Another City Another Journey

It was one of those spontaneous trip again which I used to love so much and still do but rarely has time for these days.

When I was staying and studying in the UK, I took full advantage of my placing there to travel around Europe, a shoestring travel.

Took me two months and a very empty bank and wallet before I hauled my butt back to England to await my graduation.

Living in Malaysia has allowed me to fully utilise my time here to explore the region I've been missing out during when I was a child.

This is a trip made quite a while back which I've been really determined to blog about. Between me, my mom and my friend/half-god-brother-which-my-mom-so-determinedly-declared; we wondered through the city as three very odd backpackers. Yes, what an odd combination.


It was one night we took to a nearby skybar and had a drink in our flip-flops and sneakers, seemingly totally out of place among the posh and trendy locals and expats.

me and gerald

We could all but afford a drink, what with our petty income back then could afford on a budget trip such as this. And we talked about everything under the stars, our future, our career, where life might lead us or if life would take away or give what we desired.

having a drink

How life has moved on since. How each of us have grown and advanced.

We no longer could all but afford a drink, no longer wear flip-flops and sneakers, or maybe we still do, at times, but out of pleasure.

With age comes responsibilities, and we can no longer carry out spontaneous trips like how we used to be able to at a drop of a hat. And even though sneakers changed into better boots and high-heels, flip-flops replaced with sneakers and Hush Puppy men shoes; and a glass of cheapest option became an endless supply of orders into the night...

How I adore those nights, seemingly so out of place among the posh and trendy, in a foreign city in a foreign country, dream-talking about our future under the stars in my worn out sneakers.

two tall chairs

Come with me, back to one and a half year ago, to when I first visited Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.


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