1st of March

Life is passing by so fast, all I remember was being 21 yesterday in KL and 19 two days ago in England. It’s so fast it’s freaking me out, daunting even.

Four years later from two days ago, I’m still a student and still the same old useless unsuccessful me. Man, life is harsh. By the time I know it, I’ll be this 30 year old, still single, still unsuccessful old virgin who’s raising 12 pussycats watching Hindi singing drama series at home. Maybe plum even, and unwanted, and alone….


*Slap myself awake!!*

Ok, back to present. 5 days ago I just celebrated my birthday at home; my mom and I prepared the food and set the table outside in our front yard. I think I didn’t really take the effort to invite many people, since I thought of having a gathering just few days before my birthday.

But by the time I realized, I have asked a rough estimate of 30 people, to which half of them showed up, I think. Which is ok since I’ve prepared food for 10 people, but at the last minute, mom decided to order an extra 200 sticks of satays just in case. I’d still say the food was too much. Oh well, there’s always fridge 1, 2 and 3.

Enough talking, here are the photos. I know I know, it’s been ages since I posted any up, so I’m going to put tons of them up here. Haha…

tuna sandwich
I make one, pretty or not

see a different angle, pretty le~~

cocktail sausages
this one also I make one, hoho~

food for the night, yummy!

take one, cool pose

take two, cannot laugh!

finally, all legs synchronized

And finally! Introducing my new found cousin brother! Phong yew!!

me and cous
teng teng teng, leng zai or not?! still single o~

Cake cutting time!

pretty or not :D

cake cake
I love my cake!

posing with cakes
two cakes and two liquors, perfect night!

pose with cake
introducing the lovely Carol, a lively girl! Simple love her!!

sing song
enjoying my birthday song~

make a wish
I wish…. I have bigger boobs like Carol

cut cake
Carol is so funny, I can’t stop smiling when she’s around

pretty girls
two leng luis

josh and i
my BFF of all time, JOSH!!!! Still single also ho~~

more posings
haha, three useless beings

three is a crowd
wa… ‘biao ge’ (cousin brother), left right also got..

cutting cake
oi, don’t cut cake first, look at the camera!

pose again
do we look alike?

group pose
group photo!

eat cake
come come, everyone eat cake

Mr Lim, are u worshipping the cake?? This guy is funny, he broke his left arm while break dancing XD

yo Josh, what kind of face is that?

all the leng zais

Time to open presents~~ my favorite part!

body shop gift
I wonder what is this? *ignoring the body shop tag at the side*

lookie, I got a CD, thank you Ah Xiong!

these two kitties are so cute!

gift from Josh, OMG, why does this look like a huge certificate??

I nearly fret when I opened it, OMG OMG OMG…

it’s an ugly.. I mean, pretty version of me!!! *avoiding the stares from Josh*

Thank you Josh!! That’s so sweet!!!! He made it himself by the way! ^^

my poster and i
does it look anything like me? Eh hem…

let’s clean the table for some games~

The night ended quietly with everyone leaving one by one. Thank you all for coming, especially Dominic, Alvin and Willar who came all the way from KL. You guys are great!! ^^ And thank you Alvin for sponsoring the liquor. :D


20 kissed Nicole

  1. No worries.. so long as ur happy.

    Shudn't you thank me for the 'professional' photos as well? lol!

    Hoi, so little of my face in this post one? lol. :P

  2. Where are all the girls??

  3. yeah, where are all the girls? its kinda like a guy party / hangout.

    hey nicole, you really really really really really really need some girl friends. those that you can hangout with to do girl's stuff like shopping, bitching, more shopping, more bitching, etc...

  4. It's NICOLE fan club gathering LOL ;)

  5. how come all the years in photos are cut out??

  6. It's not cut out. It's just that she didn't resize them to fit properly to the screen and they're too wide. :)

  7. Agent Smith7/3/07 3:15 PM

    OH MY GOD!! Are those... sandwiches?!! WOW! I've never seen sandwiches before!! What are they made of?

  8. OMG, only u and carol plus a bunch of guys?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. She probably treats her guy friends as gfs anyway hahaha

    Hey Nic, thanks for inviting me over. I still owe u a present.

  11. smeerf :(
    no invite.

    kidding le :)
    but seriously, so many guys one :P

  12. hahahaha
    nicole, so long since we celebrate ur bthday party and now yoooa ahhhH!!!!! u became more gorgeus liao le, keep it up man! man???

    hahahaha nice blog, u MUST appreciate and keep ur poster perfect without any tiny little scratch...i'll kill u!!!! hahhaha kidding....as long as u like it then i'll happy lo!!! yeah!!!! nice photos tho :)

  13. Wow, lots of boys!!! Didn't know you're one of the boys as well! Anyway, am the same way too.

    Thanks for the pics and happy birthday! The pic is gorgeous btw.

  14. wahhh !!!! Great party woh with all the GUYS only. Hahhahaha. U pretty also.

  15. wow... nice birthday party from the picture. wish i was there... but then again. do they all know each other??

  16. so did everyone get drunk???

  17. two bottles? drunk? .....duh?

    ahaha......nice party..... but...get some girls lar.... spice up the mix summore mah...

  18. I noticed that there were many more guys than girls. Maybe just 1 girl? Haha.


    Happy Birthday!

  19. ur quite photogenic nicole. haha ... what crazy friends u have! lol.

  20. Huh, Wats christopher doin there?

    Nicholas here, lazy 2 sign in so i used an anonymous status.