Cha-Am: Beach, Massage & Boutique Resort

Finally. After going through the monkeys, the cave temple and the ATV rides.

We arrived safely at our final destination: Cha-Am beach.

cha-am beach

More views of the beach.


cha-am beach 2

By now I've made friends with Cecelia whose company I really enjoyed.

looking at this photo made me miss you celia!! WE HAVE TO GO OUT FOR DRINKS!

More beach.

incoming wave

shoe sand and sea
my tiny shoe.

Here in Cha-Am, we have the privilege to stay in a really posh boutique resort called Tara Mantra.

tara mantra queen size bed

Now I can describe how beautiful this place was, or I can just let the photos tell you.

My room was pretty big and divided into two sections, the living area and the bedroom by an LCD TV.

tara mantra room

Which can flip around to face either the living area or the bed. Cool eh?

tv in bedroom

fruit platter and lily

And because it's a resort near the beach, the wardrobe was located next to the door, with the toilet on the other side.


In case you want to come in and strip down naked and hop straight into the bathtub and then jump right into a robe after.


Just a thought.

Right before dinner, we headed out to the row of shops next to the shop to have some authentic Thai massage.

thai massage sign

By now (after years of trials), I realised that instead of the hardcore traditional thai massage that would bend you in various possible positions,

thai massage mattresses

I would prefer the relaxing soothing oil massage more than any other forms of massages.

private massage bed

And always in a private room. Because you have to be naked to do this.

nicolekiss going for massage

Though it would be even nicer if the masseuse was a young hot blooded handsome guy.

thai masseuse

One day, I am going to get myself a handsome good looking masseuse, you wait.

catching the breeze
Looking all relaxed after the spa

Back at the hotel, Celia and I decided to head for the pool before dinner.

tara mantra swimming pool view 2

Tara Mantra's pools design were really impressive.

Pools because there were three of them , on three different levels, and they were arranged in a way that the top pool cascaded down to the second level and then down to the bottom.

water streaming down

second pool view from my room

pool view from room
third pool view (ground floor) from my room

tara mantra rooms view
Rooms view from the pool

tara mantra rooms view 2

very nice pool
Third pool view from the bottom

Then at the end, where the third pool was, you'd find an elegant curve bar.

bar by the pool

The whole setting was just thrilling.

tara mantra resort pool and bar

We spent the rest of the afternoon chatting in and out of the pool, lying on the bed under the sheds (next to the pool), while a waiter came and asked if we would like some cocktails. Heaven!

Finally, it was time for dinner.

dinner table

welcome TAT malaysia

Being special guests of the hotel, we felt like VIPs.

celia and menu
Cecelia grinning after an afternoon's pamper and good food ready to be served. Mmmm...

All I can say is... Tara Mantra put up one heck of a seafood dinner that's utterly delicious.


And I do mean one-crazy-insane-amount-heck!


6 kissed Nicole

  1. wow, nice hotel, swimming pool, fab seafood and massage??? you are one lucky girl!

  2. Umm... Nicole, those are capybara's, the world's largest rodents, not overfed otters. But it was close enough. =)

  3. any recommendation for thai girls? which place is the best?

    by the way can give full report on the spa u went in thai , i know its cheaper than malaysia but are they any better?

  4. capybaras....the rodent part she was right but overfed
    anyway theres no harm done prolly just a quiz? a kneejerk eh..

  5. Wow! This place is awesome but the ones I stayed at is meh =/