Wedding in Guangzhou

Warning: You might have a tendency to get married at the end of this entry. Nicolekiss does not hold responsible for any undesirable outcome. You have been warned!

It was rainy season when I arrived in Guangzhou earlier this June.

rainy guangzhou

standing in rainy guangzhou
I'm walking in the rain~ *sing*

And my best friend Wendy, we moved to Humen, China to work this year, took a bus ride to Guangzhou city to meet me.


It was kinda romantic to be meeting your best friend in a foreign country on a rainy day. Like one of those melancholy moments of reminisce.

blurred wendy
I like this photo, simply because.

We chose a nice little cafe nearby to hang out and have a cuppa tea. Ahhh.. cuppa tea on a rainy afternoon. Splendid~

messy hair nicole
Me with my messy hair

Guangzhou city is the third most populous city in mainland China, after Shanghai and Beijing. It's also one of the two most expensive cities (the other one would be Shanghai) in the mainland.

It's no wonder they always bitch about each other so much. Kinda like how Malaysia and Singapore are to a certain extend. Yes Singaporeans! I'm talking to you!! We share a love hate relationship, don't we!!! I love you!!!!

Here's a random cute police car for you.

cute police car

You know, China is ancient, they have a long list of history, thanks to our long list of ancestors. And it's no wonder that you will find a historical city right underneath your footstep when you're walking around the city.

underground historical city
This is actually a water damp from the Qing Dynasty. They found it when they were digging to build a shopping mall over it.

There are two cheap ways to travel around Guangzhou, one is with the underground train.

taking the train

Be sure to pay attention to the door.

dun touch me door
trans: Careful, don't touch me.

The other, which I found more entertaining, is the ferry.

There are rivers cut right across the southern part of Guangzhou city, so there are times, if you're not up for underground train or taxis, you can always try the ferry for a cheap buck (can't remember how cheap but I know it was CHEAP).

river ferry in guangzhou

I was staying at the youth hostel facing this river when I was there in June, and this was how it looks like at night.

guangzhou night view
Pretty ain't it?

This is the view in the morning on the ferry.

guangzhou in the morning

This is me on the ferry.

sitting on boat

Across the river, I made a bee line towards Shamian island (沙面岛), once an area given to the French and British to live in. Hence the heavily westernized buildings and sculptures.

I love this place. It's very beautiful, a nice way to enjoy your afternoon coffee. Even their Starbucks has a wonderful setting for people to come here and chill.

nice starbucks place

romantic starbucks

Makes you want to sit here all day ain't it? ^^

There are many bronze statues scattered all over the island that depicts life during the earlier period on the island.

violin lady and children
Violin lady and children

kid reading statue

playing kids statue 2
Children playing

playing kids statue
"I'm a rock. Hah! You lose!"
"No wait! I'm a paper. no scissors, i mean paper!"

With such a romantic background, it's no surprise finding a lot of couples shooting their wedding portraits here.

wedding couple 3

wedding shoot
Oh i love that dress!

wedding couple 2
"Oh man~ it's getting hot in this dress! Faster shoot!"

wedding couple
Say awe with me. Awwwwe~~~~~

SOOOOO.. I decided to hit the wedding street that day!

Take the underground, head south after Hai Zhu Guang Chang and you will come to a street that's EVERYTHING about wedding!!

wedding street in guangzhou

wedding gown 11

wedding gown 12

wedding gown 13

From props of BEAAUUUUTTIFUL angel wings!


To red chinese queen size wedding bed? o.O

red wedding bed

Now... prepare for the most awesome display of wedding gowns in a single entry ever!!!

First there was this,

wedding gown

to this,

wedding gown 2

and then this,

wedding gown 3

I mean, there are so many dress, you can get all sorts of dresses beyond your wildest imagination!

If you want something fancy,

wedding gown 5

Semi fancy,

wedding gown 4

Or something red,

wedding gown 6

Or white,

wedding gown 7
the one on the left's not bad

for morning,

wedding gown 10

for evening dinner,

wedding gown 8

For bridesmaids!

wedding gown 9

Or if you prefer synchronized color for your bridesmaids~

if you like pink,

pink bridesmaid costume
it'll sure scare the kid.

Or if you want to stand out and be the evil bride and put all your bridesmaids in short ugly dresses, this is the selection for you!

bridesmaid costume 2

Don't forget the groom too,

guy costume

Or if you have an MBA (marriage by accident), there's matching little best man costume!

matching guy kid costume

Or baby bridesmaids,

baby costume

From modern style,

modern costume

To very Victorian taste,

victorian costume

Oh yes, why not?! You can a themed wedding! Set in the Medieval times.

victorian costume 2

It's a Halloween Party People!!!

victorian costume 3

Or if you prefer the exotic flavor,

exotic costume

To the expensive taste,

exotic costume 2
Oh I like this piece.

To the traditional Chinese red costume!!

chinese red costume

chinese red costume 2

with shoes!

wedding shoes

To the VERY traditional,

traditional wedding costume 3
Yes I mean VERY.

traditional wedding costume

traditional wedding costume 2

They have it all here! It's the most impressive collection of wedding items and gowns I have ever witnessed! So much I nearly died of looking!

Not all was amazing though.

There were also gowns that were.. just.. well..


silly costume 1
What's with the fluffy shoulder puff on the right?! and glittery yellow?! OMG!
And the high collar on the left. o.O

So silly I don't know who would actually wear it!

But oh well, if they rent/sell it, I'm sure there's a market. *shrug* A girl's rubbish is another's girl's lunch.

Some of these gowns are bad.

silly costume 2
What is this? A color fest?

silly costume 3
check out the bright pink shiny floral prints!

Like really really bad.

silly costume 4

What's with the peacock feathers!!!

Some I don't even know how to classify them.

yellow dress

Yellow pom pom dress? wtf? and Cheeecccckk out the red on the right! *burst out laughing*

Some are just on the thin line of extreme ugliness and gorgeous.

not so bad costume

OKAY! Enough of ugly dresses!

I have compiled a list of most beautiful wedding dresses I spotted that day! Pardon if these photos don't do any justice as they were taken from the outer window. But yes, pay attention to the detail!

Beautiful Dress number 1!

beautiful gown

Look at the sequin and the fine glittering lining on the gown, the slim cutting, not over the top but oh-so-gorgeous!

Beautiful Dress Number 2!

beautiful gown 2

the thousand layers at the bottom make this dress a ballerina's dream come true. I love how the red ribbon stay in contrast with the purely white gown.

Beautiful Dress Number 3 and 4!

beautiful gown 3

beautiful gown 9

Simply because of the puffy bottom!

Beautiful Dress 5!

white wedding gown

Oh so 70's with a modern touch. Love the hat!

Beautiful Dress 6!

beautiful gown 7

Halter neck has never looked so good!

Beautiful Dress 7!

beautiful gown 6

So simple yet so complicated!
Look at the design, the details, the exquisiteness!
Can you not adore this dress!

Beautiful Dress Number 8!

beautiful gown 4

Everyone loves a long fairytale long tailed wedding gown!!
Trailing behind you as you walk down the aisle.
The body is just magnificent! The pearly beige floral design at the top to the lace-y ending of the tail!

Finally, Beautiful Dress Number 9!

beautiful gown 5

Simply because I can imagine myself in that gown. Le sigh~ *let out the longest sigh*

Which dress do you prefer?
Are you gowns-overload now?

Faster go to Guangzhou to get married damn it!


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  22. I attended a wedding in guangzhou around March this year. It was super merry. Half the kampung attended the wedding. There was just so many people!

    They would even block off the traffic junctions to allow all the procession (from the groom side) to pass.
    Haven't update my blog with the photos of the wedding though.

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