World Milk Day

Yes there is such a day called World Milk Day (this 1st June 2010).

It’s to celebrate the goodness of milk!

Since World Milk Day is coming,

let’s talk about milk!


Milk contains lots of calcium, a glass of milk provides 30-40% of our daily calcium requirement.

I always keep a pack of Dutch Lady Milk ready at home.

And it has to be Full Cream Milk. Because it tastes nicer, and nothing beats a good tasting milk.

Well, I normally use it for cooking and to put in cereals. I never like to buy a carton because I would never finish it in one go. And it would quite a waste to leave the rest of the carton in the fridge to let it go bad.

So usually I would get a six-pack and use it one by one. It’s slightly more expensive than the carton one but it lasts longer and minimal wastage!

dutch lady milk packs

My favourite milk is Chocolate Milk.

It’s milk and it tastes like chocolate! What’s not to like?!

I also kinda see it as my instant energy drink when I go travelling.

bringing it to travel
Taken one morning before my departure to Cherating beach.

Lazy to grab breakfast? Go for chocolate milk.

Lazy to look for a place to lunch in London? Head into a mini-mart and grab a chocolate milk pack.

Instant. Hunger. Cure.

And unlike curbing hunger with candy or snacks, it gives me the energy I need for any outdoor activities.

playing trampoline
Crazy over trampoline in Cherating Club Med

Common case is that I would have too much fun and no time to eat. LOL.


Besides, it gives me enough protein, zinc, carbs and vitamins to last me throughout the afternoon. Well, it helps being a small eater. ;)

Do you also know that Vitamin D in milk helps strengthens your bones? As well as Vitamin A that aids in bone growth and boost immunity and reproduction functions. There are so many good things about milk that so many people take for granted.

Thus having one in my fridge at all times is a must.

things to have in my fridge

In fact, I was about to buy a whole pack of Dutch Lady Chocolate Milk but I heard there’s a limited edition milk packs coming out so I’m going to wait out for that.


Well, you won’t think so when you see this new Limited Edition design for the Dutch Lady Chocolate Milk that’s about to launch.

cho low fat

Super cuuutteeeee okay!

(These two designs were two winning entries by two art college students: Amelia Ong Bee Leng & Ten Ming Khang)

IMG_1285 resized
oo... the guy who designed my fav chocolate milk pack looks cute.

I want!!!! (not the guy, the chocolate milk la)

Look at the chocolate milk “leaving” out from packet, lol.

Which is why I am going to be attending a very grand event hosted by Dutch Lady Malaysia on the 30th May 2010 in Pavilion KL at 10am.

Dutch Lady Malaysia will be giving out more than 250,000 of the two Limited Edition World Milk Day UHT packs. Weee!!!!

In fact, they’re going to set a Malaysia Book of Records for “Largest Milk Drinking Event”.

STGOM masthead_small

If you want to be part of that record, drink free milk or get your hands on the limited edition milk packs (like me), head to Pavilion that day at 10am sharp!

Target is 2500 people.

energy resized

There will be other activities and performances that day. Few celebrities making an appearance are: Shakila, Alif Satar, Dayana, Sharizan Borhan, Reshmonu (!!), Najwa, Khoo Cai Lin.

I heard Amber Chia will be there too.

I want to see her new baby bump!

amber pregnant2
Damn motivated to go.

Apart from that, I think they’re running a contest to give away a HOUSE!!!! Find out more at the event.

See you at the event!


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  1. sighed, im in brunei, cant go T.T

  2. I've never seen anyone written so passionately about milk before =) This is very interesting post, I like it, haha.

    Is the rock climbing wall still there beside the trampoline? Last I heard it was damaged beyond repair. Not sure.

  3. I bet Amber is going to start her own Mama wear collection!

  4. Had my mom explained me that well about the goodness of the milk, I would have been drinking milk from an early age. Okay, I am joking LOL :P

  5. obviously advertising dutchlady.. pathetic