Hong Kong Disneyland: How to Avoid Queues

*Update* Video of the parade has been added in! Scroll down to view.

And so I returned to my Panda Hotel in Hong Kong after a lot of theme parks touring in Shenzhen, China.

panda hotel

Isn't that cute? A bear in a bear costume.
Or more like, bear in panda bear costume.

cute bear in bear

Anyway, we checked into the hotel again in the morning and hopped onto the bus and made a bee line to Hong Kong Disneyland!

me in bus

I believe this was my third time to visit a Disneyland. First being in Los Angeles, second was in Tokyo.

I've heard from many people that Hong Kong Disneyland would probably be the worst Disneyland ever existed. Though I've heard pretty much the same thing about Paris Disneyland when I was in Europe (hence I didn't bother to visit that). So I was expecting much seeing that I've been to the two best Disneylands there are.

In the bus, each of us were given our entrance tickets to the theme park.

There were four designs, of which I collected from the other passengers to take a shot of them.

all the hk disneyland tickets

Mine was goofy.

my ticket

fine print of ticket
Always read the fine print

Though I had hoped for a minnie. But well, goofy's nice. Goofy's cute, and he's kind. :D

me and minnie mouse ticket

Soon we have arrived at our destination.

It's a long walk into Disneyland, so I decided to camwhore while walking.

cool look

white scarf
As you can see, it's rather cold

lamp post
Lamp post

Then there it was!

Hong Kong Disneyland

The entrance of Hong Kong Disneyland.

And we kept on walking.

tongue twister
tongue twister

piggy kiss

If you've been to Hong Kong Disneyland, you know you're almost there when you see this fountain.

surfer mickey

Just turn right and walk straight ahead.

It was Chinese New Year, each of us was given a Golden Mickey Coin stored in an ang pow upon entering.

gold mickey coin

So ta da! Finally, Nicolekiss in Hong Kong Disneyland!

first mickey monument

(at point of writing I'm actually really hungry so I have no idea what I was writing about)

And now, the Main Street!

main street in the day

Here's a photo of me standing in the middle of the Main Street.

me on hk disneyland  main street

I have no idea why the photo is so small. Probably made a boo boo when I add in the watermark in photoshop. Bah, too lazy to re-edit again. Deal with it. Bahahaha...

Up on the main street, there were many shops selling things that would rip tourists off, for example, this set of Crystal Winnie the Pooh set selling in one of the glass display panel in one of those expensive souvenir shops.

crystals winnie the pooh set

It even had fancy words to describe how exclusive this item was.

winnie the pooh set description

Ohh... Limited edition. Must. Buy.

Until of course, you looked at the price.

expensive winnie the pooh set

I'm pretty sure that wasn't in US dollar currency. But bloody hell, even in Hong Kong dollar it's tooooo bloody expensive ok!

In other shops, you'll find cuter, more affordable, though still over-priced stuff.

baby mickey and minnie mouse

I found Ariel the mermaid statue in one of the Disney clothing shop.

mermaid statue

Ariel has always been my favourite character of all Disney characters, other than Jasmine and Aladdin (I LOVE the couple).

I was so tempted that I was THISSSS close to steal this away from the statue.

mermaid sketch 2

Which was placing conveniently next to the mermaid.

mermaid sketch

Btw, most of the things (I realised), especially those chocolates, were imported from Tokyo Disneyland. Hence it's actually cheaper to buy from Tokyo Disneyland than in Hong Kong Disneyland. o.O

If you fancy a Disney bakery to satisfy your hunger during your visit to the wonderland, you can always drop by one of the many cartoon-ish restaurants and cafes on the Main Street (or anywhere in the park really).

pastry shop in HK disneyland

Just be sure not to buy something that's inedible.

fake breads

Oh yes, they're fake alright.

fake pastries

As pretty as they may appear.

fake pies

Then up at the end of Main Street, you will find the smallest Sleeping Beauty Castle ever.

sleeping beauty castle in hong kong disneyland

sleeping beauty castle

Cinderella will be pleased to know that her castle is so much bigger in Tokyo.

cinderella and snow white

In Disneyland, regardless which one or where, there will always be queues.


Not queues for rides mind you, but queues to take photos of the Disney characters.

goofy and pluto and kid

The more popular the characters, the longer the queues.

couple mickey mouse and aunty

You'll be surprised at how long the queues to take a photo with Mickey and Minnie.
I once queued for two hours just to enter the house of Mickey in Tokyo. -.-

Even the recent characters will be swamped with people.

bolt and mittens
Bolt and Mittens, I like Mittens more

I took this video two years ago when I was in Tokyo Disneyland. Not sure if I have posted it. But here it is again.

Why didn't I mention about the queues for rides? Obviously there were many long queues for rides in these theme parks.

Especially for rides that are famous like Buzz Lightyear.

buzz lightyear

Now there's on trick on how to avoid queues.

Don't worry, kiddy rides like this will never have much of a queue

space ride
who want to go space rides

Though not all kiddy rides are unpopular.

tea cups

Tea cups will always be everyone's favorites. *sing* gonna make you puke, gonna make you puke.

Now I don't know if all Disneylands apply to this mechanism, but so far Tokyo and Hong Kong have it.

Anyway, here's Nicolekiss Way to Avoid Queues in Disneyland.

1. Go Early

Trust me, you might think that I'm pulling your leg here. You know, yea, of course you can avoid the queue when you go early, sort of shit. But no, that's not really the point.

2. Run to all the famous recommended rides on the map and get your Fast Pass ticket.

robot ticket machine

Now the Fast Pass tickets are tickets which act like a cut-queue ticket.

Basically you go there, collect your Fast Pass, and the ticket will act like you're queuing while you're gone.

Be warned, on holidays, or even everyday if you're on Tokyo Disneyland, some of the Fast Pass of the popular rides will be finished by noon. HENCE, GO EARLY! (refer to one)

The tickets can be obtained from machines located nearby or in front of every single ride (or more popular rides), including 3D movies.

They might shape differently according to the themes of the rides.

3. Return to the ride some hours later

On your ticket there will be a time marked, return on that time to join the rest of the fast pass queue (which is now going to be a very very short queue) to claim your ride.

Trust me, you wouldn't want to queue like the rest for popular rides crowded day.

When I was in Tokyo Disneyland, I queued for 3 hours for the popular ride Winnie the Pooh, which was very different to the one in Hong Kong Disneyland.

winnie the pooh ride
Hong Kong one sucks big time!

I have to say, it was well worth it! But if I could have known earlier, and collect my fast pass much sooner, I wouldn't have to waste half the day at the park queuing! The fast pass for that ride in Tokyo was already finished by noon. T_T

But there you go, 3 Easy Steps on How to Avoid Queues in Disneyland. :D

Enough with the rides. Let's move onto something slightly different. Like me camwhoring around in HK Disneyland!

sorcerer mickey foundtain

It's great to have a brother who would take every single photo for you without much complaining (though he did make a grump a few times, lol).

mickey foundtain

fantasy kodak
This is the place where you take photos with all the Disney characters.

sunglass bridal minnie

Oh look, Minnie the bride,

bridal minnie headdress

with the price tag on.

It was 3pm when it was time for the afternoon parade, we adjourned to the main street to grab our prime spots on the floor.

crowds on the floor

me and dad
Daddy so cute sitting on the floor with me

Let the parade began!

*Update* Click to watch video.

Guess which cartoon these are from?

flowers in alice of wonderland

Alice in Wonderland of course!

yellow human flower

purple human flower

There's also the Little Mermaid boat.

starfishes dancing

Flounder and Ariel being seen together.

flounder and ariel

And a dancing seaweed.

seaweed performer

A singing Princess Ariel.

ariel princess

And giant human jellyfishes.

human octopus

With purple solid octopus.

under the sea parade car

Then there's the toy soldiers from Toy's Story!

green soldiers

All of them looked so cool. Hah!

With pink girlies following behind.

pink girls

Finally, a boat full of Chinese New Year costumed Disney characters. Mickey and Minnie being on top!

new year mickey and minnie

After the parade, we sat in to watch a show nearby of a Lion King replay.

simba the lion

By humans, duh.

lion king performers

I thought the robotic Simba looked pretty realistic.

circle of life

The performance was quite impressive though.

Expecting that HK Disneyland wasn't that great to begin with, it wasn't really such a let down in the end.

Reporting not-so-live from Hong Kong Disneyland, have a Great Ox Year everyone.

fortune gods

Wait, are fortune gods part of Disney characters?


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  1. Hey Nicole!

    It's been exactly a month and a day since the day I visited Hong Kong. You could've posted up HK photos in February not long after your CNY visit with your family :) Wow it's been half a year already. I can see the difference between Disney then and now. Didn't have the chance to check out the Golden Mickey place.

  2. stop taking those act-chio-low-chin photo pls.. i guess it's not for you.

    anyway nice post, great tips

  3. Ahaks... Why the Fortune Gods are also in Disneyland? o.0

  4. great coverage nic. I am a little fearful as I'll be in disneyland on the 24th Dec! What do you think the queue will look like?

  5. Nice.. Will visit there soon.. ^_^

  6. Aww... The panda in panda costume is so cute!!! Btw, what are the fortune gods doing in Disneyland? Weird leh.

  7. i had longed to visit disney (anywhere would alright for me) and your pictures certainly makes me itching with hell... sigh...the childishness in me never subsides.

  8. Chanced upon ur blog while i was searching for info on HK Disneyland. Ive been to Tokyo Disneyland for my honeymoon in 2007 and this time round im hoping to bring my wife and my lil girl to HK disneyland to celebrate my lil gal's birthday...

    THx for the info on ur blog!

  9. I live in HK, so I take my 3 year old son there very often, but I am frustrated by the number of rude adults that attend and do not show any consideration of small children in lines - even to see the kid parade b/c they want to be siting up front! Yesterday (Monday) we waited for ages to get on a car ride... and 80% of the people were adults. I think they need an express lane for kids...they usually need to go to the toilet after 1 hour... oh sorry, you must line up again! uuurrgghh!
    And what is it with 30 year old women acting like Minnie Mouse anyway?! Sure...re-live your childhood, but be kind to the small child who is also "itching" to see Winnie the Pooh!