Birthday Surprise for Baby (Part 3) - Final Surprise

Short note: uber long post ahead. Since it's uber long, I'm putting the location of Scenery in the next post, due to popular demand.

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Well, that didn't turn out well. My baby was so excited about the his new discovery of Scenery that he woke up really early the next morning. Even though we slept fairly late the night before.

comfy bed


(But considering this was written well over two weeks before the surprise, the plan has been going rather smoothly if you ask me).

No fear. Improvisation was what we needed.

So a quick phone call and we have our breakfast buggy-ed to us and promptly set up on the rooftop while we washed up.

breakfast on pangola villa

We didn't even have to do anything. Just wait for a pretty farm girl to knock on your door to inform you that breakfast was ready.

farmer ladies

Nothing beats having a great breakfast over the vast open field. Felt like we were in New Zealand. (or so what my Baby told me)

There we spotted the two cows we talked about the day before.

Luckiest cows ever. Had the whole field to themselves.

green field with two cows

Then baby suddenly found the urge to get up close to these grazing creatures so he hopped down our villa and leaped over the fence with my SLR towards the moo-moos.

These were what he came back with 15 minutes later.

big head cow

cow side profile

cow grazing on grass

two cows

After that my friend Noi-Nha (she and her husband own Scenery) came over in her farm girl outfit (wished I have one to wear myself) to walk us around her pretty resort.

pretty noi nha
she's damn pretty right?!!

Now Scenery was a boutique villa resort in a way that all the villas were of different designs.


Yep, every single villa was unique in its own way. And all these villas were scattered across the resort, hidden away in bushes and trees so guests would feel isolated when they stay there.

villa hidden behind bush

Each villa has a name too.

The one we stayed in was called Pangola, as you have seen in the previous post.

pangola mail post

And so far it's my favourite villa among all the other villas, in terms of views, interior, etc.

Next to us was Hamata, according to her, it was a villa her husband built specially for her.

hamata villa

hamata mail post

Let me tell you a story.

Scenery began as a project of a husband's passion and dream to build a dream home in a dream land for him and his wife.

scenery farm

It soon evolved into a business when friends and relatives stay over and commented how lovely the place was and what a perfect getaway the villa was.

ruzi villa
Family Villa - "Ruzi"

"Ruzi" was the first villa built on Scenery, it was the only family villa on the resort during the time we stayed there - with two bedrooms.

Couldn't go in that time because it was occupied.

fish in pond

So soon the husband began building more villas and in came Hamata, which Noi-Nha has stayed there for a while.

hamata bedroom
Hamata Villa

hamata jacuzzi

hamata bbq outdoor
BBQ in front of villa

hamata villa 2

Not all villas had built-in round jacuzzis, we found a rectangular one in one other villa.

square jacuzzi

My other favourite villa on Scenery HAS to be Barbados.

After the stay, my baby told me that he definitely will come back to Scenery one day again.

If that is so, then I definitely want to try staying in Barbados villa.

This was how Barbados looked like.

barbados villa
totally love the transparent view into the jacuzzi

barbados bedroom view
bedroom, view from the living area.

twin me and twin sinks
toilet, one sink for you, one sink for me

barbados toilet corridor

barbados jacuzzi 2
jacuzzi! still prefer a round one

barbados jacuzzi and living area

Noi-Nha you hear that? We want to stay in Barbados next!

Scenery's mascot is a sheep.

scenery sheep
or was it four mascots? Ok I can't remember.

You'd find two big mascot in front of the entrance to the villas, where only guests are allowed to enter (privacy ensured).

noi nha and scenery sheep
"bob your head, sheep"

Noi-Nha even showed us it's actually a head-bobbing sheep, just like the small miniature ones we were given at our villa.

welcome drink
didn't take a photo of the complimentary ones in our villa, but it's the same as the one behind the green colored drink in the photo.

Then I took baby to Scenery shop at the reception,

scenery shop

where all the items sold in the shop were personally selected by the owner himself.

scenery shop cashier

Here baby bought (well, technically, he chose and I bought for him) a cute little sheep covered with real wool.

sheepy family

Which we named "Sheepy". If you come to our house, you will find her and the head-bobbing duo near where all our travel photos are displayed.

Whereas I bought myself a notebook, damn cute one.

Wait I go take a photo of it now.

*get my Sony TX5 and notebook*

*snap snap*


scenery notebook

scenery notebook open
the pages are still empty though. Wanted to put in all our photos but procrastinations has got the better of us. :p

There were a lot of other cute things in the shop too, almost wanted to get this bird house but didn't because realised I'm staying in a high-rise building, wtf.

bird house

And since the mascot was a sheep, and theme was farm resort.

It only meant that there were sheeps on the resort as well!

scenery sheep farm
a sheep barn!

I got myself some grass to feed the cute sheeps!

feeding sheeps

During feeding time, they would let the lambs roam freely around in the feeding area, and they were the cutest creature ever!!

catching some grass

Their wool were so soft I wanted to bring one back home.

cute sheep

cute little lamb

whole sheep

tilt head up

cute little white lamb

Poor big sheep can only see us play inside the barn.

three sheeps behind bars
"baaaa~ T_T"

By now it was around noon, time to start the second phase of my surprise. ^^


Didn't take a lot to figure this one out. It was time for lunch!

We took him to savour his favourite ice cream in Thailand, but this time paired with very local dishes too.


exotic drinks

Finally, the ice cream!

coconut ice cream


Lunch was very pleasant. After a full stomach, it's back to some shopping!

Come the second hint.

hints not exactly follow numeric order.

So I brought him to see the most spectacular array of candles.

candle shop in suan phung

My baby and I both have a fetish of candles. And knowing our first romantic rendezvous was filled with candles, we have been more aggressive with collecting and burning various candles ever since we started holding hands.

The candle shop has a HUGE-ass sheep candle inside the shop, to match that of Scenery.

sheep candle
Would take forever to burn this baby~!

And a candle stone sign in front of its shop. lol

candle stone sign

green entrance to candle shop
quirky entrance to the candle shop

He had a try at making his own candle.

candle workshop

Then I turned to him and said: "Pick whatever however many candles you want, it's your treat." ^^

*if a guy were to say that to me at a jewellery store I would faint * *hint* *hint*

colorful candles

We ended up taking home three bags full of candles that afternoon. @_@

Finally, we adjourned to the third hint.


Can you guess what this is?

Cheng cheng cheng...



Hot spring pampering!!!

YEP! I brought him to a natural hot spring nearby the resort for some soul and body pampering.

hot spring

We changed into towels at the toilet and stepped into the hot spring. Not before I went to buy an icy cold beer and handed him while he soaked comfortably inside.

Suddenly he sounded like a Japanese man moaning "kimochi~" while sipping a cold beer and soaking up the hot steam in the hot spring. LOL.

(Just one photo here since I didn't have my waterproof Sony TX-5 camera then so have to keep the camera)

Back at the villa in the evening.




This time the timing was right.

In two hours time, we washed up and dressed into our best attire, me in my wet hair unfortunately (didn't bring hairdryer, lol)

And went up the rooftop to have our BBQ dinner, already prepared for us.

It was time for the final and last stack of cards.

Somehow baby didn't dare to open this stack of cards, he said he was afraid of ending the surprise, everything has been perfectly wonderful thus far.

Silly baby.


The beginning of the final chapter.

"Baby, it has come to our final evening. I hope if all went well, things would be falling into place as they are now."

"Weeks ago you mentioned to me how nice it would be to be able to see a starry night, away from the city."

"I was fighting the urge to spill everything out to you. And thank god I didn't."

"As you may have guessed... This candle light dinner on top of this romantic villa, under the starry night..."

"with a bottle of boutique sweet wine only purchasable in NZ itself, far away from our city..."

hey, I went all the way to New Zealand to buy the wine, and it cost me RM280 ringgit for one bottle. Let me gloat.

"is my Birthday gift to you. And we are going to CELEBRATE it together."

"Sweetheart, I can't afford a Macbook for you. And sorry if this present takes sooo long to present. :)"

"And an even longer time to prepare..."

"As far as what my love for you could afford... (so far) "

"I just want you to know..."

"in the deepest of my heart..."

(getting long-winded here)

"As clear as the bright beautiful stars tonight... (I hope it's starry tonight)"

It was. :)

"And the Moon... (I hope there's moon too)"

There wasn't. T_T

"And as far as my effort shows..."

"You're my One & ONLY!! *heart*"

"Happy Birthday Darling" *candle drawing*



after hot spring
*taken on rooftop that night*


(in case you missed it, this is Part 1)
(location revealed here)


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