Cha-Am: ATV Fun & Paintball Shooting

Following my villa-overdosed trip in Suan Phung (Ratchaburi), we proceeded to drive down South towards Cha-Am - our final destination.

bangkok to cha-am

Cha-Am is located in the Petchaburi province, which is just right above Hua Hin.

On route, we passed by the temple cave (or cave temple, whichever) with plenty of monkeys outside.

gold paper covered face

After two hours, we arrived at our destination.

Where we had lunch.

me sitting on dbar

And proceeded to enjoy some outdoor FUN-ness.

cha-am atv park

ATV rides!!!

Now if you don't know, I am like the expert on ATV rides. OH yea...

[Story Time]
Eons ago when I was a mere youngster, I rented an ATV and rode an entire island all on my own.

Look at me, the rebel

Okay la, the island was Koh Samui.

And it wasn't really that legal.

So I got a fine. So what.

But hey... I was good at riding one and you know it (or perhaps you don't, but now you do!).


I couldn't wait to get on with my first ride. The briefing of how to handle the ATV was soooo unnecessary *sombong* LOL.

riding atv 2

Actually I was really excited to get started and couldn't wait till they finish briefing us.

riding atv 2009
being a girl, I chose a pink ATV to ride on

Now most ATV parks I've been on (like Sunway for example) are utterly BORING.

They don't let you ride alone and guides would be really close in front of you, leading and baby guiding you all the way.

Like, where's the excitement of that?!

You need to roam free!! It's an ATV for god's sake. All terrain vehicle?? You know, any terrain? Not just the terrain you chose for me.

atv field

But this Cha-Am ATV was pretty awesome. They have three different tracks ranging from easy to the more challenged.

And if you can prove yourself worthy, go for the track C. Which I did.

And it was totally awesome!!

I love every bit of it! Sure there were tracks to follow as well, but there were slopes, and mud pool to go through, it was so fun! I was splattered in mud by the end of the game.

Oh, and you can choose your ATV to play too.

atv price list

I'd say go for the big boys.

Next we went for a game of Paintball.

It's nothing special, just a shooting range.

paintball shooting

But it's fun when you try to compete with your friends to see who gets the most aims.

paintball aims

After the ATV, I was all psyched for another game.

nicolekiss at paintball shooting range

Though I was more for show than the real thing.


I couldn't even hold the damn gun properly, least to say "aim"!


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  1. Never tried either of them...but sure looks like fun!

  2. The guy who fined and the girl who was fined both are so happy! Is fine a thing to be happy about? LOL

  3. rednose

    coz he was grabbing nicole's ass

  4. wow..the ATV look fun! I heard the one at Zoo Negara also not bad..

  5. Didnt try ATV in Cha Am before when I was there.... Spent most of my time in Hua Hin... Looks fun!!!

  6. You have small but cute boobies. Thanks! :) I clicked your ads.