H1N1 Fear of Flight

Last year, I bought three flight tickets for me to travel in July, 2009.

One from KL to Tawau, which was meant to be my second dive trip to Sipadan.

Next is a flight from Kota Kinabalu to Manila (I meant to travel from Tawau to KK after my dive trip), Philippines, the only prominent east Asia country that I have yet to step foot on, and was meant to spend at least two weeks in the country. And finally a flight from Clark, Philippines back to KL.

So was the plan.

I even bought my Lonely Planet months ago for this trip.

philippines lonely planet

It was going to be an exciting, yet another, backpacking journey full of adventure for me.

But.. alas....

cancelled philippines trip

The trip has now been cancelled (by me). T_T

The thing is..... I have fear. Not of flight, but of the quarantine of H1N1 rule in every country.

You see, on my third day of diving, I came down with a mild fever, sore throat and cough. Though obviously not H1N1, but was because of too much sea water and exhausted myself from too much diving (9 consecutive dives back to back for 3 days),

I have fear that, the moment I landed in the country of many islands and pirates (I made this up btw), I might get quarantined due to my higher body temperature, which was most likely get detected by one of those thermo screening devices.

Also, I was homesick (you know how it is when you fall sick). I forfeited all my flights to and from Philippines.

So now, I am back in KL.

Oh... I got a tan.

Not just any tan.

A wet suit tan. T_T

wet suit tan
Like my japanese bun or not? :D

Now I feel like I'm wearing a pair of gloves all the time. Y_Y


19 kissed Nicole

  1. are you still complaining about your hair? it looks so good now.

    better dont travel that much. i'm having fever and cough. not sure if its h1n1 or not.

  2. i've been cancelled my trip to hanoi end of this month also...:S u can claim back the money??

  3. Vincent Kok14/7/09 6:52 PM

    awwww u cancelling ur trip here?!

  4. Just stay in Malaysia until H1N1 cases is reduced la... Don't worry, little miss sunshine...

    Tanning may look nice on you too! Love you buns!

  5. Get a full length wetsuit. No more tan lines. but you still look like you're wearing glove...the regular ones. ;-)

  6. Your hairdo looks really nice here :D Adapting the makeup to fit?

  7. I've got the same tan line since last September! alas not even from wet suit, just from wearing a polo shirt and walking on a beach for some time without sunscreen! It's still very very visible and won't go away. but I don't want to use those tan sprays... What to do what to do?

  8. Little Miss Sunshine u really look sooooooooooo cute. Do not fly until its safe.

  9. i love ur fringe!!1

  10. OMG...is it angle prob..or i see you are "growing"...

  11. Hello...been following your blog for almost a year and I love your adventures...sad to know you cant come here to explore the many islands of the Philippines. maybe next time....keep us posted. take care.

  12. why do i get the feeling that you are slimmer?? because of all the travelling or the tan??

    i was also paranoid when i went scotland for tour. wore a mask the entire journey of the flight and in the bus. this flu thing really scares people a lot.

  13. You look hot in that photo!

    Random SG guy. =)

  14. Live life as normal, go and enjoy life as you always have!!!

    Wearing a face mast in public is about as useful as wearing a condom in a public swimming pool to an avoid unwanted pregnany :-)


    Looking good...

  15. eH i want to learn how to do that bun? ^^

  16. nice fringe! but ermm u look a little flabby >_<

  17. we travel from west malaysia to east malaysia by flight. My parents in lam warn us not to go but we still go. Everything is fine as long as we travel in country.