Siam Ocean World – Bangkok Aquarium

Siam Ocean World in Bangkok is a pretty impressive aquarium that I strongly recommend anyone who’s going to Bangkok to pay a visit to.

aquarium with diver

Just head to Siam Paragon mall where you’d find the awesome aquarium taking up most of the lower ground section covering 10,000 square meters.

underwater world backdrop
Some 30,000 marine creatures were found here.

fishes in aquarium bangkok

After our fantastic and relaxing spa stay in Cha-Am, we returned to Bangkok to spend a day and night before taking our flights back to the old KL city life.

camwhore on bus 2

Nothing’s complete without a shopping spree in the last leg of the trip right? Where else to do it than Bangkok?!

It’s my second visit to the Siam Ocean World, and because the first trip was pretty rushed and there were a lot of fish and activity I missed out, I was determined to catch the 4D movie and perhaps snap some good photos this time round.

Fish or worm? You decide.

fish worm like

One of the biggest highlights of the aquarium would be the frozen (and very real) giant squid and giant tuna at the end of the tour. Though the giant squid has since been removed from the aquarium, which I saw on my first trip there, the giant tuna was still there when I visited. *photo of said tuna at the end of post*

For now, let’ enjoy some of the photos I’ve taken, shall we?
(Well, there’s nothing much we can talk about an aquarium right? Let me take you on a tour and you tell me if you’re intrigued to visit the place yourself ;))


speckled fish

wallpaper like aquarium

lion fish

lion fish at coral

top of aquarium

Oh this is where you can do glass bottom boat tour, which was pretty pointless actually. Just go diving la!

Oh, you can actually dive into Siam Ocean World's 2.8 million litre oceanarium to swim with the fish; if you have the extra money and extra pair of clothes.

aquarium with diver 2

yellow clown fish

This bugger was swimming so fast most of the time, 10 out of 11 photos I took looked more like this photo below.

fast clown fish

Then there was the ugly stone fish.

stone fish

And a pretty big gold fish.

gold fish

I particularly liked this red darling because it was so photogenic; it posed for my camera and allowed my lens to go so near to it without flinching! (as if fish can flinch, duh)

red fish

red fish close up

red fish macro

And some really ugly cute looking terrapin.


head withdrawal turtle

Oh, I saw this creature! That’s like, really gross~ *bimbo tone*

sea reptile
What’s the name of this thing again? Damn, it’s at the tip of my tongue!
(Anyone care to help?)

Then I saw some super cute FAT overfed otters.

fat otters
Definitely overfed.

feeder with otters

Second time photo session with the aquarium car (a car turned into an aquarium)

car aquarium bangkok

Some super fast penguins.


penguin head close up

penguin swimming


The infamous sand tiger shark!!

sand tiger shark
You’ll find him on the webpage of the Siam Ocean World

Now here comes the magical part of the post.

These are really enchanting and I was pretty bumped out I had to rush through these on my first trip. But this time I could slowly go through each one and harass them with my SLR.

Introducing, the beautiful creatures of the dark (ocean).

sea organism

top down view of jellyfish


swimming downward jellyfish

central shot jellyfish

diagonal profile of jellyfish

going right

going up

luminous jellyfish
These are luminous in the dark, incredibly mystical aren’t they?

pretty luminous jellyfish

solo luminous jellyfish

abstract view of luminous jellyfish

spreading its wings

And my most prized photo:

beautiful jellyfish
I put a big fat watermark in the centre so that no one can steal nice photo from me anymore. Hmph!

Now I’m seriously considering selling my photos online. @_@ Should I? Really?

And not that I want to be a spoiler jerk, but who knows, the final piece might not even be there anymore the next time you or I visit.

So here it is, the Giant Frozen Tuna Fish.

big frozen tuna

posing with a giant tuna

It’s actually pretty big, considering that I’m standing quite a distance from the block of ice behind me. Just try to imagine the little adult man on the left side of the photo in comparison to the fish. It’s enough tuna to feed an army!

So that’s about it. I hope you enjoy. Dream about jellyfish tonight k? :D


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  1. arsenal fan17/6/10 11:30 AM

    thought u did a great job in capturing and preserving ur most prized photo...ur remarks under it says it all...LOL, why must u be so cute one???...(referring to the terrapin).

  2. It's an Axolotl..

    I think I posted the same comment to the other post. Not so appropriate hehe

  3. Very informative and beautiful creation. Well done!!

  4. Nice capture of the water world, Nocole :) That man feeding the otters looks like he is going to eat it all himself LOL

  5. Nice photos! Well, if I never go there at least I'll have seen some of it!

    By the way, do you mean a chameleon? (that sea reptile) It sure looks like one...but the colour is so weird! It's not even the colour of the background...

  6. i love ur entries!
    we are on the same boat, TRAVEL!

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  8. Its a newt

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  11. nicolekiss... i like your blog ...thank for info.