Getting Away to Krabi

So I sat at my computer three nights ago looking through the list of hotels in this region: Thailand, Phillippines, Indonesia, Singapore, etc.

It was the day after I learnt that my baby was going to go away for a week to fabulous Australia on an assignment, and he couldn't bring me along, that I decided, well, since he could get away, so would I.

Besides, I don't want to stay in KL all alone without him. Most of the friends I have then are either travelling, overseas working, sulking about relationship or couple friends. And hanging out with couple friends without your partner would just... well.. be awkward.

And while it was the weekdays I had to endure, why not endure it in a more sunny happier place.

So Koh Samui came to mind instantly.

Hey I don't like to be alone. I know, ironic since I always travel alone. But that's entirely different. Exploration is better off alone, it's sort of like a soul-searching expedition. And most of my solo trips have always been very fulfilling to the mind.

So as I was going through the list of hotels in Koh Samui dreaming about my impulse getaway, it suddenly dawned on me that... erm... there are no cheap direct and fast way to get to Koh Samui, easiest way would set me back RM860 on Fireflyz from Subang. And I've already way over-spent for this month after a weekend in Hat Yai and a week of shopping in Bangkok. I was already planning an impulse trip, no point having an impulse splurge.

That was how I ended up in hotel suite in Krabi.

Sleeping my mornings away in a king size bed, and taking evening dips with Sex and The City season replay on my laptop in a big tub.

suite bathroom

So far, I've walked 2km to Starbucks and spent the rest of my afternoon reading erotic novel in the air-condition cafe, had my favourite toasted 7-11 sandwich for lunch and walked bare-footed along the beach on the way back.

Then spent the rest of the evening dipping in the tub and finishing season 1 and half of season 2 of SATC.


Will try to edit some photos tomorrow, after the pool, after the gym (maybe) so I can blog.


Just before I left, I went to Marie France for a quick session before my beach departure.

Truth be told, I have skipped a week of session before that simply because I was swamped with deadlines, or perhaps I was putting it off. Either way, once I stripped down, I was welcome with a most unpleasant comment from my therapist.

"Oh, you're getting flabby" while looking intently at my thighs.

I only have myself to blame, week long of absence and negligence of my diet and work-out regime (not that I have one, since travelling are mostly my work-outs and I haven't been doing much walking during the recent travel trips I've made), I looked at my rear in the mirror and was emotionally brought down by a not-so-toned-anymore sight.

Since my fifth sessions with Marie France, I have come to realise that beauty takes effort, constant effort.

People go to slimming and beauty salons wishing for a miracle. And when they couldn't get one, they blame these salons for slander, cheat and money ripping programs.

The thing is, like our hair, or nails, our body and skin need as much constant taking-care of. You didn't do treatment on your hair once, and after a month it became brittle and dry again, you swore that hair treatments were useless and you will never go back again.

Like our hair, nails and every part of our body, fats can continue to develop if you never control your diet, our body age and skin lose its elasticity.

A one time session even at the most pretigeous beauty and slimming salon won't get you miracle, just as a 12-session program won't guarantee you youth and slender beauty the rest of your life. In fact, if you're not careful, as short as one month after the treatment, you could grow twice the size from when you stepped out of the salons.

Don't blame it on effective-less treatments, blame it on yourself. For not taking care of your own body.

And I have myself to blame. It's been 9 treatments and after the 8th, my thighs were looking great, and then I have to take less interest in toning up and keep a watchful eye on my food. It's only sad that I have 3 more treatments to do before the end of my program.

Though I have been thinking, ever since my 3rd treatment really, to actually sign up for a life-long program with Marie France. Make it a regular thing.

Like I've always said, beauty does come at a price. But if maintenance is as important to you as it is to me, then this price is all worth paying for.

I've once asked that a 40-session program could fare between RM8000-15000? Or more (depending what sort of treatments you're looking for). Well, a 12-treatment program lasted me slightly more than two months.

Spread it out and it would just be like setting aside a small portion of my income to spend maintaining my body. Sounds fair.

Like how we spend RM300 average on our hair, RM100 on magazines, RM1000 on clothes, or RM30 on nails every month.

It's all part of being a woman. ;)

Well, I guess the next time I visit Marie France, I'll ask if they offer long-term program. Till then, wait for my good news.



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  1. Too much Gossip Girls. You're ending your post with xoxo liao!

  2. i think u shud just reno the house with such a bath tub and pretend u r in krabi haha..walk to 7-11 and starbucks too..might do the trick.

  3. hello nicole. which hotel are u staying in? is it nice? planning a trip there too. i like the big tub pictured in your entry

  4. Krabi is the place to relax for holiday.Thanks so much for sharing informative post.

  5. Hi, looks like ya had a great time there!
    May I know which hotel ya stayed in and how much are the total cost used in the whole trip please?
    Am planning a trip with my gf, the place looks awesome.
    Thanks loads!