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The motion here is giving me a headache.

Well I didn't have time to blog or write so I thought I do a quick update to let you know I've been fine. Went to Marie France Bodyline two days ago to catch up on my session since I haven't been able to go for it during my 11 days away in Thailand.

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I was panicking that I was picking up on my weight during my travels and was panicking that the figures would sky-rocket on the weighing machine by the time I visit the salon again.

So I watched over my food intake in case I have a heart-attack while the nice lady at the beauty salon announced my weight to my sensitive ear.

I've almost wanted to put it off till later because well, it's depressing to go back to continue one's treatments when you think you've gained tremendous amount of sin around your waist and tummy, and perhaps thighs and arms too.

skinny legs angle
amazing what a good camera angle can help make your look

But I guess that's what happened to most women out there who're reluctant to continue visiting their salons due to their guilt and shame of letting these fine ladies know they haven't exactly been a good girl.

Worse case, they fear they might let themselves down. Like I thought I would.

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It's never easy to maintain a weight management plan, the core is to stick to it, and that meant from controlling your diet to visiting your beauty salon regularly. It's like training your discipline to stick to your gut (literally).

However, I'm glad that I did it, and I'm glad that I went, despite my strong urge not to all the time.

I mean, sitting through 3 hours of treatment while you read a book is easy, but sitting through 3 hours twice every week during working hours wondering if this was really helping and being forced at confrontation at your own guilt for over-eating is hard. So Very Hard.

Good manicure helps (keep you sane)

The only encouragement(s) is, so very blessedly, that my baby and my good friend have both commented the improvement on my thighs and legs. Without me asking! And they're both guys! That had to mean something right?

It's not easy for me to spot the difference especially when I look at them legs all day and night long, willing them to just shrink 5 inches smaller overnight.

So these remarks from male peers have really helped and motivated me to continue on on my treatments with Marie France Bodyline. And I'm happy that I've done this with Marie France and not any other salons.


For all those ladies and guys out there who might need a little help, or a lot of it, here's a little something for you to start.

SMS For a free 60min slimming session (worth

type MFB NICOLEKISS Name send to


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  3. You look so gorgeous :) Those slim legs and such tender fingers are beautiful.

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  7. You're starting to get some really creepy anonymous comments on here aren't you? Yikes.

    Anyway, looks good, keep it up and let us know if it's actually, truly, 100% working or if your male friends were just being "friends". :)