and winter jacket

In the next two or three post, including this one, I'm going to show you the beauty of Barcelona and some of its significant architectures.

No, not Anthoni Gaudi's yet; but I do intend to create a special post just on him and his work.

If you're not into architecture, then just enjoy the photos.

venetian towers
The Venetian Towers

national museum of catalonia
Palau Nacional - or the National Art Museum of Catalonia

national art museum of catalonia

Palau Nacional

Don't know what is Catalonia, read it here.

Being one of the 17 first-level political division of Kingdom of Spain, Catalonia consists of four provinces which are Barcelona, Girona, Lleida and Tarragona.

Which is why Catalonians are really proud people and do not consider themselves as part of Spain.

catalonia is not spain

Sort of like the difference between Parisian and French & Shanghainese and Chinese.

The view of Plaça Espanya was one to remember by.

view of Plaça Espanya

Here's another photo of larger size.

Plaça Espanya Barcelona
You may view the larger file here.

The National Museum used to be a palace so apart from its wondrous display of artsy-fartsy stuff in there, its interior was one worth admiring too.

entrace to Palau Nacional

inside national museum of barcelona


The gorgeous museum cafe overlooking plaza Barcelona.

cafe inside Palau Nacional

beautiful cafe setting

A very nice painting inside the art gallery which I LOVED.

big painting

Naked lady, a must in every sophisticated museum *sacarsm*.

naked statue

Grand hall.



Another place worth visiting near the plaza (or national museum) would be the El Poble Espanyol (aka, Spanish Village).

spain village
you can get a combined ticket with the National Museum, I paid extra since I didn't know. T_T

The man-made village was created in conjunction with the world fair back in 1929 to showcase all the replicas of houses in all regions of Spain, including all the villages; it was meant to be demolished right after the exhibition but since it was such a successful project, the government kept it.

narrow lane

beautiful parasite plants

If you have half a day to spare, this would be really a gorgeous village to walk around, get yourself familiarize with the different characteristic of the architectures of Spain. A place to take lots of photos.

catalunya village

Here you see an excruciatingly narrow passage between houses, replicated from villages back in the 20s in Spain.

narrow corridor

It must be such a thrill to live on a "street" like this, you only need to leap to get to the house opposite you.

And definitely a solution to hide the sun on a hot summer day.

narrow sky view

It sorta felt romantic walking through each version of the villages alone.

window plants

I was there during the evening and as the sun set, the sky was a beautiful purple blue.

purple sky

Which then turned a shade of violet by the time I was done with the village.

purple evening sky

I shall end this post with two really nice hand-made items from Barcelona; which I would have bought if it wasn't so fragile looking to travel with.

flamenco dance

pretty clocks



2 kissed Nicole

  1. Wow, those are some lovely photos...when I went to Barcelona, I was such a naive traveller I didn't know how to get such good shots (and maybe I still don't :P )

    Oh, and Parisians consider themselves French all right...just greater. And the rest of France hates them. lol (as a generalisation of course :P )

  2. Wow, what a lovely photos. I wish I could also visit Spain. Enjoy!