Lazy to Blog.

Just got back from Bangkok.

Bought lots of goods *heart*. It was a missionary shopping spree rather than a impulsive one, I knew what I was getting before I even step into the country, though I didn't really expect to have no space to put them all. o.O

I came back with more than 30kgs of goods. *gulp*
And less than 150 baht in my purse.

Lovely trip indeed.

Oh, we finally installed Unifi at home so internet is exceptionally fast now. Who wants to download Sex And The City series in one day says AYE!

Since I'll be too busy unpacking today. Here are a few photos to fill the post. :)

green nicole

nicole green top


final photo

See you tomorrow!


9 kissed Nicole

  1. I love shopping at BKK^^

  2. Aye!

    Thought what photos... skali all your camwhore photos. Ish!

  3. Agree with Jerine :P

    And you couldn't have given us more different photos? (lol keep complaining only)

  4. Looking at big pupils of yours ... make me jealous of him (you know who?)

  5. alright.. im gonna blog like you when i lazy to blog one day.. =P

  6. Oh my god! You really look so sexy, your boyfriend is living a dream, I tell you. You are the hottest Malaysian blogger, even sexier than Hannah and Cheesie! I just admire you for a while now. You rock my world.



  7. Hi Nicole. I'm an avid blogger too and I hail from Johor. I saw you on the newspaper along with Deborah Henry and Julie Woon last month and decided to check out your blog only yesterday (because I'd been busy). Love the way you blog because you don't sound as mean as some bloggers can be but interesting at the same time.=)


  8. What do you shop in Bangkok? Any recommendations for affordable places to shop in bangkok? Thanks.