Birthday Surprise for Baby (Part 1)

I have been reserving this post for a while now.

I want it to be special. Just like how I want the surprise to be special.

The surprised happened late last year, but the actual planning started months before that.

It was my first BIG surprise for someone I love, in fact, for anyone at all. Carrying it out made me more nervous than anything else. The night before the surprise I couldn't sleep at all.

I didn't give out any hint to the surprise at all, but being a traveller myself, I think he was already half-expecting me to bring him somewhere, perhaps to Sunway Lagoon for a day's out?

All I told him was to take three days out of his busy schedule for me to carry out the special birthday surprise for him. According to him, he had NO IDEA what was to be expected at all. Good. Hehe.

Those days we were staying in separate states, me in Melaka and him in KL.

Since I wasn't able to sleep properly the night before, waking up early in the morning (6am) wasn't a problem for me.

Then I drove two hours from Melaka, knowing that he's still in his bed, all the way to his house. It was my first surprise to him (he wasn't expecting my arrival).

I reached his doorstep by 8am. Right on schedule.

Half way driving I actually panicked for fear that he might have already woken up and went out, or worse, he might be giving me a surprise visit to Melaka (knowing that I asked him to reserve those three days for me), I prayed hard that he was still sleeping in his bed.

After letting myself in, I knocked on his bedroom door. No reply.


But it was locked. So he should still be inside.

I knocked again.

I heard some muffled sound.

He probably thought I was the maid trying to wake him out, and ignored me!

In the end it took me 10 minutes to actually get him to come to the door, simply by knocking and knocking on the door, not wanting to make any sound so he won't know it's me.

Finally he opened the door.

The look on his face when he saw me already made me feel that all the effort was worth it.

In his groggy mode, he pulled me to the bed, to which I sat and presented a golden box!

presenting birthday present

(Somehow I felt that he thought the surprise visit was part of my big surprise already *giggle* the best has yet to come.)

I asked him to open the box immediately. He looked at me one kind but obeyed anyway.


Instead of a birthday card, I gave a box of birthday cards.

This was the introduction stack of cards.







Yes, the stacks of cards was my present that came in a box.

These cards were tied separately with golden threads (actually just yellow strings la, lol, golden thread sounds nicer),

To which upon different phase, he has to open one by one according to me.

And so the game began.


(first, set the rules. There're always rules to a game)


(he laughed at this point. Asking a geek to not bring his laptop? Well, I tried.)


By the time he finished reading this part, he went something like: "No shit! No shit! No shit!" Jumping around while grabbing his luggage out of his wardrobe.

I think he's finally catching on to the excitement of this surprise birthday gift.

So what did I have installed for him?

Stay tune to the second part of the surprise.

Read Part 2.


13 kissed Nicole

  1. That's so sweet!!! lol @ the no shit no shit XD

  2. Ah; that sounds damnn epic, aha. Ohh, I think it's in store instead of install. :)

    Aha, okay I feel in suspense for the surprise noww.

  3. i cant wait for the next part. the suspense is killing me..
    this storyline seems nice for a book. haha

  4. Question?
    if she's Malaysian and he live in Kuala Lumpur why postcards are written in English and not in Malaysian Language?

  5. niceeeee one nicole...
    can't wait for next part

  6. I am waiting for the next part too. :P

  7. To anonymous,

    In Malaysia, we speak and write in many languages. For some families, we speak and write in English on a daily basis. Hence, Nicole wrote in English.

    To nicole: good one!! ur pre-surprise itself is super exciting!! hehe.. even i want to know what's the surprise!!

  8. hi Nicole

    This has nothing to do with the bog.

    I just want to know your recommendations for a digital camera.

    I am planning to go overseas next year and I want to get a camera to document my trip there.

    What camera do you use and would you recommend it or another model?


  9. I love your idea..

    However, when you post this up, I wonder, shouldn't this be something really personal?

    Makes me wonder, are you doing this for him or for your blog?

  10. sean: why not see it as her declaration of love for him to the world. afterall, it's the first time she's talking about him openly on her blog.

  11. Ur so hardworking to plan the surprise! I remember u did the little scroll thing last year.

    I am so lazy and unromantic!

  12. Hey Lydiascl,

    Seems like no one's answering to u so will just help u out. I've been using Canon IXUS 800 but its a rather old model (3 years). Take a look at the pictures on my blog

    In my opinion Canon's good, fantastic pictures and a lot more hardy than Sony (i've dropped mine more than twice and it still works fine even though the exterior is cracked). Some of my friends and family have Sony which immediately does not work after one drop.

  13. does he sleep with his DLSR hanging ?

    because i just cant seem to figure out why and how those photos are taken... or did u have a camera man tagging along lol