What a not-so-long but tiring trip

Finally back from Kuching and Kuala Lumpur. Though it's only 2 days in KL and 4 days in Kuching, I felt like I have been away for weeks.

Soooo tiring~~

Purse got thinner and body gained more bruises and aches. Especially the big black patches on the right leg, stupid decision to swim in the middle of the night of Damai's Resort swimming pool when there's no light and I can't see where I am swimming.

I think I've gotten darker, but what the heck, that's what whitening creams are for.

Need to get myself a shower now, felt so icky. Update more soon~


7 kissed Nicole

  1. Im the first this time hahaha. Hey Nicole..how was your experience in Kuching?

    Hope u had a nice holiday

  2. ain't the resort supposed to have pool clorination during midnight..?

  3. Have plenty of rest, and pls eat well and sleep well; to get well soon :)

  4. so cham~ get more rest =/

  5. Adventure, adventure, lolz.

    Good to see you back, hope to read more articles from you !

  6. Hope u enjoy yr trip to Kch. Yr virgin trip there?

  7. kuching nice rite?? not every1 live on trees.. even it does, we using lift or elevator to go up instead of climbing up on top of trees... =>