Club Med Bali: French Food

Previously - A Birthday Surprise.


So I brought my baby to Club Med in Bali for his birthday. Having been to Club Med Cherating at a very young age, baby wasn't really impressed with the place and has sworn never to go to another Club Med again.

(Another post on Club Med Cherating)

I wanted to prove him wrong.

And I know for one thing, so I heard, that Club Med Bali is way better than the one in Cherating. But as a first time visitor there myself, I can only hope the things I heard were true.

We boarded a flight to Bali that morning, arrived in the afternoon and was chauffered by those friendly GOs (Gracious Organisers of Club Med Bali) to the club in Nusa Dua.

Upon arrival, we had our welcome drinks and was given a strap to wrap our wrists with, which we have to wear during our entire stay here, so for GOs to identiy us as the paid guests, or GMs (Gracious Members).

entrance pass

Upon check-in, we have a personal GO to show us around Club Med Bali on all their facilities, from yoga in the morning, spa centre, quiet pool, the main pool, seafront bar, restaurants available for all-day dining, mini golf and golf course, windsurfing, tennis, flying trapeze, inverted bungee.

swimming pool activities

Some are the same facilities as the ones in Club Med Cherating while others are different, like windsurfing.

wind surf

Our room was a deluxe, which is basically the same as the standard but with a full mini bar and a patio facing the garden outside (aka, ground floor).

2014 room

club med bali room

just me

door signs
the do-not-disturb and clean room signs are so cute. Two little sack to hand on the door handle outside.

The patio was a very cool idea which we never used. Either it's too hot in the afternoon, or there're too many mosquitoes at night.

resting chair

me in my arrival dress
Me and my big straw hat.

After checking in and got a tour of the whole place, it was evening and we decided to head out to the bar and restaurant for our dinner.

seafront bar at night
The bar at night.

club med bali swimming pool at night

Agung restaurant is the main restaurant that serves three buffets a day.

agung restaurant dining hours

We were early by an hour we went to the bar from an pre-dinner snacks.

bar snacks

You can see why you can get fat living here, there's simply food all day round till late night. You can even have your supper till 2am in the morning. And breakfast as early as 7am.

Our light meal at the bar.

tit bits before dinner

green lighting at seafront bar

blue lighting at seafront bar

Now I don't have a lot of photos of the food we've had in Agung restaurant, but I cannot emphasize enough how amazing the chefs (assumingly French, since Club Med is French) here are so good at what they do.


We all know cooking up a buffet for hundreds is not easy. We've seen many attempted and many have failed. Whipping up three full buffets, each with different courses and genres and dishes are difficulties beyond my imagination.

agung restaurant

dining area

There were Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Italian, French, Scandanavian?, BBQ, Dessert, and more sections. Each a different selection of dishes each time. And apart from the Japanese and Korean sections that were quite sad, my personal opinion, everywhere else was superb.

bread section

cream cheese

little jams

beef slices

And like all French, they focused on their food presentation.

italian buffet

bread spreads
Some Hummus spread.

snails in puff pastry
My snails in a puff pastry.

curry meat
er... curry meat?

mozzarella tapenade

marguez sausage


If you're watching your weight, there's even a weight-watch section! Serving all food healthy and low calories, low carb, low fat, low sugar, etc.

beans humus
it comes with a description too!

My favourite has to be the dessert section.

Their extensive array of desserts varries three times a day and it never failed to surprise me every single time.

dessert cakes

dessert cakes 2

Just when I thought I was getting sick of their sweet stuff, they turned around and whipped something amazing up that would blow your mind.

cake of the day
Massive cake, just for shits.

One thing they even made Macarons, piles of them, during the lunch buffet.

You'd think the macarons would taste horrible, if not boring, or out of character.

But no, they did it so well it was the best macarons I've ever had thus far. Better than Nathalie Gourmet Studio's in Bangsar, better than baby cakes in G Tower, better than Gardens restaurant.

just for illustration

It was so yummeh and chocolatey and soft but crispy but chewy all at the same time.
Damn those French, they can make their desserts well.

Enough for today. Let's talk about acitivities we did in Club Med Bali next. So awesome, we learnt windsurfing!


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  2. club med bali looks great.

  3. The pastry, looks untouched XD eatable or another for display only....

  4. Those "do not disturb" sacks are cute, makes it more unique. And my mother's always saying that people can just flip the cardboard sign over if you hang it outside your door, so having two to choose from makes it "safer". Hehe.

    Tapenade is a type of olive paste. I don't really know much about it...I just know that I don't like it. :P

  5. This place looks so boring and tiring to get there!! Not worth the money you spent!
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