Cave Temple: Natural Light Well

The next morning, we left our eco-resort in Suan Phung and decided to have a mental-cleansing pit-stop on the way.

crazy bus
No. That's not our bus. Hell no I'm sitting on that. But it was a bus next to where we parked.

It was here I came across these bunch of monkeys right outside a cave that housed a temple.


Anyone who's familiar with Thailand knows that the country is littered with temples (or "Wat" in Thai) everywhere. And this time we came to a cave, descending a couple of storey into the ground.


Judging from the length of my fringe you can tell how long ago this trip was, so pardon if you think I suddenly have a change of hairstyle.


Once down the stone steps, I was welcomed by a most serene sight, most suited for a sacred enclosure.

light well and natural cave temple

Light flooded in from a natural hole on top of the cave - a light well.

I was asking a friend about the name of such natural formation in a cave, he said it could either be a light well, or a light hole. Though he said light well sounds more sophisticated.

I agreed.

Light Well is it.

cave light well

The main lighting source in the cave came from the two light wells found in separate sections of the cave.

natural light well

The second one looked more like it was a collapse or land-slide. But it was equally beautiful.

I spotted a mini pagoda next it.

mini pagoda

So I took a photo with it, borrowing from light from the light well.

Next to pagoda, there was another smaller pagoda stacked up by stones. Locals said that if you can stack a stone on top of that man-made pagoda, and if it doesn't fall, your wish will come true and it will bring you good luck.

A minute later a group of girls came by and decided to place a stone on the top of that mini pagoda, they ended up collapsing the whole thing. LOL

stacking stones
frantically stacking the stones back together

Does that mean they're going to get bad luck of the rest of the year? :p

I took the liberty to snap a few shots of the buddha statues around the cave.

I can imagine coming to this place to pray on a normal days. One can definitely find peace, if not within oneself, then with the surroundings.

It was peaceful, quiet, and oddly calm.

gold paper covered face

sleeping buddha

sitting buddha

buddha statue

Perhaps one day I should find a cave to meditate in.


3 kissed Nicole

  1. Picture 5 & 6 is love! nice shot!

  2. spectacular cave! can't wait to see it for myself...

  3. Simple amazing. I am mesmerized by the pictures of the cave. I wonder how would it feel to be inside the cave.