Window of the World: Full Version (Almost)

Let's start off with what happens when you combine Zorb, water and a Chinese mind?

camera rental

You get human size water threading balloons of RMB20 per 5 mins.

water thredding baloon

It's a place where you put your kids so you have your 5 mins peace of mind while seeing them make a fool of themselves.

cute little pink girl

It's kinda fun before you run out of energy to stand up.

trying to get up

balancing on water thred baloon


boy falling down

It's even more stupid when you see two kids going at each other in their respective balloons,

when all we see is two balloons rolling non stop against each other.

water thred fight

Here's a video of cute little kids running around aimless in balloons.

Okay, so that concludes the sort of activity entertainment you can find in the park of Window of the World. (Read Part 1 here)

eiffle tower

I am going to show you how amazing Chinese are with their skill of "copy".

Brace yourself for this is going to be a long entry.

You have been warned.

Let's begin. We started off from the Asia region.

Here we have The Grand Palace of Thailand.

the grand palace of Thailand sign

An exact 1:15 ratio copy of the real thing in Thailand.

the grand palace of Thailand

How small? Here's me in the photo.

posing with the grand palace of Thailand

Then we head up north to the Kyongbokkung Palace in Korea.

kyongbokkung palace of South Korea sign

kyongbokkung palace of South Korea 1

By now I was utterly impressed, seeing how detailed these miniature constructions are.

How detailed? See it for yourself.

kyongbokkung palace of South Korea 2

kyongbokkung palace of South Korea 3

Next to was a famous gate named Bu Tung Mun gate in Korea.

mini bu tung mun gate in Korea

bu tung mun gate of Korea sign

Sounds like a direct translation from Chinese "Pu Tong Men".

Well, at least something never change in China. The amazing Chinese-English. I call it, Cenglish.

bu tung mun gate in Korea close up

posing with bu tung mun gate in Korea
Small little gate.

The next one was rather impressive.

It's the Imperial Palace of Japan.

imperial palace japan 1

Also in 1:15 ratio to the real thing.

imperial palace japan sign

imperial palace japan 2

They even imitate an on going festival at the palace.

imperial palace japan 3

Where hundreds of little people join in the marching.

imperial palace japan 4

imperial palace japan 5

The palace was so real up to every detail including the river that surrounds the palace.

imperial palace japan 6

imperial palace japan bridge

Mini bridge was simply adorable.

The next reproduction was even more impressive when they managed to reproduce the whole Burohudur Stupa in Indonesia.

the stupa burohudur of Indonesia sign

Which looked like this.

the stupa burohudur of Indonesia

Like wtf man, how the heck do you sculpt something like that?!

It wasn't until the next one when they completely threw me off course.

angkor wat sign

You've read it correctly. They just reproduced the entire Angkor Wat (the queen of Angkor temples). Yes, THE Angkor Wat, the one and only in Cambodia, the one which I played self timer in for an entire morning.

mini angkor wat 3

It's so real, even the front yard was an exact copy to copy.

mini angkor wat 4

Well except there were grass instead of tiny pebbles on the ground.

I guess it would looked more like tall weeds if they were to plant real grass on it.

mini angkor wat 1

But heck, even the east entrance (at the back) was detailed to speechlessness.

mini angkor wat 2

If not for the building in the far distant background, this could have been a spoof photo of the real thing.

Then there was the Wat Xiang Thong in Laos.

wat xiang thong in Laos

And the many many Stupas in South East Asia.

The Shwe Dagoon Pagoda in Burma.

pagoda of burma

the shwe dagoon pagoda of Burma sign

The Ruwanwelisaya stupa in Sri Lanka.

stupa in sri lanka

stupa in sri lanka sign

The Swayambhunath stupa in Nepal.

swayambhunath colossal of Nepal

swayambhunath colossal of Nepal sign

Then there's the single column temple in Vietnam which I never heard before.

single column temple vietnam sign

mini single column temple vietnam

Don't know about you, but I find the mini lake just so cute! They just have to make the pond to increase the realistic level of the tiny sculpture.

posing with single column temple vietnam

Moving slightly toward the middle east, a place of which culture I'm unfamiliar with and very much would like to visit, you'll find the Great Mosque of Dalaban in Iran.

great mosque of dalaban sign

great mosque of dalaban 1

I'm surprised that it was so big, bigger than Angkor Wat, if not the same size, even at 1:15 ratio its miniature.

great mosque of dalaban 2

Now if you're thinking: "Ceh, only know how to copy all the architecture and produce them in small sizes, easy lar". Well think again.

chaitya at bhaja sign

Here was the Chaitya arch gate in Bhaja, Indi, in 1:2 ratio.

posing with chaitya at bhaja

Which the park used it as an entrance to another section of the park. Brilliant wasn't it!

Or what about the Taj Mahal in India. Ah hah, don't think they forget that,

In 1:6 ratio.

taj mahal sign

taj mahal 5

taj mahal 4

taj mahal 3

I almost felt like I was visiting the actual Taj Mahal, as a giant.

taj mahal 1

And these people don't just reproduce the sculpture, they make it a point to create the entrance and its surroundings too.

Like the magnificent long fountain that leads to the Taj.

taj mahal 2

Let's move to the West region now, shall we?

If you've been to Spain, here is the Guell Park of Spain.

1:2 ratio.

guell park sign

guell park replica

They even made the mosaic tiled lizard in front!

lizard in front of guell park

part of guell park

Goodness, just look at the design. How alike it was.

Now here's a replica of the Obelisk in Italy, 1:3 ratio.

obelisk italy sign

obelisk italy replica

Or the Coliseum in Rome, Italy.

mini coliseum

Which ratio I didn't manage to get.

Why not try The Acropolis of Athens, Greece.

1:6 ratio.

the acropolis of athens sign

people posing on the acropolis of athens replica

me posing on the acropolis of athens

the acropolis of athens 2

the acropolis of athens 3

the acropolis of athens 4

Damn, now I want to go to Greece more than ever.

I even visited the Egyptian Pyramids.

posing with an egyptian statue

ancient egypt description
for those who read Chinese

By then we were quite honestly running out of time, so we quickly skimmed through a section here and skipped the rest and proceeded to the other parts of the world.

egyptian wolf man

egyptian pregnant woman statue
Pregnant woman

posing iwth Sarcophagus

hugging Sarcophagus
Hugging Sarcophagus

egyptian tomb sign
again for those who's able to read

egyptian Sarcophagus
More Sarcophagus

sitting on egyptian statue
some Pharaoh's statue

After Egypt, we ended up in South America.

Brazil to be exact.

Where we found the Congress Building in 1:15 ratio in size.

national congress building sign

Which was.. really... quite a plain and weird building.

national congress building

Then there was the El Caslillo in Mexico. 1:15 ratio.

caslillo toltecs mexico sign

caslillo mexico

caslillo toltecs mexico

Globose from the same country.

mexico globose sign

mexico globose

Also, there're the statues of Easter Island in Chile.

statues of easter island sign

1:2 ratio.

statues of easter island

Some asses might now criticize: "ah.. it's still in smaller size, these people are so incompetent, only know how to copy things and make them smaller."

Why not try this on for size, wise guy.

modhere well in india sign

The Modhere Well in India.

1:1 ratio.

modhere well in india replica
I don't know how deep this reproduced well is and I don't want to find out

Observe the human in the distant sitting on the other end of the "well", and visually measure how big this well is.

Or the statues of warriors in Mexico.

statues of warriors mexico sign

statues of warriors mexico

Or the oh-so-too-famous maze you heard so much about in England, that everyone always gets lost inside.

someone getting lose in the maze
o.. aunty got lost.

Well, now you shall find one an exactly the same here, 1:1 ratio.

england maze sign

england maze replica overview

Now you don't have to fly to England to try out the maze. There are TWO exact Maze in the world!

Seriously, I've studied in England, never visited the Maze, though always wanted to. Now having gone through an exact copy of the Maze and successfully came out from it, I'm not sure if I'll be bother to actually try out the real one anymore. It's going to be the same anyway.

Btw, about the maze (side track a bit), I read somewhere years ago that the one trick to get out of a maze was to put your left hand on the wall, and keep on walking without your left hand leaving the wall, and eventually, you will find the exit.

Guess what, it's true!

Here's a video of me and my brother having successfully exited the maze.

(back on track)

Or what about creating an entire Japanese garden,

pond in front of katsura imperial villa

japanese garden

put in a pond, with lots of koi fish (for better effect),

koi pond

add some tang longs for beautification,

japanese tang lung

so to house a 1:1 ratio reproduction of Katsura Imperial Villa in Japan.

katsura imperial villa sign

katsura imperial villa replica

Everyone say "Ichiban!"

standing on katsura imperial villa's bridge

Now some anal critical bastard would then say: "ai yo, can only copy that big only a... loser la these people".

Want to copy something big?

How big are we talking about here?

What about... Fuji Mountain big.

fuji mountain sign

Oh yes, they did. They bloody reproduce the whole mountain, damn they're good!

miniature fuji mountain replica

mini fuji mountain among buildings

Not big enough for you?

Okay, how's this then.


the grand canyon sign

Even the miniature of it was so big they made it into a water slide ride.

the grand canyon replica

Want more?

Granted, I shall give you the Niagara falls.

niagara fall replica in window of the world

Bloody hell, they made an artificial lake in the middle of the park for this reproduction.

standing in front of mini niagara fall

I could even feel the water splashing toward me from where I was standing.

Hungry for a snack? Want some chapati from India? You can find them here in China. (oh that rhymes)

chapati chinese style

Break's over.

Now let's stop being so narrow minded and move on to something bigger, something more impressive.

What we've gone through were just puny stuff, pfft, small projects. Not even worth boasting.

We should think big.

Anyone has ever been to Venice - the romantic water city in Italy? (I have)

Why not... we take the whole St Mark's Square, concise that to 1:5 ratio, and reproduce that?

st mark's square of venice sign

And so they did.

st mark's square of venice 5

Down to every single window and tiles and brick stones and statues.

st mark's square of venice 3

st mark's square of venice 2

st mark's square of venice 1

st mark's square of venice 6

st mark's square of venice 4

God, walking through here was like me walking through Venice years ago. Brought back memories it did.

Next project.

Been to the states? Seen amazing monuments before? Okay, now see the whole collection of every possible grand monument and memorial there and compile them here shall we?

And so they did, again.

Lincoln Memorial. 1:15 ratio.

president lincoln memorial sign

president lincoln memorial

sitting on president lincoln memorial

Look inside you can even see a tiny Lincoln sitting on his marble throne.

president lincoln miniature

Then there's Benjamin Franklin and his amazing memorial.

You know how Benjamin's memorial is located on an island of its own?

Well, they have the island, as well as the lake too.

benjamin fraklin memorial replica

Now anyone who has seen the Washington Monument knows that it's just a stick, and that it's f*cking big.

washington memorial sign

washington memorial in window of the world

I never knew how big it was until I came here.

Even at 1:15 ratio, the thing looked humongous!

hugging washington memorial replica

And who could forget the one and only White House.

next to white house

Oh look! I stepped on the staircase of the White House!

setting foot on white house

And you're aint talking about states if there's no Statue of Liberty.

statue of liberty

And again on its very own mini island too!

me and statue of liberty

Ok, stop fooling around. All these are simply petty projects.

Honestly, do you really think that any of these is impressive?

You want size? I give you size.

You want scale? I give you that too.

You want grand-ness? Fine.



I give you....

New York City!

replica world trade centre in new york

new york city replica closer up

1:100 ratio.

new york city replica

or rather, Downtown Manhattan in 1:100 ratio.

USA manhattan sign

If you looked closely enough, there's something in the city that doesn't belong there anymore.

Yep, the World Trade Centre.

replica world trade centre in new york

Which was ironic, because not too far from the "city", up in the sky, stood the Jesus statue of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

brazil Rio De Janeiro jesus

jesus on Rio De Janeiro cliff

i am jesus over looking new york city

And coincidentally enough, it's looking directly at and over the said World Trade Centre.

jesus looking down upon world trade centre

Maybe that's why the World Trade Centre in Window of the World is still standing.
(ok, lame joke, ignore me)

The whole park was simply breathtaking. As much and as fast as I ran that day, from one monument to the next palace, I still wasn't able to cover half the park.

Each country around the world took years or even decades to build any of the above architecture and has awed millions around the world, flying there purposely just to see such amazing grand scale of art work,

and the Chinese took ALL of those amazing grand scale breathtaking awe-striking work, copy them and combine them into Window of the World.

It's so amazing, it made reproduction like this humorous.

piss fountain sign

Piss fountain in Belgium, 1:1 ratio.

piss fountain in window of the world

But it just shows how detailed the park was designed and laid out.

After all that have been included and crafted out,

guess what Malaysia's iconic attraction was in the eyes of the Chinese?

the pure land monastery in penang Malaysia sign

The Monastery in Penang?! Are you f**king kidding me?!

the pure land monastery in penang Malaysia

First you left Peninsular Malaysia out of your global map!

Now of all things amazing in Malaysia to be included,
all you can think of that's iconic in Malaysia is a tiny can die Monastery?!!!

*show middle finger*


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