Chinese New Year Hiatus

Another MIA.

This time during the whole of Chinese New Year.

A very belated Happy Rabbit Year everyone.

For the first time in four years, my family decided to stay back to celebrate Chinese New Year at home.

But this would also be the last year we would stay back for Chinese New Year. Let's go somewhere next CNY! What about London?

Anyway, I didn't really take any photo this CNY because I have no mood for it. Wasn't in the fittest figure and definitely not in the fittest mind.

First there's auntie that won't stop degrading me. Urgh.

Then there's few uncles who won't acknowledge me or my family. Ya right as if you'd think I never realised. Ptui!

Keep in mind that what comes around goes around, people.

chilling at the pavilion

My life is awesome without you.

La la la~


2 kissed Nicole

  1. Hi Nicole, We have opening for Hometown Hainan Coffee cafe on 18/2. We would like to invite you to attend and we also invite others blogger. Hope you get back to us asap and you can email us or drop me a sms 012-5282205.

    Kelvin Yong.

  2. happy chinese new year