My Shopping Spree at Penang Airport.

So that was how I spend my day in Penang Airport.

Post 1.

Post 2.

Post 3.

photo taken at airport

To roam through the airport freely and wheezing through endless rows of shopping possibilities, it was like given 12 hours time to have a glimpse of heaven. It just wasn’t enough.

12 hours flew by in a glimpse and I didn’t even notice it. How magical what money can do for you to pass time.

posing with coach bag

I don’t remember the last time I was on such an impulse trip and having to just do nothing but shop all day long.

Oh wait, I do remember, it was in London on Boxing Day last year. Ahh…. What an experience.

Overall I was pretty contented with my purchases of the day.


It was mega sales all over Malaysia which only made the shopping experience only more sensational.

My best buy had to be the dress, I’m into colors lately with lots of crazy mix and matches and plenty of accessories. Sort of a little bit of bohemian style and yet funky and crazy.

colorful dress

So the bangles come in second after the dress.


I wanted to get a few other bangles and decided perhaps I should save it for my Bangkok (which is now) trip.

In this Dayana shop, I spotted a bag which I thought was cute,

40% off

Only to find out that a few days later in Bangkok, one in every 5 girls were holding the same bag, albeit in different colors. It’s a foldable bag which you can fold out like this.

foldable bag
Though the ones that most Thai girls are holding are the plain design ones.

However, my favourite place has to be the duty free fragrance section where I went completely wild!

Totally love my new 10ml Harajuku perfume that set me back a RM84 that day.

harajuku perfumes 30ml 10ml

Thus the perfume shall be my new found interest (gonna collect them all!)

harajuku perfumes love series

And it seemed that I wasn’t the only one hooked onto these Harajuku girls.

A reader shared this photo in my comments and it’s just so cute!

Shopping in airports has just got better with the running Indulge Till You Fly Campaign that will end on the 6th January 2011. Just spend RM 250 and above on anything at the airport (spas, shopping, dining) at KLIA, LCCT-KLIA, PIA, KIA, KKIA or LIA and win fantastic prizes. All you need to do is to fill up the Indulge and Win Contest form with a maximum of 3 cumulative receipts totaling RM 250 on the same day. Spending with Mastercard will get twice the number of entries!

During the Malaysia Mega Sale, which is until 16th September 2010, there are additional rewards and prizes. With a minimum spending of RM250, you’ll get an entry to the Indulge & Win Contest + a RM10 on the spot voucher which you can use immediately. If you had spent with MasterCard, you’ll get double the chance to win in the Indulge & Win Contest.

And, if you spend more with MasterCard that is up to RM 350, you’ll get double chance to win in the contest, a RM 10 voucher and an additional nifty Recycle and Indulge green bag, which allows you more benefits!

Walk into participating Body Shop outlets at Malaysia Airports with the Recycle and Indulge Green Bag and shop for a minimum of RM 120 with MasterCard and you’ll be entitled for a 20% discount. No worries if you’re not a Mastercard holder – you’ll get 15% off at The Body Shop with a minimum spend of RM 120. Don’t forget to bring along the Recycle and Indulge Green Bag whenever you shop at the participating Body Shop outlets at Malaysia Airports. The privilege at The Body Shop is valid until June 2011.

filling up forms
The lady filled up the form for me. ^^

It’s always nice to know that your endless spending spree was rewarded with a little something.

indulge till you fly RM10 voucher

This applies to any participating F&B, retail or reflexology/spa outlet at Malaysian international airports operated by Malaysia Airports (RM250 in duty free? Too easy).

rm10 voucher rebate

Like someone used to say: “It’s not how much you get, it’s the fact that it’s free.”

RM250 for RM10 rebate

Fill in the answers correctly and submit to be in the running for a pair of First Class Priceless Indulgent Holiday Package to various locations such as: Cape Town, London, Sydney. There are 10 packages to be won that would spin you on one of the most memorable journey, either into a full day Safari at Fairy Glen, Cape Town, afternoon tea at Langham, London or seaplane tour up New South Wales Coastline. Bask and be pampered at five-star hotels namely The Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town, The Landmark Hotel in London and The Blue Hotel in Sydney. Not to mention dining and spa experience at any of these destinations.

It’s going to be total indulgent if you win and the fabulous news is that there will be a winner for the First Class Priceless Indulgent Holiday Package every 3 weeks! So you can keep indulging and vying for the prizes until January 2011.

Anyway, I kinda forgot to fill in the answer so I don’t think I’ll be winning any prize anytime soon. T_T

I want to tour the New South Wales Coastline…. T_T

No wait I want to go back to London. I miss Boxing Day… T_T

Find out how many participating airports there are and then fill in your form and submit it to the friendly guy/girl at these kiosks and brace yourself for a winning.

But I managed to snag two of the RM10 and got myself a free McDonald meal and a magazine for a friend at LCCT few days later. What can I say, I’m easily satisfied. :p

mcdonald penang airport

Next time you have a plane to catch, don’t worry that you have too much free time at the airport because you arrive early, just worry about your credit limit. ;)

jeans and bags

You’ll know what to do after that.


3 kissed Nicole

  1. You look like Joey Yung in the second picture.

  2. The foldable bag you were referring to is actually LongChamp inspired foldable bag..

    And yes, its very popular as it has different sizes and many colours to choose from..

    I myself have a couple of them :)

  3. Haha, I like that second-last sentence :P