Just a note

Birthday was great!!!!! So much fun and so crazy, though everyone was soooo late. But i got to dash to KL right now. So will talk about it later.

Got an interview today. Wish me luck! Hope I'm not late.

Will have a birthday dinner again with Kenny and friends (not sure who to invite yet) this Saturday night. Kenny's idea for having one (Thanks!! Kenny!!).

Be back guys.... Yea~~ I am no longer the nocturnal Nicole!


8 kissed Nicole

  1. Good luck girl! and oh, I'll c ya again soon... muahahahaha..... :P

  2. Happy Birthday to you

  3. the sausage was overcooked but however i love the sandwich tat u made though :P


  4. Good for you Nicole.......Happy Birthday...

  5. How come I got a feeling that you and Kenny are an item.
    His name keeps appearing everywhere on your blog.
    And you seems depressed that he met up with Wendy......

  6. hahahahahahha

    NICOLE likes Kenny ... :)(Or the other way round?)

  7. cutebanana4/3/07 4:24 PM

    all the best in your interview ok ?

  8. hey nicole... were u at velvet last night ??? Wanted to say hi but relli am not sure. Asked one of ur friends and she said u're from Melaka. Anyways..was dead drunk...can't relli see properli. Lol.