Recently I discovered something amazing which followed by a very honorable title.

You see, I’ve been assigned as one of the ambassadors for a campaign, called Yes, I Can campaign.

If you’ve read Kosmo and a few other websites, magazines, or papers, you probably might have come across a photo of me with two gorgeous parting the broadest of smiles, with fist clenched and thrust triumphantly in the air.

Taken from Kosmo

Shown in the photo was none other than the beauty queen Deborah Henry and TV wonder Julie Woon. And of course me, the blogger, at the middle.

The Yes, I Can campaign, partly in celebration of the 50 years of The Pill, seeks to explore the undeniable efficacy of the pill as a potent society shaper, in the prevention of unplanned pregnancy. Women can now choose and govern their lives, instead of subjecting themselves into unplanned “accidents” resulting from the womb.

This campaign is also particularly endearing to me on a personal level; as a serious PMS-sufferer myself.

yes i can campaign board

I’ve been suffering from PMS ever since I hit puberty, and this might come across as a norm for many girls and perhaps nothing-out-of-the-ordinary news for many others. The effect has in fact, affected my life with significant damage.

Just think about it. Serious case of mood swings for one whole week before period: bloating, water retention (that made me gain weight up to 5kg overnight), giving the dreaded stretch marks on my thighs. No, it’s not mere case of PMS. (Probably why I looked like I was overweight all the time)

Researchers classify them as PMDD – Pre-menstrual Dysphonic Disorder. A severe case of PMS.

Dr. Mohamad Farouk Abdullah - Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist, President of the Obstetrical & Gynaecological Society of Malaysia

The whole PMDD episode would last for 1.5 weeks before my period comes, and then BAM! Period cramps.

SEVERE period cramps. Whereby I would, could, do nothing but lie in bed all day breaking cold sweats and cry.


Many of you readers have easily suggested that you’re getting tired of my period complaints on my blog, without much sympathy I feel sometimes :(, what do you think I’d feel as a victim to all these pain and torture the past few years of my life? Don’t you think I get tired of it too? 10 times worse even. :(

my name and flower

When I was given recommended for a new 24/4 OC pill two months ago, like a million other rather conservative ladies out there, I laughed and politely turned it down, thinking that I didn’t need something as “controversial” as contraceptive pills.

Having one is like a billboard advertising to people I lead an active sexual lifestyle (whether I have it or not, and you will never know), how embarrassing is that?!

Little did I know back then that my PMDD/PMS CAN BE CONTROLLED by a mere pill.


By the time I was sat down and carefully explained these pills could help improve my life, I gave it a try and within the first two weeks…

And I know this is going to sound cheesy…


Gone were the days of my water retention problem, good riddance with dehydrating pills, no more charcoal pills for bloating, and thank heavens, I’ve never felt SO DAMN HAPPY for so many days before!

I’m not saying this is a definite case for all of the girls out there, afterall, it is meds and sometimes, sadly, it will have side effect or no effect to a small number of people. Perhaps 5% of the consumers will find the pills having no effect on them at all. It was my initial concern.

“What if I’m never going to find a remedy for my PMS days.”

“What if I can never get rid of suicidal thoughts and stretch marks caused by water retention?”

“What if….” this, “What if” that…

But I WAS the LUCKY 95%!! YAY!!! CURED from PMS! NO side effect.

Which was why I have never felt prouder to be the Ambassador for a campaign organized by Bayer Schering Pharma, YAZ, the latest 24/4 regimen with drospirenone has certainly turned my world upside down (for the better), revolutionize my daily living, and empowered women. (okay why does this suddenly sounds like some beauty pageant speech, but it’s true ok! I know I’m cheesy, sue me)


Okay. Let’s put it this way,

There are 200,000 women worldwide everyday have unplanned pregnancies; and everyday, 126,000 women go through abortion. In Malaysia, 38 out of 1000 women aged between 15 and 49 years old have abortion every year.

And with the recent case in Malaysia, baby dumping issue has just gone out of proportion that it has captured the attention of the media and nation.

Instead of blaming on pornography for the sole cause of these issues, why not instead educate ourselves and others about the benefit of safe sex? Yes, I Can campaign seeks to educate women to take charge of their own body and reproduction choices.

We all know you can never stop teenagers and young adults from acknowledging their raging hormones; it’s like trying to stop a bird from growing up and tie its wings so it would not fly.

Together with Deborah Henry, who will be spreading her good words and thoughts to local universities,

deborah henry

me and deborah henry

And Julie Woon, do you remember her from Blogger Boy the tv show?

julie wong reading her script

We represent Yes, I Can campaign to educate women in Malaysia that YES, there is a CHOICE.
YES, we can help make approaching the “sex subject’ a little easier.
YES, you can help spread the word on prevention of unplanned pregnancies.
YES, Malaysian women and even men as well can now make a more informed and inspired decision over the contraceptive options available to address the rising cases of abandoned babies.
YES, I’ve overcome my uncertainties over oral contraceptive pills and have acquainted myself with YAZ.
YES, I can be in control of my life,

Say NO to PMS.

Say NO to unplanned pregnancies.

Make a pledge in, support the cause and help reduce the incidence of unwanted pregnancies, be educated in the various contraception methods available, and be responsible for your own sexual health.

Join the Yes, I Can Challenge. Write a proposal of 1000 words / less on how to address the issue of unplanned pregnancies, draw a poster and submit to the Yes, I Can website before 4pm 24th October and stand a chance to win RM10,000. (only for 18 years old and above)

Acquire a Yes, I Can car sticker like this YIC-Car-sign-final-23-july

from pharmacies with Yes, I Can logo at the door like this, YIC-Wobbler--n-Door-sticker-w-logos-m

register your car number at the website and wait to be spotted in Spot the Sticker Contest, four winners will be spotted every month up till end of Oct.

OC pill not only empowers women to decide when to have baby, whether in the case of being financially, mentally or physically ready. Study has also proven that the pill aids in reducing the risk of ovarian cancer, endometrium cancer, etc. Overall, it proves the quality of women’s life.

Say YES to a better lifestyle. Opt for a better choice and freedom like never before (you can interpret this in several ways *wink*).


camwhore with flower name tag


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  1. Yes! No more Pissed At Men Syndrome.

  2. Pretty nice site you've got here. Thanks for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read a bit more soon.

    Joan Smith

  3. "In Malaysia, 38 out of 1000 women aged between 15 have abortion every year."
    aged between 15 to ...?

    i know a few friends who take the pill. one more side effect u didnt mention is that their boobs get bigger (or so i heard)