Club Med Bali: The Surprise, Finally.

Part 1 (Food), Part 2 (Monokini), Part 3 (Windsurfing) of Club Med Bali posts.

It was a night of Balinese theme.

balinese band playing

selling balinese items

And the Balinese always have really colorful theme. Hence I opted for an equally vibrant dress.

There were all sorts of things selling that night, Balinese things mainly. Little trinkets and keychains of sorts.


That morning, I snuck out of the hotel room to make a reservation at the reception for dinner at Batur restaurant, and placed an order for a birthday cake. ;)

Baby wore white that night.

birthday boy dining

And this was the restaurant where we had our romantic dinner. His birthday dinner.

batur restaurant

We were given a set menu to choose from.

The food presentation were nice, but didn't really have really impressive taste.

salmon and mash potatoes

prawn salad

coffee semifreddo

chocolate tiramisu

Sadly, we may have argued somewhere during dinner because he wasn't happy with my greetings to him that morning (apparently I didn't wish him happy birthday). That argument made me cry.

Which explained why I didn't have a photo of myself until much later. With my mascara smudged and swollen eyes, I looked like crap. :((

He nearly walked out of the restaurant leaving me hanging there alone with the surprise cake that's about to come out from the kitchen with a group of GOs.

I panicked and in the midst of sobs and tears, I blurted out my surprise so he wouldn't leave me sitting there alone. It was saddest night I could imagine planning something so special for someone you love.

In his defense, he thought he could have a nicer morning greetings on his birthday. You see, I had a nightmare that night before, and woke up with a really foul mood. In my defense, all I wanted was my baby to come and hug me and tell me it's alright after such a horrible nightmare.

Anyway, let's move on.

After the meal, the group of chefs and GOs walked out from behind carrying a birthday cake in the dark, lighting it as they went.

birthday boy awaits
Baby still didn't realise it at this point. Blur photo but you can see the people sneaking up on him from behind.

birthday cake coming
And he finally saw them!

cake served

everyone sing
Everyone sang.

public birthday wishes

thank you
shook hand. thank you.

Baby's birthday cake by Club Med Bali.

birthday cake

Quite pretty right?

making birthday wish
Making a wish.

me and casey
us together. You can see my eyes still swollen from sobbing.

cutting cake
baby cutting cake

Our left-over cake. Unable to finish. Sworn to come back and take away the rest but never did. Sorry chefs!

eaten birthday cake

me and casey after dinner
us already made up.

That was also performances that evening. Balinese traditional dance, and many other activities.


Fire acts.

fire acts

Making candy from sugar.

making candies

Balinese limbo?


Card models in Kimonos? Wait, how was this Balinese?

japanese couple

We even had a go at the bamboo dance.

bamboo dance

Balinese or not, it's definitely South East Asian.

Then we drank the night away.


Till we got tired and decided to head back to the room.

Where there's another surprise, the real final one, waiting for him in his room. :)

First I had him waited outside the room for me while I quickly took the surprise from my luggage and placed it on the bed.

Then I had him closed his eyes and led him to the bed. (sounds kinky but no, nothing of the sort)

waiting for his present

For this present, I busted more than half my budget, not to the mention to cost for this trip. It hurted, bad (for my purse).

Louis Vuitton present

But, as we all know, everything was worth it the moment you see his face the moment he laid his eyes on it.

He ran to the corner of the room screaming his head off not believing what he saw.

Frankly, it was my first time buying something so expensive for a person I love, well, for anyone at all.

It was also my first branded purchase. I don't think I can perform this kind of thing anymore next year, trip and present and all, I probably busted my budget for the next two years.

reading gift card

LV Damier Graphite Multiple Wallet.

LV graphite multiple wallet

inside multiple wallet

LV multiple wallet

You deserve it.

Happy (belated) Birthday Baby.

The end of my Club Med Bali surprise. :)


9 kissed Nicole

  1. Umm..I'm sorry, but somehow I would think he shouldn't be unhappy just because you didn't wish him at the first place. Btw, glad that you had a great Valentine in the end. And like what you said, it's all worth it right?

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Glad it worked out in the end. Nice gift too!

  3. Glad that both of you made up... but i did think that he wasn't suppose to act that way... but in the end.. it's a happy ending for the day... Great gift you got him there... Simple and nice to use... :)

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  5. Aiyo, why la be upset about little things. Naughty ah you Casey. *slap slap* Anyhoo, glad that everything turn out find in the end.

  6. Geeze, what's wrong with guys nowadays...

    1. Get pissed when not greeted properly in the morning

    2. scream like a little girl when discovered that the present is a wallet (purse)

  7. Wow... gotta give you credit for all the planning and execution. Everything sounded like so much fun except the 'little glitch' of an argument. All those stuffs you planned for him and he flipped just because you didn't wish him in the morning? Hmm... anyway glad you both made up after that. Cheers!

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  9. Just happened to stumble across your blog. Nice pictures and post. What a lovely birthday gift you planned for him. He is one lucky dude..