Drinking Placenta

I drink horse placenta.

Sounds gross?

Well, technically it's horse placenta extract.


And it doesn't taste as bad as it sounds, in fact, it's pretty sweet and decent.
It could be a problem though for those who dislike sweet drinks.

It tasted more like honey. I think. Honey lemon.

It's this brand called Procenta from Fabula. (I'm so tired of explaining to people which brand I buy from so just put a link here la)

I also drink the collagen from Fabula.

procenta and collagen

And a lot of readers always ask me why I prefer Fabula over other brand.

I think I got quite tired of answering this. But I'm going to go ahead and explain it one more time here.

Mainly because it tasted nice.

I tried this other brand before it was sour as hell, so after finishing the 6-pack I abandoned the brand and went for Fabula, because I tried it before and loved the taste. Ever since I stuck with it.

The other reason being that the Collagen extract content is more than any other brand out there. It has 9000mg of collagen compared to most collagen brand which only has 3000 to 5000mg of collagen.

And unlike most brands which requires your to drink everyday or twice a day, I only need to drink the Fabula Collagen drink once every three days. So a box of ten can last me a month, instead of a pack of 6 lasting only one week.

Fabula (per box)
Contain: Ten bottles
Collagen content per bottle: 9000mg
Last: One month
Cost: RM158
Cost per month: RM158

Other Brand (per box)
Contain: Six bottles
collagen content per bottle: 3~5000mg
Last: Six days
Cost: RM60+
Cost per month: RM240+

So don't be fooled by the cheapness of each collagen box. You need to check the collagen content amount and how long each box will last you.

Same goes with the Procenta drink. It contains 500mg of placenta extract instead of the usual 300mg from other brands.

In case you're wondering, I'm not being paid to write this at all. Just want to share a good product out. Besides, not every girl is willing to invest monthly to maintain themselves. So I'm no worried either. Hehehehe.

If you still think it's weird, eh Eva Longoria apply placenta onto her face ok!

eva longoria placenta
it's actually placenta protein la. lol

Placenta and Collagen is damn hot right now.

Love love my beauty drinks.

Must keep pretty pretty. ^^


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Thanks for sharing your beauty secrets Nicole. I have noticed in the pictures that your skin looks softer, younger and radiant. Now I know the secret :)

  2. I'd sign u up to be the prod's face if i were them!! Let me know if u're looking for a manager Nic!! heh heh

  3. hi there, may i know something i took fabula collagen drink during ramadhan.. i felt dry n so thirsty..maybe because less drink of water.. may i know, how much liters that u consume for a day during taking collagen drink. plus my pimples seem to break out on my U area (face).