Sunday, November 30, 2008

MOS is Now SAFE.

I am effing... happy.

Guess why guess why guess why....




Remember MR FAZLI?

He has been removed from his post!!!!

Let's take a moment of silence here.


*stand up, walk out, shut the door*

YES!!!! *leap around in joy, stomp feet on ground and twirl around the swimming pool*
Tralalalala!!!!! La di da!

*cool down, open door, walk back in*

ok... where were we?

So yea, yesterday I received a phone call from Ian of Sunway Resort, to apologize for the whole incident (he later called Casey to apologize to him personally too) and also to inform me that Mr Fazli has been removed from his position. Btw, Fazli was just a temporary contracted bouncer anyway. And that he were to speak to the security manager whom I spoke to that night. Yea, the one who said we were caught on CCTV.

Truthfully, when I first heard that he's been removed from his post yesterday, I felt a tinge of guilt, but when I recalled the whole incident and re-read my blog entry again, the guilt flew out of the window and dropped dead 20th floor below.

Screw guilt. I want to bask in this moment.

And you know what? It gets better.
Ian later sent me a final email after the phone calls.

letter from sunway

Now I get VIP treatment the next time I go to MOS, personally by Ian himself.

*awe... you know, the guy was so sweet*
*but whether I will go back or not, well.. that totally depends. I have enough of clubbing now*

He explained that they've spent huge amount of money to bring in, build and market MOS Euphoria (was it 16 millions? I can't remember, I'm just guessing, don't sue me), and if they can't deliver the best service because of these people, it would have sucked big time.

Okay, not in exact words. But that's how I interpreted it.

Yes, it means that MOS is now safe to go! I am glad that they are taking actual actions with sincere intention to improve their services and correct their faults. Who knows, MOS might one day be the best club in town, in terms of people, services, music, crowd and er.... reasonably priced drinks? (okay, maybe not the last one)

But for now,

I only have one thing to say.


Friday, November 28, 2008

So Euphoric, MY ARSE

Finally free of a certain commitment (read previous post), I can finally take time off to have a bit of fun and have wanted to write something happy.

But then last night something completely threw me off till I HAVE to blog about this. If not my soul and dignity will never forgive me.

If you're wondering what this is about. It is about that bloody Ministry of Sound Euphoria in Sunway resort.

Photo taken from MichaelYip.

When MOS first launched, everyone was ecstatic about it. Queue was incredibly insane and people couldn't stop flooding in to the club. I was away travelling and has been unable to settle down in Malaysia to visit any of these wonderful new clubs that's been popping up around town, since poppy. (OMG that is long!)

So after finishing off my final Master paper two days ago, last night I decided to give myself a break and went out with a few friends to this everyone-has-been club in town.

Everything was fine and peachy, we were ushered to the VIP sector (thanks for Lionel and *update* Wei Jen, is that how you spell your name? sorry I couldn't hear properly over the loud music), had a great time and I was even up at the podium (something I have not done for a LONG time) dancing.

That's when it happened.

As I got off the podium, I caught up with Casey and went behind the staircase away from the podium and the crowd. So imagine this, we were now standing in the passage way, which was wide enough for at least 5 people to walk hand-in-hand through from the entrance to the bar. As we were minding our business, a bouncer, out of no where, brushed him by. Shoulder to shoulder rub.

Usually when that happens, one turn around and apologize briefly, and go on his/her way.


Not for this guy.

This massive bouncer turned around, and said "You wait here", with a warning tone. And believe me when I say I saw it with my own eyes that he went away, came back briefly and started accusing Casey for blocking the passage. And Casey denied it and said he did not. The bouncer became very pissed off and after a few more debates (and a very brief one at that, I remember it was less than 30 seconds, I didn't hear the exact content over the noisy background but it seemed like a civil debate at the point of time), and put his disgusting hand on Casey's arm and lead him out of the club.

Lionel and I was shocked at the point, didn't know what to do, we followed this bouncer who was showing Casey OUT of the club!!!

Outside, I heard him accusing Casey of pushing him, repeatedly claiming that he was blocking the way and get this, RUDELY pointing his FAT FINGER at him and IN MY FACE when I came in between them to ask what happen.

YOU DO NOT POINT at a LADY. In fact, you DO NOT point at anyone for that matter.

excuse me?! You showed my friend out of the club for blocking the way and accused him for pushing you WHEN I saw it with my own eyes that it was merely a little accidental shoulder brushing?!

What? Are you so TINY and WEAK that someone like Casey can actually PUSHED you while talking to me?! You calling yourself a bouncer? Huh?


If he was even blocking the passage, YOU DO NOT turn around and said "YOU WAIT HERE", you say "sorry sir but can you please move to a side and not block the way". If he was even blocking the passage, and how did, pray I ask, your TINY SO SMALL PUNY LITTLE BODY can go through huh MR FAZLI! Tell me that!

Oh, you know what, that was not the best part! THE BEST PART was when I moved my hand over his finger to literally stop him from pointing his right index finger towards my friend and to my face, you know what he did?! OMG I tell you what he did.



MR FAZLI!!! I AM ACCUSING YOU FOR PUSHING ME! Yes, I am a weak damsel who just got shoved aside from a MANLY MAN such as yourself.

And for that, I am going to announce your bloody name to the entire world. MR FAZLI.

All this happened when we were outside the club.

YES WE'VE BEEN SHOWED OUT THE CLUB (actually Casey did, me and Lionel just followed him and the MR FAZLI out).

It got even better when I demanded to see the manager.

You know what he said?

He replied, with the most sarcasm tone, and a SMIRK on his face: "you drunk, you go back now" (he pulled a serious face when saying this and then resumed his smirk as if feeling funny a little girl like me is standing up to challenge him).

Excuse me Mr. FAZLI, one do not get drunk from an overpriced screwdriver that tasted more like diluted orange juice than an actual vodka orange concoction. And one definitely do not get drunk from just ONE glass of long island tea, and definitely will NOT REMAIN high when that long island tea was drunk more than an hour ago!

When I demanded to see the manager again, he lifted his head and gestured forward indicating a guy standing at the bottom of the stair. "There, my manager"

I walked to the manager immediately, told him my situation, and you know what he said?!

"We have CCTV and your actions will be caught on TV, leave your contacts and we will find out what happened?"

DID I HEAR A CHALLENGE?! Correct me if I'm wrong, but did the manager just challenged me with the fact that the club is equipped with CCTV and was he calling my bluff?

Too bad I forgot to ask for his name, but I did ask him for that bouncer's name, yes MR FAZLI, your manager gave me your name because he obviously DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT HIS CUSTOMER and DARED ME TO REMEMBER YOUR NAME FOR I CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT ANYWAY! RIGHT?


We left the club immediately after that (yes we left, no point staying especially since we're no longer in whatsoever mood), feeling absolutely rotten with the night completely ruined. And thank you MR FAZLI, you have ruined my FIRST and LAST visit to EUPHORIA.

To think I even queued for a good ONE HOUR to get in in the first place, feeling stupidly anticipated in the first place to be visiting this ever so famous club in town.

STUPID LONG QUEUE. What's with people queueing for so long to a club, a club which obviously pales drastically in comparison with the MOS in Singapore. Yes they have great music (at least for last night) and non-smoking rule indoor (which is by far the only best thing I can remember now), but I WILL NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER GO BACK TO EUPHORIA AGAIN. EVER. SCREW YOU.



Wednesday, November 26, 2008

nearly there...


Now I need to pray hard as hell that I pass!! 0.O

Please let me pass. Please please please please...
else just meet me in my grave.


400 words to go~

just 400 more

OMG I can almost feel the breath of freedom

*type "Summary"*
Bold it.

okay. 399 words to go!

hoo boy~

This is going to be a long night.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Life is Like A Box of Chocolates

So said Forest Gump's respectable late mother.

I love her and loved her love for Forest and love her for this phrase.

Though supposedly I should be loving the person who wrote the script.

I've been living in a dream. This whole world is a dream. As the rain pours heavily on the pool outside, water rippled across the surface and small droplets slowly formed a sizzling dance while the rattling of the water against the earth echoed from the neighborhood.

How beautiful.

It felt like a dream. Yes, I've been living in a dream.

I woke up several times thinking what is life and what I am doing. Work and study and back to work, slowly life has become mundane and the pain hid to the pits where I could not find any longer. I thought I forgot about it, I thought it was over, I thought it was never there any longer.

But you know what? It was.

And recently a trigger, a soft comforting hand, sweet words, and a kind soul lifted the cover. And brought these dreadful feelings back, and I was in tears for days. Feeling I didn't know exist anymore, it was all there. Back again, and I was sobbing like a broken pipe, tears flowed as easily as the rain outside. Uncontrollable, inevitable, and strangely, relieving. It's like breaking out of this shell I've been concealed all these while. Drown in work and fake smiles I don't even care about. I was the spectator of my own life, of my own self. That I weren't me at all. I was an outcast of my sphere.

Sometimes the different phases and choices in life are like picking a chocolate out of a chocolate shop.

Sometimes you get the Turkish delights which you don't really like. Sometimes you pick the dark chocolate which you love but turned out to be bitter than you expected, it even gave you sore throat and then fever.

And even so, life goes on.

But I stood back. Refraining myself from picking chocolate again, even though I was tempted to. Because I did not wish to be disappointed by these chocolates who broke my heart again and again, even when they knew how much I love them, how much I adored chocolates and how much I would cherish them. But they always turned out disappointing, not what I expected, and sometimes even make me feel sick.

Yesterday, I broke the rule. I picked another chocolate, it was tempting, just too tempting. It looked so tasty, sinful but simply beautiful, but I was afraid, scared to get near it. Afraid of another disappointment. Afraid that it might hurt me. But.... I didn't know why, I went ahead anyway.

Today, I felt like I'm holding the most beautiful block of chocolate in my hand. Even the rain continues to pour, my heart could not stop dancing.

haighs chocolate

Thank you for your words. Thank you for staying.

What has happened?

Past few days have been a dream.

and I'm still living in it.

unable to differentiate truth and reality.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Dreamworld - Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Short Note: Tomorrow and next sunday I will be setting up a booth for Nicolekiss Boutique at Sunday Sundaes, in Third Mile Square old klang road. Click here for map.

Ahh.. gold coast.

gold coast skyline

Beautiful lovely blue sky. Tall resident buildings. Fashionable beautiful people.

Stuart and I decided to take a lovely ride out of town to Dreamworld - the biggest theme park in Australia.

dreamworld logo

Just take the bus TX2 from Gold Coast and head for dreamworld or sea world. Shouldn't cost you more than AUD7 one way.

wet and wild bus ride

When you reach Dreamworld after roughly two hours, pay AUD66 for an entrance fee and you will have a full day of fun till 5pm! yay~

dreamworld receipt
price for two

You can get wet so remember to bring some dry clothes, or raincoat.

Draw out your route on the map so you know you won't repeat the same route twice. And off you go for a fun day out with your buddy. :D

dreamworld map

Overall, Dreamworld on a weekday... is... pretty... dead.

dreamworld entrance

It was so quiet, I thought I have landed in a haunted theme park.

am i in a dream

There were not really many people, which was a good thing cause that meant we didn't need to queue for long for most the rides.

Like the Tower of Terror.


And then, suddenly, I spotted it!!

No, not the dreamworld clown.

clown in dreamworld

Which looked pretty dodgy btw.

It was there! Standing pretending to be innocent and ignorant of his own existence.

ibis stalking

I saw... saw... an IBIS!

God! Won't they leave us alone! They're everywhere!

We went to the petting zoo to pat and feed some baby animals.

me and pet food

Like a kid.

little kid

Pun intended.

cute kid

It was so adorable I almost wanted a kid of my own (pun unintended).

I even fed a black sheep. It was so woolly (haha, as if it's cottony). ^^

ba ba black sheep

Makes me wanna sing the song ba ba black sheep.

feeding black sheep

Feeding these creatures were so fun. They will come and nibble at your hand as you hold the dry grass, while doing that you pat them on their heads and they don't even care if you sooth your hand down their woolly back.

Some were too cute to resist. Begging you if their puppy dog eyes to feed them.

feed me lama face

Or should I say, lama eyes.


Oh, since when the emperor turned white.

lama face

I even patted a big white cow. :D

cow and me

me and cow

And saw some ducks eating cow dungs too.

bullshit face

Didn't your mom teach you never to be so full of shit? (pun again omg, lol)

ducks fighting over bullshit

I saw an Emu!


Next year when I return to Sydney, I am so going to try out some emu meat. I heard there's a restaurant there that serves Emu pizza.

Hugged a frog.

hugging froggie

The frog looked as though it was "manja-ing" back at me. Awe~~

Then you know what I saw? I saw.. saw....


No it's not a kangaroo.

It's a wallaby.

me patting wallaby

They're much smaller in size.

My favourite animal of the entire petting zoo, however, in this!!!

coach and owl

OMG, isn't that the cutest little thing!!!

Mini Snow Owl. OMG. SO CUTE.

snow owl

I shall call it Hedwig's sister (Harry Potter's owl if you don't know who Hedwig is). Awe~~~~ (everybody go awe~)

And I've always wondered how a dingo looked like. When I was young, I always thought dingo was an insult term to others, like stupid or idiot. You know, like ding dong, which actually means "crazy" in Thai.


Dingo is actually a wild dog, and it's pretty cute.

After that we got hungry so we went to have a bit of snack at Catdog pizza shack.

catdog pizzashack

They even have a life-size cardboard imitation of the actual catdog house!

catdog house

And this is me trying to sneak in.

me and clown

Doesn't this statue remind you of someone? (hint: scroll up)

After that, we decided to take it to the next level by attempting some thrill rides. You know, with a full stomach and all. ;)

tower of terror 2

This is called the Tower of Terror

tower of terror

Looks pretty scary huh?

No, we didn't go on that ride. Because I have a heart and I didn't think it want to fall out of my throat yet.

So we decided to go one something more thrilling.

biker thrill ride

Hah! Don't play play. This is very scary one ok! It's called the motocoaster. It's a bloody thrilling scary roller coaster!

Just look at how scared we were.


This is just the begining...

Look on..

As the ride became faster...

stu and me on ride

Told you it was scary ain't it? (I meant Stu's face, it's so scary looking ok~)

We finished our day at the park with a 3D movie and choo-choo train ride around the park, and boarded the last bus home.

On the bus, guess who I met?!



Ha ha... Patrick will always be Patrick.
(who doensn't like Spongebob the Squarepants?!)

Friday, November 21, 2008

Nicolekiss Lolli-Popping


If you see me today.

Say hi and I will give you something from my blog totally on me.

You know. For fun. :D

I Dipped in the Pool of Mahathir's House!

No Joke!

I did!

So it was his holiday house.

But hey! It is his house and I walked the ground he walked on and dipped in the pool he swam in!

You heard me! I paddled in Malaysia's ex-prime minister's pool!


I'm like a little child so excited to be able to get one step closer to my hero (Mahathir is like my childhood hero okay).

It was late at night so we decided to sneak into the pool of his holiday home at, eh hem, Kajang~ and passed by an empty police guard house at the front gate, and walked swiftly into his pool next to his so fantastic house. I didn't get to take any photo because I didn't bring my camera out and it was dark and it was late at night, it was a spontaneous decision too.

He even has a spa hut next to his house. OMG.

You know what. I think I want to go back tomorrow to take a photo of that house under day light. :D :D :D (if I can that is, day is just not the right time to do sneaky stuff)

But as for now. I still have this tingling sensation at my feet after dipping in his pool (or maybe that was the mosquitoe bites). OMGOMGOMG.

It would be so cool if we could just strip there and dive into the pool for a quick swim, like those teenage american movies always do. But then again I remember that this is real life and I only brought one pair of pants with me on this trip. o.O So yes, I would still want to sleep in my pants tonight.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Dare You

Last night I learnt the hard way of never ever dare a friend in the middle of the night after a clubbing night out (not me, him).

It all started with an innocent joke, which went something like this: "oh yea? I dare you to come down here right now. Hah! How's that! (All the way from KL)"

The result?
Puffy eyes and lack of sleep in front of a class of uni students today, answering no particular question thrown by student specifically and have my head in the clouds all day long. Came back home and nearly dropped dead on my bed.

What happened?
Two hours after that "dare", while in the midst of my dream, I received a phone call.

"Guess what. I'm in front of your house."


Le Sigh... Home Cook Food

Reached Malaysia.

Two weeks visa run.

Home is bliss.

Just taught my mom how to use Microsoft Word.

So tired.

Update tomorrow. Night.

Tomorrow have a forum/speech at MMU. :)

Monday, November 17, 2008


More new items on Nicolekiss Boutique! New additions to the ever popular White Gold Plated Necklaces, glass Bracelets and Anklets!


You know how annoying it is when you call someone on mobile and it cost a bomb. And sometimes you need to pay RM6 for a minute because it’s an international roaming call even when you hang up like 10 seconds later?

It’s even more annoying when you’re the one receiving the call and hang up after 5 seconds because it’s a wrong number! And you still get charged for a full half minute!!

That was how I felt in my recent trip to Australia. So many calls, so many dell calls!


But what if there are phone calls charge base on one second blocks rather than a 30-second block, I would think it would be a pretty bloody brilliant (this is me acting OZ like), not even Australian telco can do that (Australian phone calls are also based on 30-second block).

Well, if you’re wondering what this is about. Good question. It’s about this guy that’s been popping everywhere in town with his freaskishly long face.

u mobile long face guy

I know, disturbing isn’t it?

Reminds me of Stuart taking a ride in Dreamworld, Australia.


Mr Orange is actually associated with the new telco in town called U Mobile. (starting with 018)

ceo of u mobile
That’s the CEO btw.

And they charge base on one-second blocks. :D

That means for those cheap folks, you can call someone to declare that you have arrived, and hang up within a second. Save the cost, save the talk time, save the effort of typing!

cheapo man on phone

Don’t laugh, I bet a lot of people will do that

Or pay only 1 sen per SMS when you SMS to U Mobile users.

1 cent message

For a traveller like me, I hardly use my phone when I’m abroad (because roaming charges are bloody expensive ok), most times, I don’t use up the minimum credit on my mobile postpaid plans, which means I waste my money each month paying for credits I don’t use.

U Mobile has solved that by coming out with a RM38 postpaid plan which is currently the lowest commitment fee needed for postpaid plan from any telco in Malaysia at the moment. And in return you will receive 12,000 seconds of free call!

u38 plan
Not to mention free talk time! :D

In fact, go all the cheapo and call your U Mobile friends and family for free.

free talk time
(Get your friends and family to subscribe to U Mobile and make calls to them for free from now till 31st March 2009, Prepaid or Postpaid alike.)

They can bring their existing numbers from other telcos and enjoy the same benefits!

With the U98 plan, you can even select a phone package to get a 3G phone at a much cheaper rate.

my phone at latest phone with u mobile

And they offer free starterpack for their prepaid plan!

u mobile on my lap

So that means I just buy pure credit and use them as it is! :D And with every reload, they will give you 20% (dua puluh!) free airtime, every single time.

And you also get 10 free SMS for every RM10 you use with 30 days. Not only you get rewarded then you top up, you get rewarded when you spend them! (I mean, it’s two bird at one stone, you top up to spend afterall right?) Then when you hit RM100 in a month, you get another 10 free SMSes!

Unlimited Mobile Ring Back Tone downloads, and Unlimited Mobile Live TV viewing and 5 Free Game downloads. (Promos in the last two paragraphs are valid till 31st Dec 2008)

free prepaid pack
Pretty impressive, eh?

They had me at one-second block charges.

Here’s a little contest, U Mobile is giving out free 018 Prepaid starter packs with RM50 Top-ups to try out the service, and also goodie bags for 5 lucky winners!

But this is the catch, create a four-picture comic strip that tells ur cheapo story of mobile phone calls. You are required to incorporate either of these two lines into your comic: “Call The Shots” or “Pay For What You Need”

four comic strip template

You can draw, use photo to illustrate, act the part out, whatever it takes. YOU CALL THE SHOTS! (ohh... I’m good at this)

Email me at with your full name and contact details (mobile number + address) and with the attached comic.

Judging is based on the height of my laughing meter, your creativity skill and photograph/drawing techniques. Decision by U Mobile (or me) is final. Contest is open only for Malaysians. If I’m nice enough, i might even publish your work out for all to see and tag u at that.

It’s easy to win, as long you don’t draw like this.

u mobile drawing

I think my U is “terbalik” (inverted). Damn.

Here’s a little video for your entertainment.