Club Med Bali: Pools, Bar and Sea

Part 1.

warning: loads of swimsuit camwhore ahead

Woke up the next day to a pool of activities (pun intended).

swimming pool activities

Join in the fun or bask in the sun (rhyme unintended).

I decided to find myself a paviliion and bask in the wind.

red curtain

Club Med Bali is a total chill-out spots for people who seek a bit of R&R, there are numerous of pavilions next to the main pool which couple can escape to, from the sun and from the crowd.

outdoor pavilions

This post I'm going to show you the couple of places I particularly love to hang out in when staying in Club Med Bali. This being the first.


If you love the sun more than I do, you can choose one or two of those deck stairs sun-bathe by the pool.

rest chairs

standing at the swimming pool

Here's me at the pavilion.


photo at pavilion

sitting like a lady

If you find the Main Pool a bit too crowded at times, you can always head to the Quiet Pool for some adults only relaxation. There's a smaller scale pool and a jacuzzi here with a much lesser crowd. A server here who will attend to your needs in case you're thristy. Towels are abundance, free to collect from beach and the two pools.

quiet pool


lying on sofa bed
my sofa bed at the quiet pool

This was me chilling at the jacuzzi on a hot day, away from all the noise.

sunglasses and black swimsuit

chilling by the jacuzzi

chilling by the jacuzzi 2

monokini swimsuit pose

Tied my hair up for jacuzzi.

bun it

I brought a beer from the bar. Best!

bintang beer in jacuzzi


There's a spa next to the quiet pool that I loved!

club med bali spa rock sofa
I super loved the stone-like sofas in the front lobby

It's not exactly cheap and it's not included in your Club Med package since it's third party agent. So I could only ogle.

club med bali spa design

waiting room

Next I love to chill at the seafront bar. Club Med Bali has one of the most impressive seafront bar I've ever seen. It's a open air circular space with ample seating places surrounding a free-flowing bar (hallelujah!).

nicolekiss at the bar

bintang beer tap

Beer, wine, cocktails, anything you can name, they will provide. Champagne and certain selection of wine at an extra cost. Everything else is included in your package. Drink your heart out!

One morning I woke up rather early and had my breakfast with gin and tonic.

breakfast in bali
oh, & beer.

coconut trees

I brought my new Victoria Secret pink swimsuit to this trip so I can wear my first ever PINK swimsuit at a beach!

pink victoria secret swimsuit

bite sunglasses

nicolekiss in pink

I thought it complemented my hair well.

pink swimsuit 1

pink swimsuit 2

pink swimsuit 3

pink swimsuit 4

pink swimsuit 5

pink swimsuit 6

pink swimsuit 9

Lying down.

lying down in pink

It's a sofa bed. I can my breakfast however I want.


horizontal look


underside in pink

underside pout

diagonal lie down

After a couple of days lazing around, I joined in the fun at the main pool with everyone else (by everyone I meant strangers who stayed at the club too).

follow the leader swimming pool

Dancing, follow-the-leader, singing, swinging.... It was really fun. It was awkward to join in at first, but the moment I let go, all I could do was, moved, laughed, danced, and jumped around.

in the pool

I even partook in a rafting competition. LOL.

water raft boat

It took us three days to move to the beach. Chilling by the pools was just too nice.

jogging path by the beach

I was especially fond of this sofa-bed, big enough to fit two people for an afternoon nap.

beach sofa bed

casey and me lying on sofa bed

me snoozing

casey on his ipad
baby on this iPad. *yawn*

out legs
our legs

lamp post
beach lamp

beach cleaner
beach cleaner. wtf.

That's about all the chill-out spots I could find.

Writing this post made me miss Club Med Bali so freaking much. ARGH! I wanna go back!

Next one Imma blog about my little surprise for my baby on his birthday during the trip.


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  1. you weren't joking about the swimsuit camwhoring. *bleeding nose*

  2. orgasm overload...can't keep my hands from

    ur bf should really appreciate all the trouble you went into to surprise him..hhmph...

  3. what color ur hair was on dat time? red? or cooper? xD
    i love ur hair color :D