MJ's "This is it" Concert announced too late

Saw this article in the July's Magazine of Travel 3sixty (Airasia's in-flight magazine) earlier on the plane.

MJ This is it concert bulletin

Looks like the in-flight mag must've printed the mag a tad bit too early.

Sigh.. why Michael, why?!


5 kissed Nicole

  1. Michael Rest in Peace

  2. Journalist are so ignorant people, are still inventing news and talking bad about him. no respect also for dead people

    Goodbye Michael

  3. I'll agree that journalists are biased and ignorant people, but magazines are usually edited and laid out 2 to 3 months before the issue is actually published. So we can see the MJ article as just being bad timing.

  4. Create History (written 10th July, 2009)

    To the music industry he is King of Pop,
    But to the press, he is Wacko Jacko,
    Who is really right?
    It all depends on your view.

    He create History at the Age of 5,
    With the Jackson 5,
    And at the Age of 50,
    He went back to where he first belongs.

    People like to talk about him,
    During his 50 years on earth,
    For he was daring,
    In whatever he does.

    Who could blame him for changing the color of his skin?
    After all it was not his will,
    For sickness could befall any man,
    And he was no exception.

    He changed his nose from wide to slim,
    But could you imagine,
    Having a black man features,
    And a white man skin.

    He was an entertainer that spread LOVE and PEACE in his song,
    Yet he was accused of causing harm to a boy of 13,
    If such a serious accusation could be settled out of court,
    It looks like the accuser was not serious about the sued.

    He was always reported as a man, who did not want to grow up,
    But the way he stood the pressure of the press, accusation, and his work,
    Shows he was more a man than a child,
    But the childlike ways will always be there,