Back from Impromptu Krabi

I am sick. :(

I don't know how it came so sudden. I blame it all on a cookie I ate this afternoon. Damn you Famous Amos! It has nothing to do with the nagging headache I have had the whole week while in Krabi. Nothing to do with that at all. Must've been the cookie.

Damn you delicious but sinful cookie!

This must be god's way for punishing of eating fatty food. Sigh.

Oh, here's a photo of the Krabi rock. Or cliff rather.
But it's the infamous rock you'll see when you go island hopping.

krabi icon

Thank you topless uncle in colorful swimming trunk for ruining my photo.

I don't really know why I went island hopping anyway (for the third time). It's the same islands and same activities (snorkelling). I must've been really bored.

So I spent most of the time hiding under the shade while the rest of the tourists dipped around in the beautiful beautiful sea.


Krabi has been more commercialised since I last remembered, it's been what? Three years since I first visit the place? And two years since my last visit.


Testo Lotus was still pretty far away from the tourist place. Not a good improvement.
There were more public transports like tuk-tuk and shuttle buses around. Good thing.
Sea still green and clearn. Definitely a good thing.

Oh did I mention my baby is back?

:D :D :D

And he bought me a perfume. ^^
And lots of wine.
And cheese.

But but... where's my LV bag?! *pout*


1 kissed Nicole

  1. Krabi is pretty! Maybe one day I'll get to go too ( :

    PS: I'm following your blog now... YAY! :D