More time pls~~~

Desperate times call for desperate measures. With reasons provided, I want to (NEED TO, no, HAVE TO!!!) go on a serious diet - any way to shed four healthy kilos in two weeks? And bloody timing it is to hit me with water retention in every part of my body just before the big day (not gonna tell you what's the ocassion).

And, good news! TMNET finally called me in to attend an interview this Thursday for my dream job! *pop champange* *yea* *run around the room in joy*

My dream job, if none of you haven't already know, to be a writer is just a drive away from PJ - Cyberjaya. Not just any writer, a travel writer. Woo hoo... I hope they didn't mistaken the position I applied for, else it would be such a bummer since I have posted this up and broadcast to the entire nation that I am finally, hopefully, getting my dream job! *nudge nudge TMNET people* (I remember putting my blog site in my resume so they can read this, hohoho)

My bloody boring life suddenly shot up in the air these two weeks, the least expected me was flooded immediately with tons of tasks to complete. In the shortest notice, no notice at all in fact, I was left with too little time, and all so many things to do. It is this time I wish my life would slow down a bit so I have time to catch a breath.

No kidding, went up to KL yesterday late afternoon; and by noon today, I was already back in Melaka preparing my documents to participate in The Amazing Race Asia. Pray hard that I get, so you all can see me cry when I lost my way on national TV.

Nine hours from now, I should be on my way up to KL again to attend an appointment. -.- Flying off to Kuching this Thursday night following my interview in the morning for a weekend of adventures and fun. Thus leaving me little time, next to no time, to return to Melaka in between to pack my stuff; I haven't pack my bag yet at this hour and I am still blogging!! NICOLE, WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU!!

Right, less typing, more action. I should get my heavy butt off this chair which I'm pretty sure has my butt shape carved onto it and start preparing some stuff for tomorrow.

Oh, look at the time *yawn* time for bed~~~

There's always six hours later to finish off everything... =,= (PS// Kids, don't learn this at home)


20 kissed Nicole

  1. phewwittt.... sweet adventurous Nicole. Damn, why din i think about the amazing race asia? Would be great fun.. hmmm.. I should consider that to get out of my mundane life.. lol...

  2. Hi Nic,

    4kg in 2 weeks? Shouldn't be too much of a headache, ja? If 30 Mins of exercise twice a day can fit into your schedule, you should be way lighter in 14 days. Now what kind of exercise you ask? I'm no expert but simple body-weight ones without needing any weights should do the trick. Considering that you jog regularly-thats my impression from your archives-I'll recommend per set rope skipping for cardio, 30-60 bicycle manuevers and 10-15 pushups. Try that for like, 3 days and blog any changes. Heh..good luck with the amazing race. Have fun babe!

  3. Girl finally makes her way to Kuching hehe..too bad im away n not there to see this pretty blogger !!

  4. Dear Stan,

    I don't have a rope, nor any gym instrument, and can never in my life do a freakin push-up even my life depend on it.

    I can do sit-ups & yoga though~ :D

    3 days from now I should be eating worms in Kuching. Haha...

  5. wow....good luck to u =) So from now on there will be so much more exciting stuff on ur blog. Congrats~

  6. hey nic, hope you get ur dream job and best of luck with amazing race :)

    haih, miss kuching tomato kwey teow and matterhorn. ~sigh~

  7. Stan the Man:)28/3/07 4:02 PM

    Dear Nic,

    lol! You're funny! But I suggested these exercises since you mentioned you were gg to do the amazing race (not Fear Factor,ja? What's with the worms-munching?)and the little workouts could boost your stamina and endurance if you needed to lug your baggage around and stuff.

    Once again, all the best in your preps and if you can, get your worms fried until its like goreng pisang,dip it into sweet chilli sauce and upload that photo here!!

  8. Isnt it just great to be hired for your dream job? You are one lucky person!......Now....wishing you all the luck you need! Go get 'em!

  9. So u coming to Kch, my hometown, for the weekend. Sure u will enjoy the trip & the food.....but then u on diet!?...susahloh.

  10. good luck and godspeed! We are behind u all the way!

  11. eh, a friend of mine oso just had her interview with TMNET as writter oso few days back....heh?

  12. nicole ... going to Kuching to see ... ??? hehehe

  13. nicole ... going to Kuching to see ... ??? hehehe

  14. nicole ... going to Kuching to see ... ??? hehehe

  15. haha... saw you and kenny sia at the kuching Open Air market late thursday night... =)

    didn't say hello coz was just tapao-ing, and going off soon...

    your hair still so long lahh....

  16. Hope u don't get disillusioned once u join us here...

  17. Grats !

    It's an amazing feeling to know that someone successfully did what they always wanna do.

    Go for them, dont hesitate !

    PS *( be sure to rest as well though)*

  18. An adventurous dream job. travel + working = double joy. Just put your creative writing talent into practice and u will soar up high ;)

  19. Hi Nic, just happened to stumble on your blog - me from Malacca too.

    Are you talking about the writer job for BlueHyppo? If yes, then maybe I can hook you up.

    I "kinda" know the Ass. GM (in the pic) of TMnet and the Ass. Mgr of BlueHyppo:

  20. You look good enuf...