Club Med Bali: A Birthday Surprise

I'm a very romantic person.

I admit.

A hopeless romantic.


I spent my life planning for others, especially to those I love and treasure.

Birthdays are very important to me. As a young kid I never really had the birthday party I wanted, except for this year when I was nine (and at the age of 23), and my mom threw me a huge party for me and my classmates. But sadly for me, and unknown to my parents, I wasn't the most popular person in school, and little did they know, I have to once give up my prized possesion that year because the popular girls in class threatened to make everyone not attend my birthday party.

You know the whole elementary drama. Yea I went through it. And wanting to have a 'birthday' desperately, I gave in and gave up part of my dignity, all at the tender age of nine.


Every since then, Birthday became the most important date in the whole year for me, following with Valentines and Anniversary.

So, lucky for my baby, every year I would spend months planning a birthday surprise for him(so far, it's been two years).

Unlucky for me, he wasn't a very romantic person, as much as he tried to be. :(

He still doesn't understand why I was upset when he got me chocolates for our last Christmas (when I got him five sets of Gap shirts and jeans).
Nor would he understand why I was upset the same reason that same year when he got me the same birthday cake I got for him with two bars of chocolates for my birthday (he did make up for a short trip half a year later, but it hardly felt the same, if you know what I mean).

When in the first year, I've gotten him this surprise.


breakfast on pangola villa

A secret surprise 3D2N getaway to secluded part of Thailand in a undiscovered romantic villa on a man-made farm.

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But of course, I've made peace with this fact and myself more than a year ago and knew that I couldn't expect from others the same way I expected from myself.

In some ways, he makes up for his lack of sensitivity in gifts with other parts of his goods. He's a very attentive person for example, more so than any guy I've known; after going through much experience and much arguments in the past two years, of course. He's a lovable partner to have, despite the constant naiveness and innocence in him. He cooks. hallelujah. He cleans (once I nag) even though he's not the cleanest person I know, and not the tidiest either (and I thought I was messy). He's hardworking, really hardworking. And most importantly, he treats my family well (even though I have to teach him to get visiting gifts when he first met them).


I suppose I could go on and make a longer list here but something happened recently has caused doubts in me. And sadly, I've forgotten a lot of the wonderful traits and I'm still trying hard to recall. But that's another story for another time.

Last year, on his birthday, I bought two tickets to Bali for us for a 5D4N holiday in Club Med Bali.

jogging path by the beach

club med spa

our room

our patio

seafront bar at night

first lesson of windsurfing

What's installed for him?

You just have to wait and find out then. ;)


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Casey sounds like you need to do some homework!! =P

  2. that's nice and lovely. very romantic. where do you come up with the ideas and inspiration? care to share? haha.