Mr Kossi

My baby always gets his name wrongly spelt by people. Instead of his real name Casey, people often mistaken his name as KC.

Or in some occassion, his gender (me for example. Come on! Casey is a girl's name! Right?!)

In Bali, the bell boy spelt baby's name wrong, but instead of the usual KC.

Upon hearing his name outloud, he's written down...

mr kossi


Kossi..... kossi...


5 kissed Nicole

  1. errr I think you meant "gender" instead of "genre" hehe :-P

  2. Sounds like "Kasi kasi". XD

  3. haha. actually casey can be a girl's name as well i think.

  4. Hehe...I think KC is more common than Casey in M'sia. Would be great is his name were Casey [surname] KC :P