Arriving in Tioman Island: Cat Invasions

Months ago my best buddy and I decided to have a little road trip to our famous Tioman Island on the East coast of Peninsula Malaysia.

So we took a long ride departing from Melaka at 5am in the morning and drove all the way into Johor and headed East into Mersing. (Google around if you want to know how to get there by car)

At Mersing, we parked our car at the public parking lot and took a ferry into Tioman which cost around RM35.

tioman island map

By the time we arrived, it was already late afternoon.


We checked into Tioman House located on ABC beach (which used to be RM15 the cheapest bangalow from what I read from the internet, but now cost over RM150 per unit >p).

tioman house

It was still clean, decent and comfy.

double bed and single bed
I took the Queen size bed of course :p hehehe


We took a walk around to scout for lunch, and saw ang moh playing in the sea along the long stretch of beach.

people swimming in the sea

We ended up in some rather homely restaurant some 20 mins walk away and decided we were to hungry to walk any further. -.-

phone during lunch

Now I have to conclude, FOOD in Tioman, SUCKS BIG TIME.

There's hardly any nice food around and they're not exactly cheap.

In fact, the nicest thing I remembered having on the island during my stay there was Baked Beans on Toast. -.-

Tioman is small, but not that small to walk around the entire island in one day.

Most of the streets there were this sort of small, narrow, concrete path.

tioman street

Surrounded by a lot of houses at both sides.

coconut tree

Mostly "bars" on the beach side.

hallo bar

Though more like sheds with the title bar to it.

It's rather developed for an island that's not situated by a lot of locals.


Not exactly my cup of tea. But here you are sure to find quite a number of travelers all year round. We camwhored for a bit...

me leaning against the wall

coconut to be massacred

before taking the opportunity to take a long walk along the beach at sunset. :D

Enjoy these shots.

sun shining down

tree and sunlight

bringing in kayak

metal tubes

abc beach

And finally, the sun set.

sunset in tioman
all nice shots credit to Gerald

I have a lot more nicer photos in store but I'm going to keep those for later and dedicate a whole entry of self shot wallpapers of Tioman when I'm done with these entries.

Look out for those k? :)

That night, instead of talking 20 mins from our bungalow, we took a short hop to the next door restaurant for dinner.

While we settled down on our tables, suddenly, a cat leaped onto my lap and stayed there!

cat on lap at restaurant

Like wtf?

cat on my lap during dinner

Since when cats become so dominating?

Wait, since like forever.

He was very cute though (it's a He, I saw the balls), and manja and purred at me for a good 15 minutes before leaping down.

And guess what?!

He leaped to another guy's lap at the table next to us and purred there!!

traitor cat

That traitor cat!!!

I'm not talking to you anymore!

That night, while resting on our porch, a kitten came along,

cute kitten

it twirled around my legs, I patted its head for it was cute, and before I knew it, it hopped onto my lap and stayed there!!

kitten on lap

Were all the cats in Tioman really domesticated or something? They seemed oblivious to strangers and selfishly claimed each and every single lap they come across theirs?!

kitten on my lap

self whore with kitten

The worse part was, she refused to leave?!!

Even when her MOTHER came along, and wedged herself next to her daughter on my lap for space till they're both about to fall, and not a sign of leaping off me was shown!

And that's not all! Papa cat came along asking for the same attention?!!!

me and three cats
All same color somemore!

Am I the new age Goldilocks?!? $%#$^


17 kissed Nicole

  1. must be your pheromones

  2. Wow, you weren't kidding when you said "cat invasions"! I'm glad it wasn't me (even though they're pretty cute); I can't stand that!

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