Monkey Business

Before every trip I embark on in this blog, I always give a teaser of what I would be talking about in the next post, or the next few posts.

Two posts ago I already gave my first teaser - World's Longest Place Name.

Hence it's clearly stated that journey will be carried out in Thailand.


Can you guess the location? (Please don't say Bangkok)

This set of photos are taken during one of the tours to a cave.

walking on four

We came across a bunch of monkeys playing around a well of dirty water.


I couldn't resist spending the 15 minutes with these bunch of monkeys (pun intended) with my camera.

leapfrog monkeys

Never knew the animal world play human games too. Continual leapfrog! (jumping over someone's back)

monkey leapfrog

These bunch of monkey must be sick of the intense heat and decided to throw a pool party, in public.

eating and soaking
soaking in the water drinking cocktail

three is a crowd

getting up

climbing up

It was hot, believe me (the temperature, not the monkeys).

And a dip in their pool party would have sounded tempting if the water wasn't so damn dirty!

green water

urgh! don't come near me monkey!

monkey scratching butt

In fact, they resembles human so much, they can carry out equally mischievous acts.

kissing monkey

private session
"what are you guys doing?! o.O"

"get a room!" "No son, they're just playing wrestling in the water"

red butt
okay, perhaps this photo is not suitable for young kids.

There was this monkey that were to responsive to my camera, he not only always posed to the camera, he was sitting in front of me as I took these photos.




he looked at me and then swam towards me!






Cute kan?!

I've been thinking... perhaps I should sell my photos online.

What do you think?


10 kissed Nicole

  1. wow!! u got very nice photos of 'em monkeys in action!

  2. i love ur camera!! :D haha, and the monkey's cute too..

  3. YOu should.. you have amazing photos.. ^_^..

  4. yes you should there are many great sites and places to sell your photos for extra money landmarks and tourist type photos sell well

  5. the monkeys are funny.
    its kinda hard to capture moving objects so i bet ur a good camera person! =)

  6. This monkey looks like Langur but they have black faces. So this monkey is most likely long tailed Macaque. They are found everywhere in Thailand.

  7. this picture >

    ..looks like that James Franco's Gucci sport ad..haha