New Toy

I got a new toy to play with. Wee…

sony tx5

It’s called the Sony Cyber-shot TX5.

I recently brought the camera with me to my Jakarta trip with Garuda Indonesia. And after using it for two days, I am totally LOVING my NEW CAM!

And rocking it.

It has a wide angel lens of 24mm, pretty cool for a total top down self-camwhore.


For once a compact camera that can shoot my complete outfit.

Good for capturing landscape too.

train track

The vibrancy of the camera is amazing. I was really surprised that most of my cam-whore shots turned out great!

wink wink

wink and tongue


Four main features that would knock anyone out: Water-proof, Dust-proof, Shock-proof, and Temperature-proof.


That’s right – Water-proof. And it’s my favourite feature;

For the first time I own a camera and be brought underwater without a housing.

joe underwater
Meet underwater Joe

Able to go down to 3 meters depth, the camera is a great gadget to bring to your pool party. ;)
(And it only cost RM1,499)

So I brought the camera with me to the pool of our hotel for some fun on our last day in Jakarta.

pool shot

Anyone up for some wet activity? *wink*

at the pool

I wanted to make a video to test out the waterproof feature with Niki and Joe but ended up having more fun doing it than intended.

This is just a short version. Wait for the longer version in the Jakarta trip post. :D

There were a lot of other features of the camera that rocked my boat. But I guess if you want to know more, you just need to test it out yourself to know how fun it is to have the camera.

I was skeptical at first, but now I can’t get over the fact that it has auto-macro and anti-shock features! Super cool!

Anyway, post ends here. Look out for more photos taken with Sony Cyber-shot TX5 in this blog.

There are few colors for you to choose:

I want the baby pink! I want I want I want I want….!!!!

In the mean time, I give you one last cam-whore.

The typical toilet camwhore.

cam whore in toilet
I miss doing this with a compact cam!!

Ok la. Another photo with my fav shirt and cap.

sweet me

Ciao. :p


8 kissed Nicole

  1. this is a good post! i have nikon D60 but dunno how to use and always put auto. and its too big for me. i will buy this sony. Thanks!!! michelle

  2. i want i want!! but no money to buy :(:(

  3. Wow! This is touchscreen camera :) I want the black one :)

  4. At first I thought, why are you balancing your camera on a glass of chocolate?! Then I saw the candle tip. lol

  5. wah so proud to be featured here ar..!