Tokyo Fever

Yea!! I am back from Tokyo, Japan!!

Just reached Melaka not long ago, tired but starting to miss Japan already! OMG I have only been away for less than 12 hours!!

The after effects after 9 days in beautiful Japan.

1. I keep saying ‘Arigatou’ (thank you in Japanese) to people at the Tol
2. I have the tendency to go underground whenever I’m out of the house
3. I nod my head everytime I say hi to someone
4. Always start my sentence with ‘Sumimasen’ (means Excuse me) which will end with an Arigatou.
5. I want to wear cute school girl uniform and walk around town
6. I say ‘Itadakimasu’ everytime before I eat
7. I feel my room at home is too big for my liking
8. Winnie the Pooh song kept playing in my mind (after being stuck in a 3 hour queue for a Pooh’s ride in Tokyo Disneyland)
9. Knee high socks and high heels seem like the coolest cutest and funkiest thing on earth
10. Suddenly I like illogical meaningless alien fictional creatures,


Especially one with no mouth.


27 kissed Nicole

  1. welcome back nicole XD did u buy any yukata??

  2. hahaha
    welcome back .. more pics ok? waiting for them.. patiently!

  3. WHAT the!!!
    How come Always cannot get First comment???


    Btw nicole, can I link u to my website?

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  5. You're exhibiting classic symptoms of "Japanesitis". Go straight to a Malaysian citizen and have him or her "retrain" you on the art of being Malaysian. Among the basics you will learn are not to say "thank you" at the cashier counter, punctuating your sentences with "lah" and "mah" and grappling at the buffet line.

    I'm almost afraid to ask this, but were you able to buy a mini autobot figurine for me?

    Zul (infected with Transformeritis)

  6. Welcome Back!

    "10. Suddenly I like illogical meaningless alien fictional creatures,
    Especially one with no mouth. "


  7. aaawww.....malaysia aint that bad!

    i dun see why ppl get so crazy over a mouthless kitty.

  8. What about Godzilla and Ultraman? Welcome back!

  9. Konichiwa Nicole-san!

    How was the Hello Kitty land? I'm dying to visit it, but with all those subway lines going haywire, I highly doubt it.

  10. Thank goodness you do not feel taxi fare in KL is too low for your liking. Or, you forgot to list it down? LOL

  11. I couldn't help but be reminded of Bkt.Bintang, Sg. Wang and Berjaya Times Sq while going thru your list of post Japan syndrome-ness

  12. -Muel W-: what is yukata?

    Misha: hello dear, yea... will upload them soon :)

    Stellix: haha... patience.. u will one day, it's not that difficult

    Junkgirl: Japan, i miss u

    Zul: no unfortunately :(

    Destickles: too

    Wimal: lol

    jam: -.-.... errrr.. they went hiding? :p

    Lil' Ms Pinky: haha.... are u in Japan?

    whisperer: haha... er.... i still think taxi everywhere is expensive :p

  13. gerald cheong: lol, why is that so?

  14. is the room your are staying in japan way too small ??

  15. Not just the language, did you also exhibit the Japanese body-language as well?

    - bowing all the time
    - hands by your sides when meeting people
    - Hand behind the head when you're shy or joking

  16. Wait, then again, I'm not too sure about the "hands by the side" thing... =(

  17. u duno wat is yukata means u din buy =_='' u should have bought 1 for souvenir from japan.u sure look great in it.Yukata is a much simple form of kimono.japanese wear them during summer and during trips to hot springs.

  18. I think it's spelt "itadakimasu".

    Post pics please and welcome back to Malaysia.

  19. yukata's are pretty expensive are they not??? not as much as a kimono larrr.. and its sooo
    not fashionable outside japan ahahah... one would look reaaally retarded wearing it in KL ahhahaha

    betcha bought tons of japanese tidbits and candies home eh???
    owh man.. i want dango!!
    and choco banana :(
    and and and TAKOYAKI!!!

  20. japs in KL4/9/07 3:57 AM

    " Itadakimasu " every meals before u eat ... however since u started that , u should ended with " Gochiso sama desuta " ....

  21. Okairi nikoru-chang... ( welcome back Nicole ( Chang , to refer to someone younger than us, and CUTE !! )

  22. i seen your posts, and i cant help but tell you i visted japan in April, and it was FANTASTIC. left the train rides to my cousin, and the experience of ppl queuing nicely to get in the trains, was amazing, in a way. MUST GO BACK soon

  23. Nicol,

    go down to Bkt. Bintang area on a weekend and you will get what I mean :P

    you will see chinese people, malay people dressed ala Harajuku. I call then "Bkt Bintang Girls" here, haha

    i demand more pics of japan! :P

  24. wat an interesting reflection of the 'japan fever'.

    'alien fictional creatures, without mouth'.... hey.. i never realise that Hello Kitty does not have a mouth ;)

    'I want to wear cute school girl uniform and walk around town' ... wonder how u will look like with that costume on...kekek.... cute japanese version of nicole ;)

  25. exactly, because the pronunciation of japanese and malay are similar, i kept saying arigato even without noticing it - and then this malay guy was like 'oh u from japan ke?' lol

  26. Feels great yet sad to be back, doesn't it? I've been back for 7 months now but still reminiscing Japan on a daily basis... and I'm still completing my Journey in Japan blog....a lot in 5 weeks.