It's called seeking Balance

Now it gets funnier, some reader actually thought H1N1 is contracted by eating pigs and that H1N1 is caused by pigs. Ha ha. That's really classic.

I'm not against Muslims. I just don't want to be a Muslim, nor do I want to be Christian, nor a Buddhist. Yes, I'm a free thinker.

And sadly the law in Malaysia forced us to join the religion when we marry Muslims. And that, my friend, scares me. Because then my parents would have killed me. You know how parents are and their religions.

Some parents are devoted Christians and expect their kids to be Christians, some parents are devoted Buddhist and would be damned than to have their kids enter the Islamic religion. I'm sure some conservative Muslim families would have disowned their children too if they were to marry Christians and leave the religion by force, whether by leaving the country what not.

But alas, by living in Malaysia we are bound by that law.

I know of Chinese friends who're dating really sweet Malay girls, super hot if not, but the extreme actions their parents are taking to tear them apart are so maddening. Now he's flying to Sydney to further his study (by force?) and she's here. And we guessed that if she were to follow him there, the father might fly him back here. (Both are from quite well off family)

I love Malaysia. Nothing against the belief. But why the law.

Why can't we be free to choose whatever religion we wished to join, what can a religion that's joined by force force us to believe? You can't force a belief, or maybe you can. Is that what our government intend us to do?

I've seen love brought a Chinese and Malay together in marriage, and now that they are divorced (heart-breaking story), he's still a Muslim. Is it by choice? Maybe. You tell me.

Why does the video scare me? It just does ok.
Damn those creepy background music with creepy serious voice.

Would it scare you if the documentary is saying that by statistic the whole world is turning into a transvestite and gay evolution, and by 2030 80% of the world are gays or lady-boys?

F*ck man, we would have gone extinct or survived on artificial copulation by 2060.


Balance, my friend, balance.


37 kissed Nicole

  1. There's a loop hole tho...

    If you married a Muslim in the states without sultan eg. sarawak, sabah, penang, melaka, FT, when u divorce, u can change your religion.

  2. Jeez.. I am 1 of the stupid human who thought H1N1 is coming from pig.. ;-p
    (Saw an article on a flight showing.. its from pig and sheep?? goat?? ..but its only a cartoon.. ;-p) Mmm... need to do more research.. ayooo....Now I feel soo silly... ^_^

  3. holy shit scary yet somehow slightly arousing... @ pic at the bottom.

    *ahem*, sorry, what were you saying again? :P

  4. I'm not even sure what your point is anymore.
    Malaysia is a country, not a religion. I think it's important to note that more often than not, culture plays a large role in defining what we think is "Islamic". For example, Muslims have both defended and decried polygamy, with each side using the Qur'an to justify their position. A lot of what we think is "Islamic" might actually be cultural norms presented as being "Islamic".

    In other words, Malaysia's law requiring spouses of Muslims to convert might be more cultural/political than religious. Does the law suck, and do I think its morally wrong? Sure, like you said, freedom of religion. But is the law *because* of Islam, i.e. does the Qur'an specifically require that? Or is more that a particular legislature in a particular time in Malaysian history decided to pass that law?

    I'm no expert, but just like Christianity, there're many different ways that Islam interacts with politics and society. At a very superficial level, you can have the more modern approach as espoused by Ataturk in Turkey, or the Pancasila model in Indonesia. And then you've got the different denominations of Islam, Sunni, Shi'a and Sufi.

    And I'm not even sure what your last point was. Was that supposed to be an analogy? Exactly how are Muslims and people of non-heterosexual orientation related in terms of fear? There're different in so many ways, one group is defined by innate biology, while the other is a loose social, religious, political, cultural group.

    You talk about balance, but what do you mean?
    It sounds more like you seek to preserve the status quo and are frightened about a perceived demographic change, moreso than you are interested in seeking 'balance.'

  5. It's the law that scares us...not the religion...Muslim is a beautiful religion, same goes to every different religion (which religion ask you do bad stuff 1 right?) It's the government law here in Malaysia that scares us. Of course, there are a lot of benefits too, to be a Muslim in Malaysia, somehow, it still scares a lot of us,I think....

  6. And just to show how you shouldn't be scared, that non-violent minorities can get together, and that homosexuals and Muslims are not mutually exclusive:

    Muslim Mayor's Gay Rights Drive Fights Homophobia In Conservative Amsterdam Suburb

  7. For one to convert into Islam when marrying one is Islam's law, not Malaysia's. Every religions have their own principle and rules.

  8. @ Aan Andes,

    But then you have the Muslim mayor in the Netherlands who is assisting homosexuals. Yet some will argue that the "Islam's law" forbids assisting, or recognizing, homosexuals.

    So what now? Is it the Muslim mayor breaking "Islam's Law"? Is he no longer a Muslim? By whose standards?

    A literal reading of the Bible states that existence was created in 7 days. But modern science pretty much tells us conclusively that isn't the case. Do we think that everyone who calls themselves a Christian is an idiot? And do we think people who believe in evolution are not following the "bible's law"? Or can one be religious without following the literal meaning of a religious text?

  9. Hi Andrew,

    Have u ever heard Kamal Atartuk? Being a Muslim doesn't mean u be a good Muslim. It depends on ur iman/taqwa/amal (sorry I'm not sure the exact word in English).

    As in most religions forbid one from drinking, but still they drink. So it's up to oneself.

    I'm not saying anybody is no longer a Muslim if he breaks the law. After all, I am in no position to judge. It's up to Allah (our God).

    It's just, as far as I know in Islam law, yes one have to convert to Islam to marry one and homosexual is not allowed.

  10. Yes, agreed with Aan Andes.

    I too have friends, male/female malay vice versa dating other races of other religions.
    and when i say dating, holy broccoli of 3 long years!

    Well, some of them decided to move on seperately as they do not want to change their religion. I'd say that is a healthy decision, apart from being broken hearted.

    And yeap, some of them ended up marrying each other, full of love and of course, one of em has to convert into Islam.

    The point is, there's no need to critisise the couple or their family or their religion.

    The couple should know what's best for them. Durh, that's why they're together :)

    and lucks to your friend Nicole!

  11. so pwettttttttttttty !!!!!!

  12. Poor Nicole Tan, for understanding Islam not from the right source...

    Poor Muslims, for not able to explain the beauty of Islam to people like Nicole Tan...

    "There is no compulsion in religion"

  13. forget about religion,politics & others law & regulation that are made to restrict ur freedom! just get on with the life u desire, the way u want things to be and freedom! I am not against muslim and others but religion is just too fragile and for me its a tool or whatever u gonna name it! just to control u! yes u!

  14. 3/7/09 1:12 PM

    Cath J said...
    Jeez.. I am 1 of the stupid human who thought H1N1 is coming from pig.. ;-p


    And as for Nicole, please stick to blogging about some mindless stuff and show off your pretty face and body THAN try to blog about more wordly,serious stuff

  15. Debate on religion can be ENDLESS & that's why i refrained to touch on the topic...But in christianity, one's never compelled to convert to marry their christian partner(unlike in muslim)....

  16. Setuju dengan sebahagian daripada Pundekman's opinion.

    Kau teruskan saja blog pasal travel, gambar-gambar cantik dan tayang muka kau yang comel. Tak perlulah cuba nak cerita benda-benda serius dan sensitif. Terimalah hakikat ini bukan talent kau. Macam artikel ini, you try to hit back and explain confusion occurred in previous posting, but end up you make your reader more confuse. Balance? What balance...

    Stay cun and comel and post banyak-banyak gambar kau disini. Semua orang akan happy. :)

  17. From a historical perspective, here's the problem of essentializing and stereotyping

  18. yea.. she got the wrong topic.. she's trying 'too' hard to be smart person... damn.. you are not those kind of smart gal ok..

    This post make we all confuse for wat she trying to mean...

  19. "Would it scare you if the documentary is saying that by statistic the whole world is turning into a transvestite and gay evolution, and by 2030 80% of the world are gays or lady-boys?"

    As for using this sentence to bolster your argument....pls just shut up and stop while you have a bit of dignity.

  20. lol that Andrew guy sure has a lot to prove...:) well i guess not only marring a Muslim you have to convert..but some Christianity do too.

    well take my self for example...I'm Seventh Day Adventist (Protestant)and my bf is Catholic...for my type of Christianity, there is no way i can marry another Christian who is not Seventh Day Adventist(SDA) other words who ever wishes to marry SDAs had to first convert to SDA then will be able to marry in the SAD church..

    I'm just telling lol...and by the way...plz don't go and condemn her because she's giving her opinion..Freedom of speech in internet is not for anyone take away...

    she did say she loves Malaysia...

  21. this post has a statement which relates to the previous post. About muslims ruling the world;

    which is "how if transvestites are 80% of population".

    Comparing muslims & transvestites now nicole?

    i dont want to criticize you. I want to just say, good luck with that statement.

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  23. So if think it's the law, there's nothing to be afraid of Islam. Debate, and emphasise on Islam's call for justice and equal rights.

    Most of what you said does not justify your fear. If the parent disown their son for dating a Muslim or try to separate them, does this mean that we should be more afraid of Islam? No, you say that parents are ignorant and unreasonable. If the son choose to be Muslim or a Christian, can the parents stop them?

    The same thing you can say about Muslim parents who disown their children for dating or show interest in another religion right?

    About a Chinese man who I assume convert purely out of love and after divorce remain a Muslim, where does the fault lies? The law which deny Muslims freedom of religion. Not Islam or Muslims.

    Oh if the video scares you, that's because that guy is a freak. He scares me too, but what's even scarier is how he present it. Come on, Nicole, don't give yourself in to that jerk. You're better than him.

  24. dTshirtGurl,

    Wow, I bet u felt so smart writing that sentence.

    Unfortunately, when encountered with such bigoted stupidity, someone has the right to criticize...

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. dTshirtgurl4/7/09 12:08 AM

    very sorry, I don't feel smart. Yeah, obviously I am not happy with some of the comments but I did not mention that people do not have the right to criticize. Everyone is allow to share their thoughts over here and that's what I did on my previous comment

    ( previous comment : The law does not give you the freedom to decide for yourself( choosing your own believes) but Msia's law does not force you to follow Nicole's blog.
    Come on.. it's HER blog and no one is forcing you to read. )

  27. 吃啊吃啊4/7/09 3:05 AM

    actually there is nothing to scare about...muslim are very warm and nice to all other people...

    i think the reason people "scare" about muslim because those very aggressive muslim like terrorist live in mid-east. they had rotten the name of their religion and giving the bad imagine to all around the world.

    i don't believe any religion would teaching their people to kill others. Those people is wrongly interpret the teaching of their religion to justify their killing action/gain authority and i(maybe other too) wont admit they are muslim if they done all these terrorism activity.

    so in short, the REAL muslim is nothing to scare about. maybe because of from the tension of surge changing environment in near future so nicole had said "scared", but really nicole you don't need to worry about that.

    *i am a christian*
    which helped by muslim before in a emergency. and i know some muslims are hate those killing freak using their name of god to kill and gain authority.

  28. Omg ppl. She's comparing the world turning muslims into the world turning into transvestite. You're more offensive than we thought..

  29. h1n1 are actually originated from pig. Why do u think they called it swine flu at the beginning of the outbreak? The virus are transmitted from human to human but it come from pigs virus. Avian flu originate from birds (h5n1), swine flu from pigs (h1n1). But u wont the h1n1 from eating properly cooked pig though. Lately nicole's posting were such a dissapointment.

  30. on-and-off reader6/7/09 1:06 AM

    The rule of forcing people to convert to islam (thus increase islamic followers) by marrying a muslim was set by "ancient" mindsets which should be revised and dropped for current situation. Open-minded couples should not be restricted to such ridiculous practice. Sadly, malaysians (especially non-muslims) are blinded and forced to obey it. Why is that so when we talk about being progressive?

  31. non-muslim6/7/09 1:11 AM

    Practise as what other religions practise, give all individuals their rights to choose whatever suits them best. It is time for islam to embrace differences in beliefs.

  32. god is above all? only if you believe in a theistic religion =) some of us don't.

  33. love the 'ladies-boys' pic.
    Lovely t*t..
    And welcome to the 'freethinker' club.

  34. I agree with what you are saying...I don't like that law either! At first I thought that it was a Muslim requirement...that you can only marry Muslims. But then I heard of non-Muslims in the US marrying Muslims without changing their religion. The law is a barrier to inter-racial relationships, in a way.

  35. get this one right: eating too much swine making you delirious. got it?

  36. oh and another thing is that swine you love so much is a new home for ebola virus. yes e-b-o-l-a. it is a matter of time before it mutates.

  37. "Would it scare you if the documentary is saying that by statistic the whole world is turning into a transvestite and gay evolution, and by 2030 80% of the world are gays or lady-boys?". the answer to this question is to practice what your religion ask you to do and not do what you should not do. if you live as a free thinker will you let your children (even yourself) to have tendency to become transvestite even at early age ?