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Flying to Sipadan today. Going on a 7 days dive streak with my two favourite peeps and two new friends (reader and reader's friend whom I have yet to met). :D

While I'm away, here's a little something for you guys to think about.

I'm fairly intrigued by this comment this anonymous reader left.

To all Muslim friends here,

Personally, I truly hope I can gain some intelligent response as I want me, some reasons why it is scary if the main religion of the world is Islam:

1) Most of world terrorism acts are carried out by Islamic extremists. This is a fact.

2) Muslim men especially originating from Middle Eastern countries are actively suppressing women's rights. Even Muslim men in Malaysia are known not to grant equal rights to their spouse in many marital and divorce cases. This is also a fact. Islamic laws are easily twisted by dominant male lawmakers to their advantage.

3) Beside Malaysia, none of the Islamic countries have shown to be progressive in terms of human rights, education, technology , art etc. And remember Malaysia is multi-ethnic, multi religious. A balanced religious+ secular nation always is better. Any Malaysian want PAS to fully take over Malaysia? You get my point.

4)The way Islam is being practiced varies from each countries. This depends on whether you are a Suni or a Shiites. This leads to a difficulty to unite the Islamic world in a way that benefits everyone.

5)Relating to #2. Muslim extremist men will not allow other culture to flourish or survive. There will be many restrictions leading to extinction of non Islamic cultures.

My questions are:
1) How does a non extremist Muslim can help to reduce religious-cased violence? What is really being done among the non violent Islamic intellectuals to solve this problem?

2)I have many Muslim male friends who are progressive, but there are also times they are under tremendous societal pressure to conform to some ridiculous Islamic laws. How can a religion truly be loving when it is forced by law or society?

3)Beside the point above, I like to point out Iran especially. I believe many Iranians will agree that Iran before the Islamic Revolution was a better country than it is now.

4)A dominant religion will benefits from a centralized administration. If the Islamic world has something like The Vatican it would be better.

5)If we look at a Islamic nation, frankly how diverse is other culture there? But if we look at a non Islamic nation, best example Europe or USA, I can see they do not stop anyone from practicing their culture or religion. Muslims are free to practice there. If it is reversed, would be Islamic ulamas truly embrace other cultures and religions to be practiced under their noses?

I am not of any particular religion . Islam is a beautiful religion, sadly what is mostly seen now are negatives. Big problem is the religious Muslims for some reason seems easy to get carried away, using religion to control instead of using their intellect to glorify the religion. They seems to glorify Islam only through 'converting' the whole world which is fundamentally wrong as everyone should have freedom to choose their beliefs. A true Muslim should not be angered by criticism, instead ask why we non Muslims ask such questions and how things can be improved. The problem is every time questions are asked they are being shut down and abuses are hurled. Keep saying 'This is a sensitive issue' does not solve anything!

Thank you and hope to get a meaningful reply.

I won't input any comment.

But yes, do share with me (or us) your opinions.


71 kissed Nicole

  1. dear nicolekiss,

    though part of ur opinion is soo true, as a muslim i do nid to make a stand.

    sadly to say, u r viewing the muslim world from the wrong angle. in islam, violence is never to be practice and what most of the extremist are doing, are just being extreme! they dun follow what has been laid down in islam in terms of ettiques and rules. even for us to go for war, we are not allowed to destroy other religion's temple, plant and animals, even elderly, infants and women are not to be hurt.

    how about the zionist?? they do crime and they kill innocent lives in palestine. not to play the blame game here, but is it a wise thing to only blame a party while the others is still.... bad guys.

    undeniable, the arabs they are very rude and crude. thats just the way they behave. thats why most of the prophets were sent to the arab land to make peace, since they just cant stop fighting with each other.


  2. Romie,

    You're just exactly stating whatever the commenter wrote - that extremist Muslims are the ones making trouble. The question is, what are non-extremist Muslims doing about it? Most of the time they keep quiet, and in fact quietly cheer when they bomb "enemies" like the US.

    Also, your refering to Nicole making the comment means you never even read the comment properly. And it points to not reading the comment in its entirety also. Please read properly before replying.

  3. let's not talk about israel-palestine as there are a whole other host of geopolitical factors that play into that conflict, making it extremely complicated.

    how bout just malaysia. just one example, churches that want to build a new building are often unable to secure a permit, even after 20 years of application.

    *side note: because religious identity as well as racial identity is intertwined deeply in malaysia, it can be hard to differentiate whether it truly is a religious issue or a racial issue. just a note.

  4. To discuss about religion and its link to terrorism is a huge topic.It is not fair to link Muslim directly to terrorism or jihad! Why terrorism = Muslim? It is because it is being labeled as an united item by the biggest terrorist in the world "USA" !! U claimed oneself a terrorist by on the other side of the world u keep bombing and killing thousands of innocent people! Is that a right way? NO.....terrorism is not just about jihad but it is a very complex takes 2 hands to clap! If we are going to discuss this topic...I am sure we won't even meet a concrete conclusion even after a week! Sad to be true religion has been manipulated to become a tool for someone greed's! world is changing from bad to worse!

  5. Not your ordinary blogger, u said it takes two hands to clap, then why at last, u seem to b blaming it solely on USA tht caused ur religion to be manipulated?

  6. Hi there,
    Stumbled upon ur blogsite while blog surfing. Interesting questions that require a lot of thinking on monday morning ;-) extremism exists in all religions, Hinduism, Christianity, Judaism, so on so forth. Bet u've heard about suicide bombing in Sri Lanka or bombing in Ireland. These people have been using their religions as a justification for their acts. Yet we've never associated these other suicide bombers with their religions. So the same standard should be used to describe muslim suicide bombers. There will always be a certain percentage of people who will twist their religious teaching (for whatever reasons) and these people will always give islam a bad name as they tend to be more vocal. anyway, i dunno what u meant by progressive muslim. progressive in what way? they drink alcohol? they sleep around? they eat pork? or do u mean they still pray 5 times a day? i know a lot of progressive muslim and i can tell u their way of thinking is way different frm those people normally associated with islam but my interpretation might be different from urs. :)
    so what hv all the moderate muslim been doing all this time? a lot actually, but not vocal enough, more on the educational side, more talks, more forums, in short all the boring stuffs. different target groups i guess. just my 2 cents.

  7. I don't think that terrorism has anything to do with any religion. People these days have their own interpretation instead of what the holy book really means.

    I know for a fact that in the Quran, there is a a line somewhere telling Muslim men that they should love and cherish their wife. And the reason why they are allowed to marry more than 1 wife is to help those women who are widowed (or other reasons). A Muslim man told me this.

    To me, there is no religion in this world (Chritianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, etc) that will teach its followers bad and evil things.

  8. nicole, nicole...

    why u continue to stir the shit in the pot baffles me.

  9. hi jane,

    US started the War in Vietnam,Cambodia,Korea,Iraq,Afghanistan and so on! Why? for a better world? for the sake of war on terrorism, against communism, or well perhaps for own sake! I dont see the world is doing anything better than it was 30 years back! Religion is a tool for their own agenda....and millions of muslim in the world is still being denied their rights....U said I am biased.....but at least I dare to said that all the Fcuking mess was created by US,business tycoon and their so called system that dont works!

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  11. Religion is a very complicated topic. I think you can't reason why people do things when it is related to religion or belief, especially when you are not a believer of the same faith.

    Religion makes people belief something with no proof needed (I call it "faith"), and religion make people decide thing irrationally.

    Not to mention there is a lot of interpretation of certain holy books makes things even not explain-able


  13. Someone should just IP-ban this fool (anonymous @ 11.51pm)

  14. Mr/Mrs Anonymous (& Nicole too),

    You only ever drive a BMW & you condemn a Japanese made car. Is it fair?

    Unlike u, I left my url where u can find my e-mail add & i promise a healthy debate.

    "There is no compulsion in (embracing) religion"

  15. I just can't believed that someone in the year of 2009 will have faith in something without knowing whether it is true or not!I still maintain my stand on religion....u can have faith or believe in it but please think twice before u make any decision...."faith" is that is what u believed.....killed millions of innocent ppl around the world! The war in Palestine is not because of religion but the hunger for power & money! oil drugs is what those fcuker is looking after all this while! so is going backwards in this modern age!

  16. sighs... i guess, people just have to unite

  17. Nicole, you should just apologise for raising this in the first place and causing unhappiness to quite many.

    Obviously you left that very long and intellectual sounding comment without any of your own because you are too dense to comprehend and derive your own thoughts from it.

    You should stick to travel posts. Obviously deep analytical thinking or rather sensitivity, is not your forte.

    like punkedman said, i dont understand why you continue to stir more problems for yourself and stir up such a controversy. Being a Singaporean, i'd say you're a sad excuse for a Malaysian in a Muslim dominated country.

    Do not stereotype Muslims is first. Get your facts right about the real essence of the religion, second. And know how to phrase your posts and thoughts, third.

  18. I have to agree with Anonymous at 7/7/09 12:10 PM, on everything except for being a sad excuse for a Malaysian.

    I really like your travel posts, nothing like these or the ones full loaded with pictures of yourself from all different angles.

    I don't mean to be harsh but its just my opinion as reader on why I keep returning, because I like your travel posts. Keep those good work coming :)

  19. What exactly has Nicole done to cop criticism?

    She didn't say she was scared that a Muslim would kill her nor has she lambasted Muslims as far as I know. She's scared of a burgeoning Muslim population. So? I would be scared if I lived in a world/area/school where there's an outright majority of any race/religion/belief. (I'll admit that her use of transsexuals was a really bad example but).

    After her video post, she talked about marriage and religion. Valid point? Yes. Cause it's true.

    That's all she's done. She hasn't mentioned the word 'terrorism' nor 'jihad'. She hasn't expressed hate nor dislike. Remember, she's fearful of a population increase. She hasn't said that she cuts a wide-berth when she sees a Muslim walking towards her (if she does, then by all means, criticise her).

    She's looking at Islam from a bad angle? What angle is she looking from then? Cause I don't see any angle. She stereotyped Muslims? Where is it cause I didn't read any comment specifically calling Muslims anything.

    Now, all she wants is some opinion. In fact, she didn't ask for it first. Some other reader did. It's not controversy that she wants (and the other fella), more like she wants an intellectual debate. I don't call it stirring the shit. I call it a disdain for ignorance.

    It seems like whenever someone mentions Islam, readers themselves stereotype the writers. There has been no controversy, only some readers have brought it up. For Pete's sake, we should all calm down. So many of the world's problems could be solved if everyone sat down and calmed down.

  20. actually i think it is very wise of Nicolekiss to bring up this topic.

    Racism and steoreotype aside (and extremist too), Please, all our muslim brothers and sisters out there, let us know what do you think? Here's a platform for you to voice out.

    All of us understand the USA and the muslim community through public media. And sadly, that's how they potrait things. Let us know what you think and we can sort things out, for a better tomorrow.

  21. First of all, I am just revealing my own thoughts on "religion". No bad intention or being stereotype towards any particular religion! Everyone here is just giving their own opinion and I believed that we all have our rights to voice out what is kept deep inside our heart! It's year 2009.....modern days and I think its never too late to change! We Malaysian is living in a moderate Islamic nation....everyone deserve the equal rights on everything! Why do we blogging? For me it is a platform to exchange ideas, opinions & information on everything and I mean "EVERYTHING"! Nothing is right or wrong.....infinitely...just how we look into it! so keep on commenting and it is up to each individual to judge it them self! Nicole : You are one true blogger! keep up the good job!

  22. Average Joe7/7/09 3:08 PM

    Poor Nicole...messing up with her mind before she goes off for a holiday at Sipadan. No religion is to be blamed for all the conflicts and crisis these days, it is because people are increasingly getting irate of all the suppression that is happening around them. And this makes other people paranoid and depress for the future. So my advice "Make Love, Not War"...I mean "Make Peace". Chill people...let us all put our guns and bombs aside, and instead offer flowers and cupcakes. I know its a bit far fetched but it's not impossible...we do need a little bit of optimism and hope in our lives. Anyway enjoy your trip Nicole...I will be looking forward to your Sipadan post.

  23. Hmmm topic of religion is always a sensitive one. I don't think Nicole meant it disparagingly, just some questions to think about.

    Obviously one asks when they do not understand. There are always two sides (or more) when you look at a certain topic. Depending on your approach (basis, formula, experience which contributes to the choice of the approach in the first place) I am sure you will agree you will reach very different results and conclusions.

    You can argue till the cows come home but I think that certain points and "facts" are debatable. Afterall, too many "facts" are recorded by none other than human (the all failing creation as far as I am concerned).

    Take it easy, everyone should be entitled to their own opinion (right or not). Just another weakness of mankind.

  24. Can Any Muslim Teach Me?7/7/09 5:42 PM

    After I posted my comments, I checked few times in hope of meaningful reply. Sadly, there was none (except some abuses and scoldings here & there).

    Today I am very surprised that Nicole has posted my comments so prominently. But it is still sad as some are attacking her for stirring up a controversy.

    1stly, she didn't write the comments. 2ndly, what is wrong with me asking? Just correct me and share your views. I believe as a non Muslim I can learn here as Nicole has diverse demographic of readers.

    Sorry yeah, Nicole....for the inconvenience caused.

  25. Hello Nicole! I bumped into your blog through my friend's blogger links.

    Firstly , I am very glad that you (one of many people I've known) is willing to ask and to learn some things about my religion (which is Islam of course). You've been very open about it in a good way , rather than critisizing muslims and Islam by all the negativity towards Islam looks like around the world, you chose to speak of it without offending any parties. Well done you!:D

    Of course there are some people here (may I guess non-muslims i.e. one anoynamous , who tries to provoke muslim bloggers, yet cowardly hides him/her identity) , and others even blaming a specific country..which I dont really agree upon and other commenters even saying that this issue must not be looked upon, which I strongly disagree as well). Religion is of course a sensitive Issue, but what you have stated in your blog clearly says that you wished to know, and not to judge Islam/muslims. I am happy that a lot of people such as yourself are trying to say "Yes , religion is definitely a sensitive issue, BUT This is the EXACT time we need to raise this issue, as the headlines today are all about the propaganda shown towards Islam/muslims.Therefore We need to set the record straight about it. And I would be delighted to share some of my knowledge to you so you may know my religion better.

  26. From your number 1 statement which is about terrorist acts being carried out by muslim extremists, I must say , that this is true but there are also fragments of false idea. This matter is not entirely a fact.My explaination is that what we see through the media, the extremists claims to be following the direct orders of God. They spread the false idea of Jihad. Jihad, based on our Holy Quran, is not based on suicide bombings, not murder and not to destroy. Jihad means upholding our RELIGION from being destroyed by non-believers of our religion, NOT OIL OR LAND OR ANY POLITICAL MATTER. Meaning , Not killing non-muslims that 'tries to invade our land'. their false idea on Jihad is merely their way to show their patriotism, not faith. Which is why Jihad is always misinterpret by many non-muslims and the western media.

    And to prove that your first statement is not entirely correct, the terrorist that call themselves 'The Talibans' are extremists who bombs buildings such as mosques and kills muslims, mainly in Bangladesh, Pakistan or Afghanistan. I believe they are Hindus. You should do a bit of a research that been going on, a conflict between hindus and muslim in countries such as India and the ones I mentioned before. In South Thailand, the similar stories also happen. Thai muslims are forced to save themselves by running and being a refugee into north peninsular Malaysia. Muslims are murdered in South Thai by Buddhists because they think Islam is Invading their sacred land filled with Temples.

    This is my first answer to your question.

  27. 2)I have many Muslim male friends who are progressive, but there are also times they are under tremendous societal pressure to conform to some ridiculous Islamic laws. How can a religion truly be loving when it is forced by law or society?


    Your second question, I may ask, What Law in Islam is ridiculous? Please give me an example so that I could answer more specifically.
    My answer is this; Islam never forces. The people who demands power are the ones who forces. dont know whether you'r male muslim friends are really good muslim men, for muslims who are under pressure because of the Islamic Law is maybe not religious on Islamic matters at all. As far as I know, There are no extreme islamic law in Malaysia that could be called 'ridiculous'. We live in a country diversed with different race and religion. If there were extreme Islamic law going on, then there would be definitely a public protest amongs muslims. And If you are reffering the the Hukum Hudud that the opposition party (PAS) is trying to legallize, then that I'm not agreeing upon either. The law should be carried out in Civil ways because we have different race and religion in our country. Islamic Law should be carried upon muslims.

    Therefore, my conclusion to your question is that, Islam doesnt forces. It is up to muslims to follow it or to leave it because religion is solely between one person and God. No interfearence by any party. And malaysia enforces the usage of Islamic Law to muslims because This is a Islamic country. Roman catholics do the same thing with their Pope and their country , one of them ,Italy.


    I have to warn you about the issue in the southern Thailand! If you are not sure about the actual situation there, please do some research! It is not the war between Muslim & Buddhist! neither it is Buddhist that kill them! The situation there is just more than religion itself! The war on drugs by Thaksin is one of the factor also! The struggle to control the many underground business in that area is also another reason! Islam never force you to do or follow but by strict law and regulation u r bound to follow! Jihad is the fight to survive but when u start a war against anything innocent people are bound to be sacrifice! I have been living in Malaysia for 31 years and I am still being haunted by the past! yet some of us malaysian are still being labeled as penumpang! damm what is that? the country does not belong to one race! it belongs to us MALAYSIAN!

  29. 3)Beside the point above, I like to point out Iran especially. I believe many Iranians will agree that Iran before the Islamic Revolution was a better country than it is now.


    About Iran, I can say this with confidence too, that their country is lead by an Islamic Law different from Sunni. Majority believe in Shiite (Shiah) which is different. (they have clans that follow different laws) , Sunni and Shiah are quite different. Firstly they glorify Khalifah Ali more than our Last Prophet (Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him). And they twist some Islamic Laws. About the Islamic Revolution, I have no comment about it because I do not study a lot about their country's history.

  30. I am sorry but I am short of time, but I will still help you in the best possible way I can . Here, I want to show a website (one of many) that teaches, informs, advices and guides anyone willing to ask and learn about Islam ;

    I hope you will understand what you wanted to know about Islam. Have a good day and God Bless! ^^




  34. the anonymous that keep spamming the pigs' dick comment shld really stop. Is annoying and disrespectful...such a childish act.

    Just voice our ur opinion rather than keep spamming.

  35. Don't worry Jun, There's a lot of haters of Islam. And I am immune to their ignorance. Let us pray for him, instead of cursing him. He needs all the help he can get.

  36. Dear Not your ordinary Blogger,

    I can sense that you are angry at me, But what I am informing Nicolekiss is what is really happening. Yes I agree that Thaksin's influence has something to do with it. I have seen documentaries about Southern Thai muslims and they admitted themselves they were hunted over religious reasons.

    Of course Malaysia belongs to Malaysians. I have never stated that Malaysia is entirely owned only by Malays. So why do you attack me with this sudden issue? And Jihad is not only to survive as what you stated, It is the will to uphold our religion, ISLAM from being corrupted or destroyed by non-believers. I don't see why you have bashed me when what we both are saying are the same.

  37. Well, I agree with the statement that no religion be it muslim, buddhism, or christianity teaches us to be bad. Religions exists to guide people towards goodness.
    The existence of terrorist are not the fault of religion, but rather, for some cases, I think it is due to a few individual who are misguided, i.e. misinterpret the religion.
    It's the mind of people that we should blame for terrorist, not religion

  38. Hi all,
    This is indeed a deep topic that should anyone be interested,view debates from the informed (scholars for and against) , therefore i recommend this website ''.pls be warned though that it is highly provocative,to believers.

    for me, humanity comes first, and can be seen by people who,despite their religion, shines like a beacon of light in these dark times!GOD is within you guys and gals...aiseh..

  39. i just saw Michael Jackson funeral...
    my GOD was so sad...

    Rest in Peace Michael

  40. Average Joe8/7/09 9:05 AM

    We all see different sides of the situation...neither any religion to be blamed blindly nor any religion to be glorified. CNN and BBC will see these situations in their own eyes, Al Jazeera will see it in another direction, UN is not doing its job properly. There are many good Muslims out there, just as many as good Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus and so on. The perpetrators are people who are too extreme in upholding their religion, they misinterpreted their tenets and the media who are biased in their reporting. We, especially Malaysians must respect one another, I couldn't imagine myself living in another country other than Malaysia. What we have here is so special that you won't see it at other places of the world. But a small fire could escalate to something don't have to go far...just look at Thailand and the Philippines, it would be beyond control by then. Just like my homeboy Optimus Prime said "Freedom is the right of all sentient beings." We may flaws here and there in the current constitution but so far I'm happy with how things are going. Lesson of the day for Peace 101: Smile and practice random acts of kindness.

  41. i think that you cannot blame the religion in this matter. It's the person who practices it wrongly and interpret such a beautiful religion in a different perspective that should be blamed. You're asking why such extremism in practicing a religion? well, it's really up to a person's interpretation of the religion. Something simple can be interpreted to be a whole different thing altogether. The same goes for all religion in fact.There are extremists from other religions apart from Islam too but since 9/11, Islam has been highlighted to the world as a violent religion due to the actions of a few muslims.
    In truth, Islamic countries can develop well too and be accepted in the international arena but it's all up to the leaders to show to the world that we're more than what we seem.

    - Muslim girl-

  42. Religion is a very strong personal conviction of the believers of different faith. Despite co-existing for thousands of years, there is no end to the conflicts among them because none is willing to compromise. Since the time of our forefathers, the inter-faith discussion, debates, conference and so forth only serve to deepens the animosity because each religion claims to be the dominant or the best or simply the longest in recorded history. No one would allow their religion to be sidelined or ridiculed. The talks are futile without compromise and acceptance of other religions. And I don't think peaceful co-existence is going to happen in the near future.

    The only strongest influence on the masses of any ethnicity and in any society is religion. Perhaps some would add in football as well! If one is able to wield religious influence, he/she exerts considerable power in politics too. The politicians knew this very well and have been capitalising on this religious animosity as a political tool. Unfortunately, it works very effectively.

    The only solution is decoupling religions from politics. Let the people be guided by their own conscience and religious beliefs. Politics should be left neutral in the administration of a country.

  43. I am lazy. I do not wish to read every comment here to comment about others. But i have to say this. Humans made religions. Humans use religion. Humans politicise religion. So to gain peace, human should get rid of religion mentality (i am not saying get rid of religion).

    Watch the documentary Regligulous. It should be an eye opener for some but people would usually burn it down.

    So let us not think of religion as the cause of the rift, but rather the people who uses religion as a tool for their own personal gain.

    Peace out y'all~!

  44. Sorry bout the previous comment, i should have proof read it 1st. The title of the documentary is "Religulous".

  45. like it or millions of ppl out there in malaysia.....we feel that we are just"PENUMPANG"! I never pick on u....but ur just too young to understand what has happened in our history....and what u read in those school text book is full of bullshit! Media is another bullshitting tools to corrupt the ppl! I insist we are being left out.....because some ppl think they are superior than us where indeed their stupidity is killing us all! just play it fair and square! malaysia boleh??????? ask urself!

  46. First off another reply to Not your ordinary blogger :

    You should not swear to me and about what I learn in my text books. You sound rude and immature for your age. Speak with manners if you want anybody to take you seriously.

    Secondly, the conflict that happens in Southern Thailand is not in my school text books and even about your Thailand background, therefore you have no right to call my text book 'Bullshit'.

    Thirdly, I may be young, but I'm not blinded by anything of whats happening around the globe. Some Media might be , but have I ever said I trusted them all? Most People know whats really going on. You might think Malaysia does not welcome immigrants or such , but have you even lived in each state? I live in Sabah. Where philippines immigrants come to and believe me, we dont discriminate. We've been living together and both parties are doing just fine with each other.

    And If you think Malaysia is totally corrupted, then I might suggest you to speak up, make your voice be heard by all Malaysians through the media themselves. Get serious and spread your opinions through Malaysian mainstream media. If you feel any injustice going on, then you have to voice out.

    And one more thing; Malaysia Memang Boleh.

  47. And I wanted to add this so that I could have clarification from Not Your Ordinary Blogger:

    About my previous post of conflict on South Thai muslims, I did more extra research on them , and I found that Thailand military forces(during under Thaksin's years) used to exploit mineral resources from South Thai(where muslims are) to be shipped and invested in Bangkok. Therefore resulting in the poor state of South Thai, ergo making south Thai civilians to run away from their land because of the injustice, even though their military forces will not let them go.

    So my question is, To Not Your Ordinary Blogger, is this the real story behind the conflict? I am open to know and rethink about this issue, I want you to verify me either this story is true or false.

    I'm willing to change my thoughts, So I hope you're willing to tell.

    TQ, and have a good day! :)

  48. hi mahira,

    If i said something rude that intimidated you...I apologize. To answer your question on Thailand..particularly on southern would need days and perhaps weeks.....even that might not answer ur question or doubt on it. Thaksin suppressed the southern ppl...I can tell u that is not true....muslim in the south are not being killed without reason! have you been to the north eastern of thailand? go there and see is their living condition! most of them are Buddhist! I am not trying to argue with you about anything....I believe things that i've seen myself! I've been to the poor country in south east it muslim, christian or others is the same.....they are desperate for help! YES Malaysia Memang Boleh....but for all the wrong reason! I am sorry to say that.....I am ashamed of what we have now in Malaysia! If you need to talk about whats actually happening in Thailand...u can add me in ur msn and we can talk about it for hours! i can explained to u....why,who,where,when,how about thailand! thank you and have a nice day!

  49. dear not your ordinary blogger, i believe mahira got a point there.
    and since you guys have already started a discussion here, why not continue it here, where all of us can view and understand better the situation in thailand. am sure most of the other readers are deeply interested in the matter.

    so, why don't u summarize everything and prove ur point for everyone to see.

    -coffee addict-


    - They've lost their identity, no more malay name, now all Islamic name

    - Wayang kulit and all those flora fauna motifs are not encouraged.

    - What happen to Malay architecture? Look at our national museum, that is a good example of malay architecture, tropical. Why plaster the country with ugly DOMES????

    - Malays are Malays, not ARABS!!!! Stop saying 'we' have managed to defeat the christian in the 13th century holy war, or 'we' invented this and that, or 'we' discovered this and those. Arabs are arabs, persians are persians. My chinese catholic friend's ancestor discovered gravity and most of the scientific theories... sound weird right?

    end of the day, Malay tidak akan hilang dari bumi, tetapi mereka sudah dilupakan.

  51. To summarize a prolonged and unresolved issue in southern Thailand would not be easy my friend. Overall what I can tell you that what's happening in Thailand now is all about the control of power by certain group of politician! I foresee the crisis in Thailand will not end anytime soon. Geographically....people in southern & central is a strong supporter of the democrats! North and north eastern (issan) is a strong supporter of Thaksin. Thaksin start the war against drugs during his reign as Thailand PM! That caused havoc as many underground group are being crashed! Losses of businesses! Losses of income! unemployment is rift! But he cannot be blamed totally....during the late 90's.....drug abuse among teenagers in Thailand is worsening and critical at one stage! I see with my own eyes school kids smoking marijuana at the back alley...even worse ice or yaba...and many of them addicted to extacy pills! Thaksin ordered hard action against drug syndicate but when someone is killed...he is being labeled as a killer! bla bla bla...he killed innocent ppl! Opportunist like many of the small radical and jihad group in southern thailand took up the opportunity and created problems! They blamed they are discriminated by the gov by thaksin by buddhist...but that is not true! people in issan...the poorest region in Thai never created havoc and problems! they are poor but they are some of the most polite,gentle and good hearted ppl that I've ever met in Thailand! Even now...the democrats took over...the situation is not getting any better...or shall i said worsen! Religion is being manipulated by certain person for their own agenda! The problem now is Thailand will not get any better unless their own political situation is solve! But that's hard......"the hidden hand" will do anything to stop Thaksin from returning.....and the reds will do anything to bring him back! Till then....the problems in southern Thailand will remain the same.....we will keep watching someone being killed etc etc! I've once talked to a taxi driver from issan when I am in bkk.....we love Thaksin, we want him, look what is happening in thailand now....I am worry....that's what he said! Few years back during a visit to southern Thailand......a businessman told me....he is worried... someone told him that the mafia is going to start a war against the government for closing down their business! Its very very hard to tell u guys all about Thailand.....even if we sit down at mamak stall and might take days or weeks! I've been monitoring the situation in Thailand for some years now.....getting information from friends in Thailand do helps me to understand more and more about Thailand! I hope I am not typing too much...but this is just a small slice of the whole problem! thank you.

  52. Guys, i think what Nicole wanted to do with these sensitive posts was to raise the number of visits to the site. And she has definitely done what she has set out to do...Pity tho that she has to resort to this.

  53. Pundekman, I think you have a good point about this.I dont really think she was at all serious about this issue, but this is just my opinion.
    (Like you said, to raise popularity)
    Oh well, guess she knows what shes doing...And too bad she doesnt reply any comments to ask us anything, from this, I see that she's just posting to it get some visitors, and not answers.

    So Nicole, if you're reading this ,it would be common courtesy to get a feedback from you, to show some gratitude for people who took the time to answer you :/

  54. This comment has been removed by the author.

  55. dear nicole,

    i myself had not been able to understand the need for law enforcement to instill faith.
    Isn't it based on love?


  56. "how bout just malaysia. just one example, churches that want to build a new building are often unable to secure a permit, even after 20 years of application."

    only in peninsular does that happen.. in Sarawak it is common to see churches and mosque build side by side...

    why cant we all just be more tolerant of each other and admit that its only the lamp thats different but the light is the same ..

  57. "how bout just malaysia. just one example, churches that want to build a new building are often unable to secure a permit, even after 20 years of application."

    "only in peninsular does that happen.. in Sarawak it is common to see churches and mosque build side by side...

    why cant we all just be more tolerant of each other and admit that its only the lamp thats different but the light is the same .."

    Same goes for Sabah. We have lots of mosques and churches built at the same area respectively.

  58. Like many have rightly put, religion is a sensitive issue. i feel sad that someone as influential as you (as a blogger) cant think twice before posting issues like this. I dont really understand what are you trying to get from this? more bitterness? more hatred?

    i know that Palestinians are suffering everyday. with no food and not even a safe place to call home. just look at their eyes and blame them..

    at least this post you just paste this comment. your previous post on they're muslims everywhere just showed how shallow your mind is despite have traveled around the world.

    think nicole.. during your traveling times, perhaps to manado, indonesia.. or the like, how many muslims have been nice to u? y not next time u tell them, ure afraid that everywhere you're going there's muslims and how you're afraid of them too.

    cheers and i hope in time u gain some wisdom too.

  59. 9/7/09 3:38 Anonymous said...


    - They've lost their identity, no more malay name, now all Islamic name

    - Wayang kulit and all those flora fauna motifs are not encouraged.

    - What happen to Malay architecture? Look at our national museum, that is a good example of malay architecture, tropical. Why plaster the country with ugly DOMES????

    - Malays are Malays, not ARABS!!!! Stop saying 'we' have managed to defeat the christian in the 13th century holy war, or 'we' invented this and that, or 'we' discovered this and those. Arabs are arabs, persians are persians. My chinese catholic friend's ancestor discovered gravity and most of the scientific theories... sound weird right?

    end of the day, Malay tidak akan hilang dari bumi, tetapi mereka sudah dilupakan."


    I want to reply to this. It seems this other issue is entirely NOT TRUE.

    Firstly ,

    "- They've lost their identity, no more malay name, now all Islamic name"

    Not entirely true. My real name is Mahira Khairia Mxxxx (Mxxxx is my last name, I'm part Javanese and Minangkabau and Bugis). Mahira is not an islamic name, I have asked my Ustaz and Ustazah. There is no meaning there in islamic terms, BUT obviously, "Mahira", if you obviously could see, derives from the word 'Mahir'. Yet, Khairia has an islamic meaning to it (I apologize but I have forgotten the meaning). So No I do not agree with Anonymous's statement.


    "- Wayang kulit and all those flora fauna motifs are not encouraged."

    Again, I must choose to disagree with this.I was sent to a missionary school during my secondary school studies , Sekolah Menengah All Saints, Likas, Sabah. Eventhough it is a missionary school, we have a series of Events formed by The Culture club where we held a lot of Traditional and ethnic exhibitions and shows that are open to all people (visitors, residences, tourists, sister schools from abroad)

    Secondly, Malaysian Batik Fashion scene is already going global. We are known in Harrods (London) exquisite department store for our Batiks. Piala Seri Endon Batik Fashion shows/competitions are known to publicize our culture internationally. Wayang Kulit performance are popular throughout the tourism industry as it is one of the widely-known activities that boosts the interests of foreign travellers. Kelantan is well known for this contribution.

    There are a lot of traditional and cultural activities being promoted around our country, we just have to search deeper.

    "- What happen to Malay architecture? Look at our national museum, that is a good example of malay architecture, tropical. Why plaster the country with ugly DOMES????"

    This is am still scratching my head around.. Malay architecture is preserved beautifully (as far as I have known) , But as the world is undergoing globalization , much more modern architectural designs are being used, yet with a little hints of Malay designs. This issue is honestly based on where you live, because each state tells a different story.

    One more thing I could say. I do agree about us Malays not being the same as Arabs (though some influences originate there) . Our race tells a different background. We are not all 100% copy of them. So overall I know each race that exist may have some similarities, but we are not completely the same.

    I dont really get anonymous about this one. "end of the day, Malay tidak akan hilang dari bumi, tetapi mereka sudah dilupakan."

    I dont really support this. You may know, that the Malay race , looks like just about(or maybe even less than) 1% of the amount of chinese/indian race on earth. We maybe little , but we are still trying and striving to carve a name is the eyes of the world. Only time will tell If we succeeded or not. So lets not judge until we've reach the end of time, ok? :)

  60. cut down eating swine then your are much better off.

  61. Malaysia is progressive ?! They cannot even change religion.. phew..

  62. Somehow we have to agree that Malaysia is moving backwards. Look at our fcuking public transport system! I can say that it was a fcuking disaster! look at our education system.....big flop! if ours is so good then why would our national leader send his kids for overseas studies? Why do someone need "special" protection if they claimed themselves is mature,smart and dedicated? Why would we need so many ridiculous act, rules,policy and regulations? sorry to said that Malaysia is a big flop....if maddoff is the biggest flop in the world....then ours is even worse....we knew it would going to happen....but we just keep quiet and let it happen!

  63. sigh...after living with arabs in my condo,I can tell you malays are wayyyyy much better than arabs, from sopan santun,to food,to attitude,to everything lah..not to say arabs are bad but really diffenerent from asians..I agree with anonymous that some malays tend to look up to arabs and look for solidarity from religion. I still remember during the 70s to 80s, there is the real malay culture. Somehow religion might have impeded their culture.My heart breaks to see small kids in tudung doing sports..we are in tropical climate jo...

  64. we should all stop this religion talk and look for solidarity among ourselves......from nasi lemak..tell me,,which malaysian can tahan without nasi lemah huh?! huh?!tell meeee....

  65. Malaysia Boleh!13/7/09 10:52 PM

    I have to say that we are walking backwards instead of forward! wawasan 2020....hanya mimpi yang indah! sedih tapi benar! benar tapi tak peduli! tak peduli tapi bising! bising tapi kosong! haih....pening kepala!

  66. Please read my reply in my blog. It was too long to be posted up in this comment box. I hope you can find the time. Thank you.

  67. Anti Al Qaeda18/7/09 12:07 AM

    Ladies and gentlemen, muslims and non-muslims, lets unite and destroy the terrorists and the Al Qaedas. Let Osama die and the world will be at peace.

  68. Dear Mahira Amimora,

    I agree with most of your opinion. I just would like to know your feedback on one thing:

    I know for Muslim they have 5 prayers a day. Now I do not see this as a problem. But around my house there are 2 mosque within the same 2 km radius.

    Now here comes the inconvenience:
    From time to time I could hear the prayer around 5-6am. For me this is OK, but sometimes the speaker is too loud. I could hear the words from it even though my house is 10 blocks away. Sometimes including ceramah/speeches as well in 5-6am.

    I understand sometimes like CNY or during funeral, chinese also make some noise. But that is occasional basis.

    This is like almost everyday. I don't know if this only apply to my area, or other people experience the same thing?

    We always be tolerant to each other in Msia, which is a good thing. But in such situation, what would u recommend? Do u think if i say it nicely to the authority or mosque people they will listen?

    Why is there a need to put loud speaker during prayer? If its normal hours I think still OK, but 5-6am?

    Appreciate if you can share your views here. Just sharing ok? No bashing. Haha. Peace y'all.


  69. once again, religion is not an issue. the problem lies on the people and their behaviour.

    let's make love, not war!

  70. Peace????I hope there will be one fine day! I hope I am wrong...but i think its too late to rectify the problem and damages that has been done! Al qaeda, osama......north korea.....iran....but yet the BIGGEST TERRORIST IN THE WORLD IS LEFT UNPUNISHED! give up...i live my own life do what i feel like doing and fcuk those politics, religion etc! USELESS!

  71. Hey hey hey I'm back. Miss me? XD Sorry but I'm 18 , I cant help to joke around for a second XD teehee. Anyways...

    To Spiller,
    thanks for the feedback!
    I live in the small district of Inanam. My house (I live in Kingfisher Park) is close to a village called Kampung Bangka-bangka (yes I am not joking , thats the real name), the village has its own small mosque , where we could hear the calling of the prayer (it is called 'Azan') every 5 times a day. Now near Inanam, we have another small(but highly populated) area called Likas . Likas also has its own mosque, but since the muslim population there is high, so the mosque was built in a large size. Now theres another large mosque built near my home, which is less than 2Kilometers away from Kingfisher Park. Its located inside Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) and also quite near to 1Borneo (Sabah largest hypermall). So from my long explaination, you could say I am in the same situation as you are. I have 3 mosques around my house! I hear the calling 5 times a day from 3 different mosques at the same time! lol

    And yes, The calling for prayer is common in any area(whether it be in Asia or even in Europe or America), because when you have a mosque, you definitely have the 'Azan'.

    There is a purpose to these callings from the break of dawn till nightime. The 'Azan' is to tell muslims the when the time to pray has come. In the early ages, when no speaker was created or when the amount of muslim people in one place is little, they (Imam of the mosque) would make the 'Azan' out loud without the help of any noise amplifiers. But today, when the muslim population has spread around different areas and the existence of speakers are use widely, it is a help for Imams/Bilals (Bilals are also the Azan callers) to amplify their calling so that the Azan could be heard by every muslims from any locations(whether it be nearby or deep in the village).Therefore , all muslims can tell when their praying time begins. So yes, I am sure there is a need for the loud speakers :)

    We have 5 prayers a day, all prayers not even as long as 15 minutes. Our first prayer , called Subuh , is during before the break of dawn. So the Azan is called during that early time.

    Of course, if you feel uncomfortable , you could always ask them to 'volume down' a bit. I see theres no harm in asking this small request :). On the contrary, a non-muslim living around my area (my mom's jogging buddy) , said he used the Azan calling as an advantage to him because he could wake up early without the help of an alarm clock! :D So I guess the Azan is also a benefit to non-muslims :D

    So , to Spiller. I hope my feedbacks give you some understanding about the Azan. Feel free to ask when curious :)