Ah Lian Post

Note: This is an Ah Lian post, with Ah Beng Language
(Translation for foreign readers: This is a post with heavy Malaysian slang, a mixture of English, Mandarin, Malay and a hint of Cantonese and Hokkien vulgarities)

Ai yo, I tell you... Recently damn bui ta han. Do what also tak jadi. Friends all hilang from Melaka, wanna find someone yumcha also difficult. Weight keep going up the wall, until I have to munch on prunes everyday. Then PMS makes me bloated until drink water also can gain weight.


Really beh song. No mood go shopping, dream job interview also no reply; stay at home like cod fish blowing air bubbles at the monitor.

Read my study material with my perfect visioned eyes also cannot make out what these damn ang-mos trying to say. Wa rao e~~ read whole page only realise they trying to make ONE point. Say la... why have to go one big round until I headache. Make you feel smart is it??

Quote: "Weick defined organizing as a 'consensually validated grammar for reducing equivocality by means of sensible interlocked behaviours'."

*Throw book on the floor* Nah Bueh~~~~~!!

Last night went yumcha... luckily my friend older than me 3 months. If not, I sure become the oldest in the group, shhiat~~~

Go sunshine bar, saw all the a bengs and a lians there, all so god damn young. Oi... underage go back home study la. Come out to bar at night for what, make me feel old only. Then all the ah pek there makes me feel like I'm one of them, yum seng with me pulak. Shoo shoo shoo... *walks to my 3 months older friend*

Dun care la, tomorrow go sauna reduce water retention and stop drinking till my PMS finishes. Zzz... Feel so tired. Tonight be good girl stay at home la.

Only one facial expression can express how I feel now.

LanSi Face

-.-||| zzzz...


13 kissed Nicole

  1. wah piang eh! go feng tau also some lau ah peng come kacau u hahah

  2. nia bu... you also want to sama Ah Lian ahhh.. first time I see u so the ah lian le.. I also very the ah beng one u know.. I feng tau with all the ah pek wan le. Si mi make u feel old? If I go, sure I look the oldest la. hahaahahha...

  3. follow up with your dream job. Give them a call if there is no reply after you handed in resume.

  4. that face doesn't seems nabeh le!!
    its too cute, NO!! I mean, ANE CHUBII!!!

    AIYO!! if only i was there to cubit that "nabeh" face

  5. han lo...ane chubi the face! boh kau ah lian la... Nicole mana oo kau ah lian? Xiaxue baru ah lian. Kua tio Xiaxue also tulan. Ee eh bin cho wa si pek boi par ee!

  6. nice try... but it's not really the ah lian. looks more like the nerd trying to put on ah lian style... but keep it up... your almost there.

  7. HAHAHAHA...This is 'absolute hilarious'. I LIKE your attitude; and the way you expressed,is definately "like no other"
    cheerios :D

  8. your pic is just priceless. Cute to the max. But where u pointin?

  9. Scary eyes, but KILLER POUT!!!

  10. hi there. wanna inquire you about smth. let's say hypothethically im planning to visit melaka on a weekend. where wud u reccomend good place to eat??

  11. nabeh.
    never thought u have a good command of Manglish or Lian Language as well..
    Ho Liao..!