*update* for those of you who want to read more about diving in Sipadan, here's an entry written last year when I dived in Sipadan :)

Argh... I overslept! Now I have rush to wear my swimsuit, wetsuit, apply sun block lotion all over and rush to the dive shop!!

And I don't have time to send my clothes for laundry, dang!

Dived in Mataking yesterday. Chased away by Mataking resort people when we went to the island for a rest stop, look see. Snobbish people. hmph.

Nothing much to see, lots of dead corals. But saw a few stingray and few a handful of turtles. Played chasing with a hawksbill turtle too. Hopefully can see more today.

Hehe, we're going to Sipadan today!!!


8 kissed Nicole

  1. Hey, take photos. Blog about SiPadan. I already booked my flight for next years trip there. Want more info for my first dive there...

  2. I went to mataking last year and it was good then, i barely saw dead corals. But it was the total opposite this year. Looking forward to my Sipadan trip this August. Post some underwater pics laa

  3. I like Sipandan and dreaming of going there one day!

  4. Hey:) just stumbled over your blog and wanted to say you're doing a great job! love that you take so many pictures!


  5. you can just sipadan like that? though they restricted tourist numbers. Maybe i'm outdated.@@

  6. I admire you, overslept and still have time to blog :-)
    Hope to see more lovely picture!!!

  7. Don't go to the wrong hotel this time.

  8. Eh, this post no picture geh? I'm waiting ^^!