Club Med Bali: Windsurfing

Part 1 - French Food.

Part 2 - Pools.

Have you guys had a good weekend and Valentine's?

I just got back from a super long roadtrip to Koh Samui, fun but never doing that again.

Stopped by Penang to enjoy a romantic Valentine's dinner in Suffolk House, UNESCO site.

Back to my Club Med Bali escapade!

No, not gonna talk about the birthday surprise yet.

I'm going to talk about.... WINDSURFING!

nicolekiss windsurfing
That's me in the distance. I kid not.

First I had to put on my life jacket.

me in life vest

The only thing to keep me alive and afloat at sea. I'm such a bad swimmer I wonder how I ever got my diving license, advance somemore!

Anyway it's both our first time having a go at windsurfing so like every other rookie, we had to go for the beginner's lesson.

windsurf teacher

First you stand on the board like this.

Then you pull the string connected to the sail like so.

first lesson of windsurfing

Then you use your right hand, go over your left hand holding the string and grab the handle of the sail like so.

lifting up the sail

And you surf.

wind surf

me and casey in life vests
the students.

Here I went on my first try.

me pushing the windsurf board out

me pulling up the surf
omg I cant stand on it, it's so wobbly.


O hi, I just dropped into the sea.

looked ugly here so I make the photo smaller wtf.

Then Mr. Selfish took over and refused to let me try for the next half an hour (we were allowed to share only one board as there were others). hmph!

casey sitting on windsurf board

casey attempting to stand up

baby surfing

The wind tend to change your board's course while you attempt balance and lifting the sail at sea. It's the most difficult thing to do when there're really choppy waves.

backview of casey

Off he went.

surfing out to sea

Baby was shit at windsurfing, took him 15 tries to balance on board. 20 tries to surf. and X tries to come back.

I never saw him for quarter of an hour after he sailed out to sea.

So I asked the GO of Club Med to drive his boat out to save him.

rescuing casey


I saw a salted fish cooked under the sun coming back to shore on on a surfboard.


Apparently I talked about sea grasses of Bali long long time ago when I first visited Bali.


Thanks to my awesome camera I could take underwater photos.

Now it's my turn, again, to surf.

on a windsurf board

trying to pull the surf up
fiddling with the rope.

pulling the sail
Pulling it up.

halfway there
running out of strength.

pulling the sail up
try again.

woo-hoo! off I go!

nicolekiss windsurfing
and I'm still going!

I managed to turn the surf and come back too! RAWKS!

Though to be fair, I didn't really go too far out since I wasn't confident that I could fight the waves to come back.

Finally it's back to baby's turn. For the last time.

casey pulling up sail
You can do it!

After what seems like 100 times of falling off the board, he managed it!

v sign windsurfing

Look how gloated he looked!

one hand man

Until, of course, he surfed way out into the ocean and couldn't come back, again.

lifeguard to the rescue casey

lifeguard: "dude, one more time and you're swimming back".


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Lol. Like the commentaries

  2. Haha, sounds like fun! (for you, not for me. lol)

    And that underwater grass really looks like the "normal" grass on a field!

  3. i know this is irrelevant, but what contact lenses are u using?