Another Weekend

It's ironic that when you are trying desperately to get drunk, you'd seem to have a great tolerance for alcohol and no matter how many rounds of vodka and cocktails you have downed, you can't seem to reach the stage whereby you can't really know what you are doing.

I was still very sober that I was walking in the swimming pool next to Sunshine Bar last night. Really, I was. =.=

me in dataran pahlawan
me just before my haircut

I just missed my hair, but I'm loving my new hair!

It feels so light, felt that I lost a head. Did someone just chopped off my head??

Do you know how heavy it is to carry that load of hair around just every waking second. No, probably you don't. And probably I don't either, haha :p, I just get used to it. My head follicles have been trained strong~ :D

I love the feeling of waking up and not sweeping my hair in one bundle so it actually looks like hair settling behind me. Now, it just falls naturally around my shoulders. LOVE it!!

So maybe you are thinking "Duh~", but ignoring the existence of hair half my height (170cm /2 = 33.5 inch - yup, half my height) is like trying to ignore the fact you have an extra limb. Erm, odd example to prove my case, but it's true~ it's like an amputated limb. You don't feel it's there, but it's there.

Okay, stop talking, didn't get much sleep from last night since I reached home around 4am! And I'm already here blogging at 9am?! Someone knock some senses off me, I'm far too awake!

Lunch appointment with fellow Malaccan friends. Josh (my BFF) is leaving Melaka today, he's starting his new job in PJ on Monday. I am gonna miss his company here so so so so much. No worries, I will join you in KL (or PJ, whatever) soon!! Wait for me JOSH!!


6 kissed Nicole

  1. I know the feeling of lost hair! It's so strange. It feels really good when it's gone though.

  2. aiseh, come to KL don forget to find me... :P

  3. welcome to KL! Welcome to PJ!

  4. I'll roll the red carpet in your honour whenever you decide to pop by.

  5. Nice blog ... great hair!

  6. "the stage whereby you can't really know what you are doing"... just not a good idea. Wouldn't wanna see u get 'wasted':/, not knowing how u pass out the next morning... aint too cool.

    FYI, another glass of red wine would usually do the trick. Hard liq+ Beer + red wine = knockout. Most will, but i would suggest drinking it with close frens or save the last glass at home.

    Never realised that u had such long hair... anyway its pretty 'neat' after workin it at Trimmer.

    Lastly... it's good to see that your blog is in 'happy' mood again; hope that... same goes to u.

    ps: Dr Nigel compliments that u sang very well last sem., he rmbed vividly ;)