A Quirky Wedding

While at Club Med Bali, I managed to witness a wedding between two GOs working in the club resort.

It was one morning that I woke up and I saw banting banner of the two lovebirds having their ceremony together in Club Med Bali, where they first met and fell in love.

Of course it all made sense. And kinda sweet.

We went about our daily routine, which was doing nothing and chilling by the beach all day long, when by afternoon we were asked to join in the grand ceremony of this holy matrimony. All the GOs have asked the GMs (aka. guests) to be witnesses to the wedding. A stage was built and seats were arranged.


Soon the groom was walking out, accompanied by his best men. All GOs from the club.


walking the aisle

groom on stage

Then bride followed, with music and all, tailing behind all her bridesmaids. .

here comes the bride

settling bride

Now they stood next to each other facing their witnesses.

everyone on stage

At first I found the dress a little too big for her, and a little bit old-fashion but then figured maybe it's not easy to find a gown on an island such as Bali. What do I know right?

the pretty bride

Then suddenly, a lady in black (as if dressed for mourning) walked towards the aisle screaming and sobbing in her handkerchief. Pointed at the guy and cried: "You promised to marry me! You said you would marry me?!"

girl intefering

Cursed at the bride and then hugged the groom.

girl hugging the groom

Haha. This was what you get when you have funny friends. I thought.

So the wedding proceeded, with the 'pastor' saying the verses from a little handbook he had.

Then another disturbance came along from behind. I turned to find a guy dressed in woman's clothing walking 'her' child, which was also a guy, kneel-walking towards the aisle.

pregnant lady and son

Hahaha. This was getting a bit too much.

This time it's a pregnant woman with another child, walking up the aisle while scolding the groom. Poor groom. *giggles*

pregnang and son intefering wedding

This time one of the best men dragged 'her' off the stage after making a fuss.

The wedding was getting interesting, though in my opinion, if this were my wedding, I would be getting pretty annoyed. Though that's just me.

The wedding has to go on.

Though I knew I would hear the end of it yet.

bride and groom facing each other

And I was right. No sooner has the 'pastor' started his preach, I heard a distant slurry voice came from behind.


HAHA! A drunken man! OH MAN I was laughing so hard now.

"You said you would marry me!" said he.

And as he dragged onto the stage, while everyone thought he was going for the bride, he turned sideways and seemingly heading to punch the groom.

drunken lover at a wedding


groom's drunken lover

he hugged the groom!!!

He's the groom's lover!! OMG what kind of groom is this? LOLOL. Everyone was toppling over at this moment.

Eventually the best man had to drag the drunken lover out of the way.

Then suddenly the best man made a speech, and declared his love for the bride.

best man to snatch the wife

*drama continues*

Before I could react, he snatched the bride and carried her off away from the stage. WTF LOL.

Leaving the groom at the wedding bride-less.

no bride

After a brief awkward silence, the ever serious 'pastor' took out his mobile phone and made a call.

To the rent-a-bride company.


emergency call
"Hello, can I have a bride delivered to Club Med Bali now. Thank you."

Not more than a minute, a roaring sound came buzzing through from the other side of the club, rounding the swimming pool and right onto the aisle.

substitute bride

A local Balinese bride!

She went up to the stage and gave the groom the "hollywood kiss".

substitute bride kissing the groom

By she, I meant HE.

male substitute bride

And they were declared man and wife and married off happily ever after with the groom screaming: "where's my bride, where's my bride?!"

substitute bride and groom

Seriously, poor groom. LOL

The wedding ended with a cake and a champagne glass fountain.

substitute bride and groom toasting

wedding cake
this cake looks familiar.... ermm.. *hint* birthday cake

Here's the said best man and the bride.

best man and bride

Actually they made a pretty neat couple.

Everyone joined in for the toast, brides and grooms and guests.

everyone toasting

Someone from the guests even cried during the wedding.

There's news for that lady.

The wedding's a fake!!!

So we found out at the end of the wedding.

A stunt show to entertain guests at Club Med Bali.

OMG were all of us fooled.

To be honest, I sorta have my doubts after the bride was stolen and carried off like that. NO WAY IN ANYONE's right mind would they allow a proper wedding to be carried out that way.

Hah! You can't fool me!

But we still enjoyed the whole show. And the cake. And the sparkling juice.

cut up cake

Here's a photo of the big happy family.

group photo

And another one for the road. The two lovely brides.

substitute bride and real bride

Yes very lovely brides.


1 kissed Nicole

  1. I knew it was fake once the first "ex-lover" ran up and didn't get shoved away! lol

    Great entertainment, by the way. :P