Let’s Drink Milk

Today is World Milk Day!

Two days ago I attend the celebration of World Milk Day with Dutch Lady at Pavilion, KL.

stay slim
A mirror that makes you look slim! ^^

I went there with two objectives in mind: to meet Amber Chia, and to get my hands on the Dutch Lady Limited Edition Milk Packs.

amber chia

Objective 1: Completed

limited edition milk packs

Objective 2: Completed.

Okay. Time to head home.

Just kidding. Haha.

The target of the event was to hold the Largest Milk Drinking Event in Malaysia, which would enter the event day into Malaysia Book of Records dated 30th May 2010.

me at the biggest milk drinking event

There were a number of celebrities at the event day itself.

Including Reshmonu whom I spotted hanging out in La bodega shortly after.


Within the first hour, 3000 Dutch Lady Limited Edition Milk Packs were given out to the public and students. Promoting and spreading the goodness of milk.

It was pretty amazing seeing over 3000 people raising their milk packs for a toast to making an attempt for the milk drinking record.

the final milk toast

And weird too. LOL

In conjunction with this celebration, Dutch Lady is throwing a contest running from 8th May to 2nd July 2010, giving away cars and even a HOUSE.

All you need to do is to drink milk and collect the packs (bar code) as evidence, fill in the contest forms obtainable from any supermarket that’s selling Dutch Lady milks, send in your application.

chocolate limited edition 2
Drink more milk kids

And since today is the actual World Milk Day, the celebration will continue till the day ends!

If you’re driving around today, look out for Dutch Lady free milk packs that is distributing at all main toll plazas: North, South, Cental and East regions in Peninsula Malaysia, or high traffic areas in Klang Valley and Kuching.

Moo-moo traffic

So don’t freak if someone knock on your driver’s window offering some milk. :p

In the mean time, Happy World Milk Day folks!

my fav limited edition dutch lady milk pack

Oh btw, I just found out I’m actually taller than Amber Chia. *^_^* pleasant surprise.

me and amber chia
We’re both on flats!

PS// I saw her baby bumps.

Still looking good Amber!


7 kissed Nicole

  1. Ah, so Amber Chia is shorter than me, if she don't wear high heels.

  2. Oh wow, how tall are you? :)

  3. you are so beautiful nicole. that mirror is not for you. you are already so slim.

  4. You are tall Nicole... :-)

  5. I bought Dutchlady Milk last Sunday and I got free RM 20 voucher in sudden by Dutchlady promoter.

    I wonder that the event I had is related to the World Milk Day.