Back with a New Look

As most of you may not know (provided you don't follow my twitter or my facebook page), I just got back from a two weeks trip in Beijing a few days back.

Then I headed back to Melaka to visit my parents and now I am back in KL. Woo!

I have to say this.


me and hat

A week before my departure to China, I told myself that I am going to work it out climbing the Great Wall of China. And Beijing being Beijing, there're plenty of sights to offer it would take days of endless walking to even cover a fraction of the city.

And god did I walk those Great Wall of China.

First visit walked 4 hours (that's at least 6km of wall up and down the mountains)

Second visit reduced to 2 hours (or less I think).

And thanks to the Great Firewall of China. Everything foreign is blocked in China: from Twitter, to Flickr, Blogger, Youtube, Facebook, etc. Practically my entire internet life, which "forced" me to spend most of my time walking about in the city.

A good thing I supposed.

I anticipated this so I pre-scheduled my posts for two weeks before I embark on the trip. Hah~!

So where did that lead me?


*pops champagne*

Quite a fair bit of it (according to my mom).

Wouldn't be surprised with all those endless walking and lack of eating (the hot weather completely killed my appetite).

I also did quite a fair bit of shopping!

So addicted to SHOPPING these few months. All I can think of is shopping. Shop shop shop.

I bought a lot of fancy t-shirts, dresses, one hat, slippers, Chinese snacks (omg there's this kimchi flavoured crisps that's to die for, I brought four packets back!) and fruits.

girlie look with cookie
How do you like my new hat and dress?

new look

My parents loved the fruits I bought. Lychees, peaches and cherries were in season when I was there. ^^

Oh, I also dyed my hair!

in beijing airport
Cookie resting comfortably on my lap

Cost me like RM40 for the best color treatment they have. ^^ DIRT CHEAP.

You could say I came back looking like a new person!

Skinner, healthier, brighter hair.

Though there's still room to improve in the weight department. We'll work on that later.

Do you know what else I bought?


A New Look.

dolly look

Waist length wig cost me RM75. Total Bargain!!


8 kissed Nicole

  1. I love your new look :) You look very yummy :)

  2. so cute beb..nice one ;)

  3. I like your hair better than the wig :P

    But I guess the wig is for bad hair days? (or "lazy" hair days... :P )

  4. Jealous! I wish I can pull off that hair colour ))<

  5. so pretty nicole, love your hair so much!

  6. hey Nicole,
    surfed over to your fb page and saw your swim wear pics. Way to go girl! you look hot! Post more of those pics PLEASE!

  7. Fab! Totally fab!
    Love everything you got in those pictures, esp the hat and dress! =D

  8. Hm.. Love reading your blog and actually you did insipired me that travelling alone ain't a problem...