Raya's Over and Dell Technical Department is Closed?

Yep so I have been away (from my laptop) for the Raya period and now I'm back on a WORKING Monday and suddenly, my laptop, after a long weekend of celebration, decided not to start on me.

It's been 2.5 years since I bought this Dell XPS and now it's not operating. Obviously the warranty has been long over and I am in need of a laptop to actually work, so I called up the technician hotline only to be responded with this auto-response:

"Due to the puiblic holiday, our office is closed today..."

Wtf? What holiday? Raya is already over!


Then I called up the sales department, got through to this lady who told me the only way I can get some help is to extend the warranty, which cost RM1000 (are you f**king serious?), OR I could buy a new motherboard (according to a Dell's personnel, the reason the laptop is not functioning is because of a faulty motherboard), which cost RM800+.

Now two problems exist:

1. How would you know it's the motherboard problem when you never even send a technician over to check what's wrong with my laptop. For all I know it could be the charger's problem? Or fuse?

And you want me to pay RM800+ before you send someone over to change my motherboard, which it might not even be the motherboard's problem to start with.

2. It's only been 2.5 years since I first got this laptop and the motherboard has already DIED TWICE! Whereas an additional fault occured in between these two dead motherboard problems.

First time was three months after I got the laptop. THREE MONTHS!

Second time was a year after I got the laptop, to which the lappie's mousepad died. And which a technician came over to fix.

Now the third time, my laptop refuse to start. Maybe due to MOTHERBOARD problem again?!

So on an average my laptop faces a faulty problem less than once a year!


Maybe it's time for me to change my laptop.


On a happier note, I rushed to attend another session of my Marie France right before the Raya period started.

By now I'm quite pumped up to obey to following a strict diet plan. I could almost visualise it: a slim figure.

A dream I once had when I was 18? Slim and looking HOT! I woke up from the dream still reminiscing about that figure, all body-hugging in tight business suit.

I have been going on certain treatments in Marie France, due to popular demand, I shall reveal the certain few treatments that I have already undergone to target on reducing cellulites, fats, and stretchmarks on my hip and thighs.


1. LST-3 - Ultra sound that can help burn your fat even after the treatment for up to 72 hours. I loved this the most as it also tightens my skin after a good massage that comes with the treatment.

2. Radio Frequency - I have to remove all my accessories for this, in case I get shocked. Supposingly this is BEST for my fat burning, highly reccomended by a lot of people I've met. I almost wanted to buy a RF machine to do it on myself in my own time but an RF machine is the cost of a house!

3. BST - this is a machine with a tube that when pressed to your skin, felt like acupunture. Perhaps using electric to produce the same effect. We all know there are acupunture methods that can help you lose weight, and fat.

4. Mud Mask - This includes lots of massages, wrappings and a super nice self-heating mud mask to smooth and tighten your skin. Take this if you enjoy a good massage because damn those ladies at Marie France can really work their fingers.

5. Infra-red - it felt like going to a tanning booth. Only that you get your fat burned instead of a tan. Sleeping through this treatment is easy.

6. Laser - did this twice and it felt cold where the laser-point touched. Thank god for heated beds, I normally have chills on my back when I do this. Burns fat and kills stretchmarks.

There are a few other treatments I don't really remember the names. There's this one that's super effective for cellulites where the machine physically squeezes your stubborn fat (which is the proper way to remove cellulite). However, this machine might hurt a little (or a lot, depending how strong you set the machine)

Well, that's about it. If you're interested...

SMS For a free 60min slimming session (worth

type MFB NICOLEKISS Name send to


9 kissed Nicole

  1. it's always the motherboard's problem if your take it to the technician. i guess that's how they earn because repairing the motherboard is the most expensive.

    guess it's time to get a new laptop. if it's died three times, it's only gonna die another time once you get it fixed.


  2. change laptop. XPS is well known for its motherboard prob. I was XPS user for about 2 years... and same problem with motherboard. Mine went kaput in its 1st week... but still under warranty. 2nd time few months ago, not even 2 years yet... and Change of motherboard + service will cost more than 1k. I changed to new laptop instead.

  3. Just change your laptop will be a better deal. I had XPS1210 previously and the mobo was replaced thrice 2 weeks before the 1st year anniversary. Being skeptical, I extended the warranty for the next 2 years for RM7xx. Then it was working fine for the next 2 years until few months after the expiry, it wouldn't start just like yours. I got an Asus instead :)

  4. Dell XPS is known to have motherboard problem. so it is 90% are your motherboard problem.

    You will have light at your charger if it is not working there won't be any light.

    If not the charger problem mean motherboard.

    Why always motherboard? Laptop has almost everything built in onto the motherboard so 90% parts are on the motherboard and 90% of fail rate.

    Cheers. And God Bless. :)

  5. Nicole, go for a Macbook, or a Macbook Pro... =)

    I just ditched Windows & joined the Apple family... best decision made... =P

  6. Macbook has data loss bugs....

  7. i had bad experience with dell too..twice.my frist laptop went kaput 1 week after the purchase and they replaced the motherboard with new one.

    in 1 year, everything went kaput including the usb port, dvd writer and all.

    second time, just the same.

    so, i'll never buy any dell laptop forever..hahhaa


  8. Good (or perhaps i should not put it that way :) to know that i am not alone in facing these problems.

    They wanna replace a new laptop for me cause i have changed mobo 3 times d but wants to charge me RM2k to have 3 years warranty on a brand new laptop - i think they better go screw themselves!

    I am so going for a macbook next....