Coconut Tree in the Blue

I would like to continue blogging about my travel trips in Shenzhen but then there are just too many photos and I just managed a bunch of 230 photos this evening. Phew.

Further more it's not easy when you only have the late evenings to edit these photos and blog. Every day it's diving from 8am till 5pm, takes one hour to shower and two hours for dinner and chat. By the time things are done, it's almost time for bed. Ishh....

Welp, it's late now. So I shall blog those out tomorrow.
Need to wake up at 8am again tomorrow. Mabul will be my last day dive! :D

As for today, OMG, Sipadan during it's peak season was AWESOME!!!!!

To be honest I knew I was expecting a great dive, but never in my wildest imagination that I was welcomed with such wonders underwater!!

Imagine having a school of thousand barracudas swimming around you, having turtles swimming around you and with you, seeing fishes that's bigger than you and I combine, and sharks sneaking up from behind when you least expected it.

You want photos? No la, not now. I don't have them uploaded yet.

But I'll share one photo with you.

Patience. It's a lot of work resizing photos and putting watermarks on them k?

Just one.

mataking coral shot
in case you're wondering, it's a coral

I think my photography skill underwater is getting better no? :D


14 kissed Nicole

  1. Brilliantly shot!!

    I like it!! Can put as my wallpaper..Got wallpaper size?

  2. Try ACDSee to resize and watermark ur photos in batches. Saves a lot of time!

  3. Very...emmm... Unique!!! Nice!

  4. wow... the coral pic is beautiful...

  5. very nice !

  6. A very well taken shot fr the deep.
    Good work girl ! >)))):> oo

  7. Hey just a suggestion, maybe u can try using Windows Live Writer. Its very easy to use =))

  8. Looking forward to more pics of your Shenzhen trip.

    The pics posted to date were fantastic!


  9. wow, simply beautiful!!!
    I think you can submit this for some contest, the idea and the capture is great!

  10. Lovely!
    Enjoy the trip.. ;)

  11. Wow that looks pretty cool!!

  12. This is called silhouette effect and it's kinda my favourite style on taking pictures!

    Keep it on, Nicole! ^^

  13. Beautiful! Did u buy the waterproof casing for that?

    I've got an Ixus 800 and been thinking of the waterproof casing over almost 2 years, its almost as expensive as the camera right?